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New Member "Hello"
I've been reading DPF on a near-daily basis for 3-4 years and up to now have been content to "lurk" anonymously because you've all read the same books I have (-heck, some of you wrote them!) and I never thought I'd have anything worthwhile or informative to contribute. But as this '50th Anniversary' year has lurched inexorably toward November I've felt increasingly isolated (-I'm the only assassination researcher in my small circle of friends) and assailed by the one-sided (Lone Nut) media --which ought to be at full-roar come next month. And I realized I just couldn't endure it alone.

So I want to thank you all for being here and for allowing me to join you. The simple act of adding my name to DPF's membership roster somewhat ameliorated the shrill disinterest ("It WAS fifty years ago! Give it a rest already!") I've encountered this year from a few otherwise intelligent and reasonable people.

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