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The Strange Death of Liberal Lowenstein
Allard Lowenstein was a one term Congressmen Carpetbagging Long Island, originally from NYC. His real role, however was as a ubiquitious left-liberal in nearly all of the protest movements of the 1960s. He was often described as a pied piper of students younger than himself during the civil rights movement and the later anti-war movement. He was CIA, and played a classic gatekeeping function, trying always to keep the protests from drifting FURTHER left in a way that could embarass the US internationally. Stragely or obviously enough one of his good friends was Fank Carlucci, whom he crossed paths with frequently like in Portugal 1974.

He was an important player in the "transition of support??" from Gene McCarthy to RFK in 1968?????? oder??? Then in the late 1970s he began to investigate the RFK assassination. Then in 1980 he was murdered by a former friend in the civil rights movement who heard implants in his teath murmering non-biblical commandments.:call2:

Im like OK what was really goin on here?


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The Strange Death of Liberal Lowenstein - by Nathaniel Heidenheimer - 27-03-2009, 01:39 PM

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