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Wonder Why Hollywood Produces So Much Jingoistic & Violent Trash?!
Blimey & streuth! I was only thinking the same thoughts yesterday.

These days I find foreign language, English subtitle films a great deal more watchable. Usually the plot is strong, and intelligent. The story doesn't normally end with the white hats winning, or a cupid successfully notching an arrow etc. The acting is a great deal better too, and the screen play more compelling. Overall, the good foreign films are far superior to Hollywood these days. Hoolywood producers are only interested in big bucks and fear financial failure, whereas other nations output tend to tell a genuine story.

I recently watched an Argentinian film and it was truly excellent.

Spanish, French, German, Latin American, Scandinavian and even Chinese made films are often far better than Us ones, especially considering the restraints they face compared to Hoolywood.
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Wonder Why Hollywood Produces So Much Jingoistic & Violent Trash?! - by David Guyatt - 12-01-2014, 09:54 AM

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