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Assassination by Commercial Airline
To understand the background to this read Peter Lance's book "Cover-Up". This book contains a wealth of information on the terrorist activity US Gov was keeping secret from the American public prior to 9-11.

The main reference is Operation "Bojinka", a terrorist plot run by the mastermind to the 1st Twin Tower bombing in 1993 Ramsey Yusef and Kalid Sheik Mohammed. This was a plot to bomb many wide-bodied aircraft over the Pacific in 1994. It was stopped by an act of God when a fire started in the Manila apartment where Yusef was mixing the needed bomb chemicals. Yusef was a university-trained terrorist genius who figured out how to get explosive chemicals into mundane carry-on containers like contact lens cleaning fluid etc. He had managed to create a highly explosive bomb that could be assembled from these fluids with a Casio watch used as a timer. The jackal actually tested one of these devices on a 747 in the Philippines killing a Japanese passenger and just missing bringing the plane down because he misjudged the position of the center fuel tank by one row. Flight 111 crashed during this period.

It's a common tendency for people to think a specific targeted individual was the intention of the plot, however during this time any US aircraft was fair game for Al Qaeda.

Lance's information is critical, except for the very end where he speculates TWA Flight 800 was the victim of one of these devices. I suspect what Lance is doing is giving valuable real information in order to induce a quality of credibility in his Yusef bomb speculation for Flight 800. Flight 800 was shot down by missiles.

I've personally, informally spoken to an airline pilot about the claimed official electrical system cause of Flight 111's crash and he said it was absolute nonsense.

The interesting thing about Flight 111 is that the passenger list has many arab names on it. I would be interested in a background check on those persons to see if any were likely suicide jihadi - however I suspect I'm answering my own question...

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Assassination by Commercial Airline - by Albert Doyle - 18-09-2010, 05:23 PM

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