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William Casey
We should never forget. Good men working secret ops for the United States government have paid with their lives... not only from the foes they try to bring down but also from the foes within their own ranks and the secret inside deals of the government they worked far. Below is only one example of many:

"... December 1998, Michael Ruppert, 'Only the Godfather':
"... a lingering and persistent body of evidence persists which indicates that U.S. Marine Col.Jim Sabow was murdered because he caught the CIA flying drugs onto a base where he was Chief of Air Operations. Much of the evidence indicates that the cocaine arrived on the same C-130s which had been given to the Forest Service. In a 1993 segment of her news program Eye to Eye, Connie Chung covered the Sabow death in detail and showed evidence of the murder by introducing statements from Sabow's brother, a medical doctor, that Sabow had been unconscious and aspirating blood for minutes before a shotgun was rammed so far down his throat that it sheared off the uvula. In that same segment, veteran Air America and CIA pilot Tosh Plumlee stated that he flew loads of cocaine as large as 2,000 kilos onto El Toro in the years and months prior to Sabow's death - for the CIA. Plumlee stated clearly that he was flying C-130s operated by the Forest Service and their contractors. In later conversations with this writer Plumley (Plumlee) admitted that he routinely flew loads as large as 2,500 kilos onto military installations in California and Arizona for the CIA." ...".

shortly after the Eye to Eye program the show was cancelled and soon there after Connie Jung was reassigned tlo other duties and taken out of the 'limelight".

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