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Conflicts between researchers. Why?
Please, folks. I'm not "dancing on anybody's grave". As I thought I'd made clear, I LIKE Bill Turner. Mentioning Joan's criticism of him was not an endorsement!

Joan Mellen is an important voice in the research community. The occasion of Turner's passing seemed to me an opportune time to point out what I consider a biased and unfair attack by this voice. (If Von Pein or McAdams or Posner slammed Bill Turner, who would care?) "Newbies" interested in the Garrison case will undoubtedly find their way to her book (there aren't that many) and thus encounter her negative assessment. She has done excellent research as everybody acknowledges and is thus very credible. Her attack should be answered, as was her defense of McAdams vis a vis his shameful shenanigans attacking Cheryl Abbate at Marquette.

I'm not trying to pick a fight with anybody, and I'm sorry if some of you think I am.

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Conflicts between researchers. Why? - by Richard Coleman - 18-01-2016, 07:13 PM

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