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Question about Mae Brussel and pre-internet CT information exchange
I have a historically minded question for any of the forum members of better vintage, or deeper knowledge, than I.

When Mae Brussell was broadcasting in the 1970s and 80s was there any way to listen to her if you weren't in Northern California? Was one able to pick up her shows in LA?

Did people of like mind trade her tapes? Were transcripts passed around?

I know she once spoke at the Elgin Theater in the Lower East Side. Was that because Krassner promoted her? Was she a guest on WBAI?

I know Bob Fass interviewed Mark Lane during the HSCA years and he (Lane) and Brussel had some big feud after that. (When I interviewed Lane in 2010, still rankled, he called her and Sherman Skolnick "both completely nuts.")

Was Mae Brussell the only broadcaster with a wholly conspiracy based show or just the memorable one?

Was there a strictly CT guy/gal on WBAI or elsewhere? What about public access TV?

Lastly, did Long John Nebel interview any serious CT researchers or was it all UFOs, Maury Island and the like.

If anyone knows answers to any of the above I'd be much obliged. I've read John Kelin's masterful book on the 1st generation researchers so I am aware of the letter chain.

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Question about Mae Brussel and pre-internet CT information exchange - by Matthew Poe - 10-02-2016, 12:37 AM

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