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A Bit Dramatic...But So Is The Real Story....SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone
I do not endorse all speculation below...but though it interesting enough to post. Dave Emory is an interesting and difficult person - trained by Mae Brussell and also long a prime reason her archives are not available.....

Quote:3-4 Dave Emory, "For the Record FTR #891 How Might Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty Have Viewed Edward Snowden? (The Foxes Aren't Guarding the Henhouse, They ARE the Henhouse, Part 2: Update on the Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook)

One of the most inci*sive crit*ics of the CIA was the late [U.S. Air Force] Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty. Cho*sen by Allen Dulles to set up "focal point" func*tions for CIA within other agen*cies of the U.S. gov*ern*ment, Prouty was instru*men*tal in the cre*ation of what he called a "Secret Team"-the title of his 1969 book about "The Agency." Dulles' secret net*work infil*trated the mil*i*tary, the State Depart*ment, the FAA and even the White House. Look*ing at CIA offi*cer Edward Snowden's activ*i*ties, Prouty would NOT have taken them at face value and would have seen them against the back*ground of the sub-rosa activ*i*ties with which he was famil*iar and had helped cre*ate, weigh*ing the pos*si*bil*ity that Snow*den was oper*at*ing against NSA on behalf of CIA. Much of the pro*gram details the sab*o*tage of Fran*cis Gary Pow*ers' U-2 spy plane in 1960 on the eve of a sum*mit con*fer*ence between then U.S. Pres*i*dent Dwight Eisen*hower and Soviet Pre*mier Nikita Khr*uschev. Dis*patched against the spe*cific orders of Dwight Eisen*hower, the U-2 appears to have been delib*er*ately sab*o*taged. The inci*dent led to the can*cel*la*tion of the sum*mit con*fer*ence and the neu*tral*iza*tion of detente between the Soviet Union and the United States. Prouty would have noted that Edward Snow*den was work*ing for the CIA when he under*took his leak*ing oper*a*tion. Prouty would also have noted Snowden's extreme right-wing views and would not have taken his activ*i*ties at face value. Snowden's jour*ney to Hong Kong frus*trated Pres*i*dent Obama's attempts at resolv*ing U.S. and Chi*nese elec*tronic spy*ing and hack*ing. Snowden's China sojourn also antic*i*pated U.S. mil*i*tary and eco*nomic pres*sure on China. Snowden's jour*ney from China to Rus*sia led to the can*cel*la*tion of a sum*mit con*fer*ence between Obama and Putin and ended the Obama administration's "reboot with Rus*sia." The Snow*den "op" pre*ceded the Maidan covert oper*a*tion and atten*dant Ukrain*ian civil war, as well as West*ern eco*nomic pres*sure on Rus*sia. As a trained intel*li*gence offi*cer, Prouty would have noted that the 1.7 mil*lion doc*u*ments (2.7 mil*lion by some accounts) pur*loined by Snow*den fun*da*men*tally com*pro*mised NSA, per*haps to pre*vent whistle-blowing on CIA use of Mus*lim Brotherhood-related Islamists as proxy war*riors and her*alds of cor*po*ratist eco*nom*ics in what Mr. Emory calls "The Earth Island Boo*gie." The pro*gram con*cludes with dis*cus*sion of the intel*li*gence con*nec*tions of the very pri*vacy activists who are sup*pos*edly opposed to U.S. gov*ern*ment elec*tronic sur*veil*lance. Are Snow*den and those so-called "pri*vacy activists" actu*ally "focal point" per*son*nel in the net*works set up for Allen Dulles by Prouty? Pro*gram High*lights Include: Tor net*work devel*oper and "pri*vacy activist" Jacob Applebaum's links with U.S. intel*li*gence asset Gene Sharp; Gene Sharp's sem*i*nal role in the so-called "color rev*o*lu*tions," some of which are fea*tured in "The Earth Island Boo*gie;" the links of Apple*baum and other "pri*vacy activists" with the Broad*cast*ing Board of Gov*er*nors, a long-time CIA and State Depart*ment cut-out; review of Applebaum's par*tic*i*pa*tion in "L'Affaire Snow*den;" so-called "pri*vacy activists' " advo*cacy of apps and net*works devel*oped by the BBG.

Detailed, annotated written description for this program available at:
"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass

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A Bit Dramatic...But So Is The Real Story....SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone - by Peter Lemkin - 27-05-2016, 09:09 AM

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