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New 9/11 documentary "15 Septembers Later" (History Channel) worth a look
Sounds like a bunch of stuff designed to spin and misdirect things a bit further. I could be wrong. Everyone here is probably already familiar with it, but Chossudovsky's comments about the Saudi/28 pages/Porter Goss revelations seem on target.

Meanwhile Lee Hamilton is pushing the argument that we should all be a bit wary of social media and online discourse. (Link below). Hamilton of course a few years back was spending his time going from school to school to give deep meaningful chats to the youngsters about the real meaning and import of 9/11.

I wish I'd kept the video link from several years ago where Hamilton was filmed giving a chat onstage at some town hall meet-the-Commissioner event. A friendly young lady stood up during the question time and (quoting a recent Peter Dale Scott article that I'd also read) began asking Hamilton how he felt being called 'the king of cover ups'. To the laughter of the crowd, Hamilton turned and immediately walked off stage, ending the event. What a scumbag.

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New 9/11 documentary "15 Septembers Later" (History Channel) worth a look - by Anthony Thorne - 07-09-2016, 07:26 AM

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