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Tillerson's saber-rattling with China
David Guyatt Wrote:
Tracy Riddle Wrote:
David Guyatt Wrote:
Tracy Riddle Wrote:Rex Tillerson supports TPP, by the way.

I don't believe anyone here is advocating for him, Tracy.

Just responding to what you and Magda wrote about trade deals in the comments above.

Many of us on the forum oppose the TTP/TTIP type deals irrespective of who is pushing them. They are designed to favour US transnational corporations by diluting the domestic laws of those nations who bind themselves under such treaties.

I suspect that Theresa May will agree a deal like this sooner or later, once the Brexit negotiations are settled. I'll detest her for it.

I oppose them as well. The point is, no matter what nonsense is coming out of Trump's mouth at the moment, he will be influenced by the people around him and their views. This is why it's so laughable to talk about Trump threatening the elites, and how the Deep State wants to get rid of him. This guy will be easier to manipulate and control than Reagan was.

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Tillerson's saber-rattling with China - by Tracy Riddle - 19-01-2017, 07:44 PM

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