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The Bridge at Arnhem
I have recently read Rudolf Hess: Treachery and Deception - The International intrigue behind the flight to Scotland of Hitler's Deputy in May 1941 by John Harris and Richard Willbourn.

I bought the book having just read an article by one of the authors (Richard Wilbourn) titled: "A Glimpse Into History - The Secret Royal Conspiracy Behind the Murder Of A Man Seeking A Peace Deal" (HERE).

In my personal view, the article is far more interesting than the book itself, which I found dry albeit detailed, and hesitant - bordering on fearful - of actually stating the conclusions presented in the article. My conclusion, right or wrong, was that one author of the two was far more hesitant to state the obvious conclusions to this affair than the other one -- probably as a result of receiving a bad press and criticism from historians.

Well, fuck historians I say. It's simply necessary for anyone with a brain cell to join the now available dots rather than whimper about evidence because the British government have not released documents confirming that the aristocratic leading lights of Blighty colluded with members of the royal family and others to betray Churchill and make friends with Hitler.... in order to save their fucking awful skins in the event of an invasion (when we know - and they clearly knew back then - most of them would have been liquidated by the SS and their assets and country seats seized). There will never, repeat never, be British government papers telling the truth about this affair. Not in a thousand years. Churchill saw to that.

These authors had nothing good to say about the Picknett and Prince book Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up. In fact they criticised it for not being rigorous enough (as I recall anyway). The understandable problem with the Picknett and Prince book was that they did not name the source of the information about the death of Hess and Prince George aboard the Flying Boat in 1942. That person was Martin Frost who had formerly worked for MI5 and about whom I have posted about above a number of times (his father, George Arthur Frank Frost, a sergeant in the Commando's was the man chosen by Churchill to conduct the assassination).

The Frost revelations are the most significant aspect to any story on the Hess affair. But Martin Frost is now deceased and with his death all his writings disappeared. Fortunately I made sure to take copies of those subjects he wrote about that interested me, in addition to having been in personal contact with him.

Rant over.... ::pullhairout::
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