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Mysterious suicide of Florida state investigator Ray Lemme
Dawn Meredith Wrote:When did he die? Curtis is still alive and well. (We are friends on facebook). He is an attorney now.

He invented the computer program to flip the vote.

Lemme was found dead on July 1, 2003 in his motel room. Whether he died on that day or the day before it (June 30) is unclear. The timeline of Lemme's final hours is quite confusing and not yet worked out.

I recently conducted an interview with a motel employee at the time, who gave three important details:
  • Motel check-ins during the morning were rare, and around 11 AM, the maids would go to the rooms and make sure the guests checked out
  • Lemme mostly likely checked in during the shift of his friend, who was working the front desk on the evening of the 30th
  • The bed had not been slept in (confirming the police photos)

So Lemme had to have checked in after 11 AM on June 30 (otherwise, he would have been out of the room by the 30th), and most likely checked in around 6:45 PM that night. His suicide note says "8:10 AM", so if you believe this was a suicide, he died on July 1. But it's quite strange that Lemme would check into a room, stay there for over 12 hours without sleeping in the bed, and only then commit suicide. Added to all the other irregularities, this points to his death not being suicide. And I think it implies that he was killed on the night of the 30th, then left to be discovered the next day.

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Mysterious suicide of Florida state investigator Ray Lemme - by George Klees - 30-07-2017, 09:56 PM

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