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DEATH OF A NATION: 9/11 and the Rise of Fascism in America
This volume is new to me. George Grundy, a British-Australian author, covers 9/11 (and all the related topics familiar to us) up to the present day. Dylan Avery, the director of the LOOSE CHANGE films, contributes an introduction. Judging by the contents it looks like Grundy has summarised much of the available info that has appeared up to this date, and done that task well. Whether he's dug up anything new is another question. The sub-branches of 9/11 research that interest me at the moment are not reflected in the contents of this book. That said, I'm glad new volumes on the topic are continuing to appear.

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DEATH OF A NATION: 9/11 and the Rise of Fascism in America - by Anthony Thorne - 01-09-2017, 01:37 AM

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