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Dr. Judy Wood's Book 'Where Did The Towers Go?'
Here is download links for Andrew Johnson's compilation of articles. It is focusced around the research and evidence compiled by Dr. Judy Woods.
It is free of charge, from Andrew Johnsons website

Kindle format:
epub format:

The book is called '9/11 Finding the truth'
Really worth reading, no matter if you are a sceptic, or not..

What Reviewers Have Said :

"An excellent piece of research by an Open University Associate Lecturer! I hope it is
read by the many scientists, who think it normal that steel frame buildings simply turn
to dust and vanish. We live in dangerous times when anyone asking honest questions is
called a conspiracy nut,' or an Enemy of the State.' Let the evidence quietly persuade
us all to Its conclusion, rather than the media domineer us to its misrepresentation. As
Robert Owen once said the truth, openly stated, is omnipotent.'"
-Nick Buchanan, BA(Hons), Cert. Ed., NLP Master

"Andrew Johnson is rapidly becoming the man when it comes down to unravelling what
really happened in New York City and Washington DC on that monolithic,
traumatic date of September 11, 2001. Several researchers have already thankfully
taken us to the brink of winning "round one" of the combat against the cover-up,
amply showing that it was an inside job. It "only" remains for the mainstream media to
take notice and carry the story. But now we are discovering that there is actually a
"round two" to the combat, a second tier in the cover-up: the realization that a highly￾sophisticated black-ops weaponization of free energy technology, intimately involving
something very similar to the Hutchison effect, was responsible for the bizarre, low￾temperature pulverization of the Twin Towers. Dr. Judy Wood has pieced together the
physical evidence and Andrew Johnson has highlighted who is working to silence or
smear whom, as the powers that be rush to impede or at least contain the dissemination
of these startling findings. Hence I am very glad to see Andrew's very meritorious web
articles now compiled and edited in this handy book for your investigative pleasure. Pass
the word and we will put an end to the global police techno-state, whose only power, as
Adam Curtis aptly said in his BBC documentary, is the power of (manufactured)
- Conrado Salas Cano, M.S. in Physics

Historically, news media have covered up conspiracies (like self-inflicted mass murder)
by their own governments. (Always to protect the power structure of the ruling elite.
Also, the truth reveals too much about the destructive capacity of their agents.)
However, 9/11 has another very important aspect. It is the secret advanced
physics/technology used by their agents! Thanks to Andrew Johnson and Dr. Judy
Wood, we now understand why they must prevent us from realizing the existence of this
secret physics/technology.
- Daniel Johnson, USA - Wisconsin

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