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RAND Corporation, the Military and Hybrid War
Fred Ikle, who I've gone on about ad nauseam on various 9/11 threads, was a RAND consultant. He wrote his book THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF BOMB DESTRUCTION for them.

When Ikle was at the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in 1973 (a right-wing, anti-detente agency, despite its name), Wolfowitz began working for him.

Rumsfeld was later Chairman of the Board at RAND across two periods - from 1981-1986, and from 1995-1996.

The first period of Rumsfeld running RAND coincides with the beginnings of the Continuity of Government planning, and terrorism used as an aid for anti-Soviet propaganda. Rumsfeld's second period with RAND is just prior to the respective Zelikow and Missile commissions, and the eventual push to establish Al Qaeda as the big enemy. The timing makes sense if RAND - full of militarists, Pentagon analysts and missile sales exponents - was mulling together the component pieces of a conspiracy among their various consultants before they headed out into Washington to prepare it.

Brian Michael Jenkins, "terrorism expert", is listed through that period as a Senior Advisor to the President of the RAND Corporation. So the chief advisor to the guy who ran RAND - Rumsfeld, in this instance - was a guy who mainly talked about terrorism. What did they need him as a senior advisor for, and what was he 'advising' them about again?

The Pentagon renovation began before Zelikow's team started their work, and before Zelikow met during its lifespan with John Hamre, who ran it for a while. When was the idea of a Pentagon hit wired into the 9/11 plot? Probably prior to Zelikow's work, when Rumsfeld was at RAND and Jenkins was there giving him advice about terrorism.

Among its four US offices, RAND has locations just outside Washington, and another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (To be honest, I was surprised they didn't have a third in New York, but that's two out of three). Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff Lewis Libby was a RAND guy. Another RAND director, Frank Carlucci, was meeting Bush, Bin Laden's brother and one or two other relevant figures (can't recall if Khashoggi was listed or not) on the morning of 9/11.

Worth noting - in brief, but it needs to be gone over in more detail - Fred Ikle, the neocon guru whose career ran parallel to plotters, and who sat on various groups with them and agitated for psychological warfare in papers - eventually criticised the Iraq war as a step too far, and wrote a book years later - ANNIHILATION FROM WITHIN - where he warned the real threat to the US would likely be a home-grown tyrant assuming dictatorial powers after a domestic terror event. I believe that Ikle was privy to the initial stages of the plot and supported it. His proteges then wired in additional levels that some senior figures weren't aware of, for additional purposes. The 'coincidental' meeting of various players, Bush Sr, Carlucci and others on the morning of 9/11, was possibly a chance for certain parties to deliver some home truths to the others. Carlucci was formerly Rumsfeld's roommate and, as noted, also ran RAND for a while. Bush Sr had veered away from the goals of both Rumsfeld, and Zionists (documented in an eye-opening chapter in Greg Felton's ENEMIES BY DESIGN), once or twice.

Using assets linked to Bush Sr-sanctioned drug trafficking in Florida, and then touting them as hijackers - look who we found, imagine these guys as hijackers, huh? - was a nice method of getting various agencies and political figures to lock in hard around the official story. If they weren't just hijackers, who were they again? Well, I guess they were just hijackers. I suspect this has parallels to the use, decades earlier, of Oswald as the patsy of choice after the JFK assassination. No one wanted to open any doors on what Oswald's past contained, and they didn't want to do it with Mohammed Atta, either. Hopsicker's WELCOME TO TERRORLAND takes a close look at the Florida connections of the hijackers to the drug traffic there. Hopsicker also wrote the anecdote about Jeb Bush reportedly flying down to Huffman Aviation to pick up all files on Marwan Al-Shehhi and Atta the day after 9/11. The late retrieval makes sense if the status of Atta and others as hijackers was an unpleasant surprise with a history that needed to be buried ASAP. If he'd known about them a week earlier, he could have had someone else get the files for him a week earlier. Carlucci might have had some words about this with Jeb's father on the morning of 9/11, hence the rush.

Not RAND, but still relevant. Frank Wisner, mentioned in a thread on the 9/11 page, also took part in the pre-9/11 anthrax drills during Operation Dark Winter, alongside Woolsey, Judith Miller and others.

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