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The Mineta Testimony at 10:10
Thanks Anthony. A lot of this information is new to me, especially in regard to SAIC. In regard to KSM, back in 08 or so I remember Thom Hartmann mentioning that there was a question as to whether KSM's kids had been kidnapped, or relocated in some way. Was it possible that issue may have been used to blackmail KSM? I never saw anything more on it.

To return momentarily to 10:10 version of the Mineta testimony, it is indeed the exact same testimony, just occurring almost 45 minutes later. This of course begs the question, what information exactly were they utilizing to make such exact estimates, such as, the plane is 50 miles out, etc, when no such plane existed. Also, it implies Mineta was senile, or suffered post traumatic stress disorder, to be so far off in the timing of his recollection. I had a fun time arguing this issue over at James Randi forum. Did you ever spend any time there?

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