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Zodiac Killer was a Member of the International White Guard
The fiftieth anniversary of the Zodiac Killer's first acknowledged murder is coming up this December.

According to a letter read by Mae Brussell, the Zodiac Killer was not a deranged killer working alone, but a member of a group of fascist, white supremacist killers called the International White Guard. She read excerpts of the letter on her program
[FONT=&amp]Dialogue Conspiracy[/FONT] of July 14, 1978. The Worldwatchers Archive has this program available for listening.

The letter itself was dated November 21, 1971, and written by a woman who wrote to a judge presiding over a trial of John Frazier, the accused murderer of the Ohta family. The letter contains interesting details. The letter writer knew who the Zodiac was and she refers to him by the name of Robert. (Brussell kept the last name confidential.) The letter writer also says that the Zodiac was present in the home of Sharon Tate along with Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian the night of the murders and that he lost his glasses there. The Zodiac had a sister who read his first message, the one that had a cryptogram. Three days after reading the message, the sister "committed suicide." The woman also says the Zodiac was involved in the slaying of the Ohta family in October 1970. I have transcribed the letter as read by Brussell on her program:

[FONT=&amp]"The Los Angeles Times of today finally had a story about the trial and murder of the Ohtas and their secretary. You asked if I was certain it was John Frazier who was with Robert ---------. They were here in Woodland Hills less than a month prior to those killings. He looked exactly like Frazier, when they were arrested, except for one thing. He also wears glasses. About the van, there were two people in the car and it was Robert who was driving it. I do not recall something in the newspaper about that at the time. [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]I have some reason to believe that Robert was driving north just last Thursday[/FONT][FONT=&amp]. [/FONT][FONT=&amp]So if you are observant, you will see him snickering in the courtroom to see how his murders are done and taken care of. He is the man that John Frazier is trying to find at the rear of the courtroom. Does Frazier know about the organization of killers called the International White Guard? Does he fear his wife will be killed if he were to name Robert and his father as being heavy in this honorable organization of killers? [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Robert was also identified as the Zodiac by his sister three days before her death. She had read his first message, that was partly coded. I never believed that she committed suicide any more than their brother-in-law was shot down. These two children were witnesses the night of the Tate murders. These are the kind of killers that this state has been cultivating and nurturing.

[FONT=&amp]This particular man, Robert, is 27. Sometimes he lets his beard grow. Within the past two years, I have seen him in all colors and wig lengths. I know him as Robert and also as the Zodiac. In Los Angeles he sometimes waits for me on Ventura Boulevard, driving on my way to pick up some children from school. He follows behind and then moves to the side until he is sure I recognize him. Someone must know how smart he is.

[FONT=&amp]He stays sometimes at Lake Tahoe with his older sister, who is a widow, and belongs to the Sierra Club, which is interested in the misuse of the environment.

[FONT=&amp]This Robert, may I say, has the eyes and fingerprints that should be checked. Also I believe Dr. Ohta must have prescribed those glasses that were lost the night of the Tate murders.

[FONT=&amp] plea of not guilty by reason of insanity is no defense at all [/FONT][referring to Frazier][FONT=&amp], because of the horror of those murders. They should convict everyone who is brought in before the courts[/FONT]

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