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Zodiac Killer was a Member of the International White Guard
Thanks for the detailed answer to the Cielo Drive fence question, William. Certainly a lot to think about.

Tex Watson said that after the crime, he threw away the long barrel .22 revolver that he shot Steve Parent with. Or did someone else shoot Parent again with it later, and then throw the pistol away on the upper canyon roads that morning? Did all the bullets in Parent's body match the same revolver?

Come to think of it...did the Family have such easy access to small arms that a junior member was advised to throw a handgun away, even one that could be traced to a murder? It would seem not, since their only firearm of record was that small-caliber, hard to conceal, long-barrel revolver, the best they could beg-borrow-steal. Maybe the same handgun did go to Cielo Drive twice, and was thrown away by its true owner after his later visit.

If no one in the house heard noise from Steve Parent backing his car into the curb and fence, also it's said that no one there was warned by the sound of several small-caliber gun shots before the home invasion. Yet neighbors in the canyon heard shots later in the night. Canyon acoustics, or some other explanation?

P. S. - I enjoyed your writings on the TSBD some time ago, in The Third Decade (Fourth?)

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Zodiac Killer was a Member of the International White Guard - by David Andrews - 17-04-2019, 05:10 AM

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