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RFK Assassination Resources?
Just wondering if people have any recommendations on RFK asssassination resources such as books, videos, or websites? I see a rather expensive DVD called RFK Must Die directed by Shane O'Sullivan. Books I have seen include Shadow Play authored by William Klaber and Philip Melanson, The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy by William Turner and John Christian, and the more recent A Lie Too Big to Fail by Lisa Pease. So far I have been pretty surprised by the lack of podcasts and You Tube videos

I called in Thom Hartmann's radio program and spoke about the RFK assassination. I give Thom for at least taking the call and advocating for a new investigation, but his question to me was whether I had heard about Thane Cesar having had Mafia connections. I said I had not. It just seems odd Thom wants to give this a Mafia spin rather than any mention of the CIA.

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