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SUBUD and the Octopus of the Deep State
Taken together, all of this strikes me as attempts at selective disinformation and intentional misdirection on Kessler's part, to say the least. Again, Bella Robinson, in the same WaPo article, is quoted as saying that Monica's death "had nothing to do with the Clinton scandal." So is Bella specifically disavowing her own previous Facebook post, which contains Monica's report about Caracol and human trafficking? We have no way of knowing, because Kessler never once addresses Bella's actual Facebook post.

Is it possibly Bella was intimidated, or dissuaded in some way from talking about this subject?? I have no way of knowing one way or the other, but it is all unbelievably fishy. And here is where it gets even stranger. One thing I immediately noticed when I did a Google news search on "Monica Petersen." Glenn Kessler's Washington Post article about Monica Petersen was literally the only mainstream new article about Monica's death I could find anywhere. I mean anywhere. I could not find another article about Monica's death from any other "mainstream" news agency, other than the WaPo. (If I'm wrong about this, please tell me). I couldn't even find an article in the Denver Post, Monica's hometown paper, about her death. Just looking at the absolute absence of any other mainstream reporting about Monica's death, I can't help but feel that there has to be some kind of orchestrated "clamp-down" on information in regards to Monica Petersen's death.
I also feel it is worth it to point out a few things about Glenn Kessler, the author of apparently the only article about Monica's death coming from any mainstream news source pretty much anywhere. It may interest folks to learn that according to Kessler's own Wikipedia page, in his duties as a reporter, Kessler personally travelled with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State, along with past Secretaries of State Condeleeza Rice and Colin Powell, "and for several years wrote a blog about those trips." Kessler is also a longtime member of the Council of Foreign Relations and is the grandson of an extremely wealthy Dutch steel magnate, and great-grandson of one of the main founders of Royal Dutch Shell. In addition, Kessler was himself personally involved in more than one major foreign policy controversy, including the Valerie Plame affair, when the Bush Administration publicly outed the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Kessler was involved in the Congressional hearings into the Plame controversy; apparently Kessler testified that he had a personal phone conversation with "Scooter" Libby himself, the top Bush Administration official who was convicted for leaking the identity of Valerie Plame. "Scooter" Libby claimed he talked about Valerie Plame with Kessler; Kessler denied talking about Valerie Plame in his conversation with Libby. By all indications, Kessler was both a major insider to the Bush Administration, and also an insider to Hilary's inner circle when she was Secretary of State.
Whatever this all means, who the hell knows. But it is interesting to say the least, that pretty much the only mainstream news reporter who covered Monica's death, and who arguably wrote a massive piece of disinfo about it, is himself so deeply connected to elitist circles, that amongst other things, he was the personal travel companion to Hillary Clinton herself while she was Secretary of State!! Nothing to see hear, right??
Getting Back to Subud: Haitian Trafficking Ring Investigation, Monica Petersen, Alexis Arquette and the CDAN Blind Post
So if the CDAN blind post about Monica and Haiti is in anyway true, obviously there are tons of unanswered questions. However, one major unanswered question in my mind is: what was it specifically about Alexis Arquette's own particular background that made her a "person of interest" in this alleged investigation by (presumably) Monica Petersen and members of the FBI, in the first place? So in this regard, we have Alexis Arquette's actually documented, deep family and personal connections to Subud. And through Subud, we are back into the world of major allegations of child abuse, ritual abuse, and elite-directed mind control operations.
If the CDAN post is to be believed, Alexis was eager to tell investigators what she knew about the alleged child sex ring right off the bat. This strikes me as the action of someone who might be a former victim themselves. Considering Alexis's background of literally being raised, along with her brothers and sisters, on some kind of Subud-owned property, and the bizarre behavior of her sister Patricia freakishly wearing a "McMartin Pre-school" shirt to a magazine interview, of course there are more questions.
Were Alexis and/or her siblings ever victim to these terrible abuses attributed to Subud? Were they trafficked or ritualistically abused? Taking this a step further, if this is at all true, is it possible that Alexis became a person of interest in Monica Petersen and the FBI's alleged investigation into the Haitian child sex ring, because of her background growing up being victimized by child abuse rings run through Subud? Growing up in such a trafficking ring, would obviously mean Alexis would personally know both victims and perpetrators within that trafficking ring. Again, if the blind is true, could Alexis's first-hand knowledge of some kind of Subud-connected child abuse/trafficking ring, be what made her a "person of interest" to the investigators?
Does this potentially mean a possible overlap between Subud, or certain abuse perpetrators within Subud, and the perpetrators responsible for the alleged Haiti-based child sex ring Monica was supposedly investigating? Since Monica clearly did believe Caracol was a site for human trafficking (according to Bella's own post), could Subud, or perpetrators somehow associated with Subud, be involved with this alleged human trafficking operation at Caracol?
Obviously there are way more questions than answers. I know there has already been discussion on Voat about this CDAN blind, I didn't see anyone really exploring Subud specifically, and the cult's connections to so many of these alleged horrors. Looking at Subud, you see one tiny group (again, only 10,000 members) whose exposure may serve as a "gateway" of sorts, to exposing the covert intelligence mind control programs and child abuse rings that may be way more insidious and pervasive in our world than we have thought possible. And as tragic as it is, it may be that Monica, Alexis, and Chris Cornell, in their own ways, lost their lives because of their attempt to expose elements of this "Octopus". I definitely think more exploring of Subud, and its ties to Haiti in particular, are really well worth it. Good digging everyone, and stay safe!!
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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