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The Assassination of Colonel James SABOW
From a previous post on another thread concerning Col Sabow... I thought I would bring them all together in one thread for those who might be interested in this case.

".... taken from article of 1998 with permission)

"... December 1998, Michael Ruppert, 'Only the Godfather':
"... a lingering and persistent body of evidence persists which indicates that U.S. Marine Col.Jim Sabow was murdered because he caught the CIA flying drugs onto a base where he was Chief of Air Operations. Much of the evidence indicates that the cocaine arrived on the same C-130s which had been given to the Forest Service. In a 1993 segment of her news program Eye to Eye, Connie Chung covered the Sabow death in detail and showed evidence of the murder by introducing statements from Sabow's brother, a medical doctor, that Sabow had been unconscious and aspirating blood for minutes before a shotgun was rammed so far down his throat that it sheared off the uvula. In that same segment, veteran Air America and CIA pilot Tosh Plumlee stated that he flew loads of cocaine as large as 2,000 kilos onto El Toro in the years and months prior to Sabow's death - for the CIA. Plumlee stated clearly that he was flying C-130s operated by the Forest Service and their contractors. In later conversations with this writer Plumley (Plumlee) admitted that he routinely flew loads as large as 2,500 kilos onto military installations in California and Arizona for the CIA." ...".

One other good man, among many, taken out was DEA agent Ki Ki Camarena and his pilot Alverz who were working the early years of the Colombian and Mexican drug war.

(see details DEA secret report concerning the assassination of Mexican reporter Manuel Buendia at:


If you notice these three people were murdered.., all within a year of eachother and all from leaks from within our own government agencies.

note: ... shortly after the Eye to Eye program the show was cancelled and soon thereafter Connie Jung was reassigned tlo other duties and taken out of the 'limelight". Her budding carree was destoryed.

I feel this information although already posted in another thread, I think it should be brought forward to be considered in view of the current border situation:

"...August 23, 1991, The Miami Herald, 'Noriega: CIA, DEA OKd Deals':
"Manuel Noriega says he had good reasons for allowing drugs and guns to slip through Panama: The last seven CIA directors, including George Bush, asked him to help with the guns, while four directors of the Drug Enforcement Administration sought his help on the drugs... The weapons shipments were destined for Nicaragua and Honduras, the papers said. Besides Bush, the CIA directors who asked Noriega to allow them to travel through Panama included Richard Helms, William Colby, James Schlesinger, Stansfield Turner, William Casey and William Webster... The DEA directors who purportedly asked Noriega to allow drugs to pass through his country included Terrance Burk, Francis Mullen, Jack Lawn and John Ingersoll... Diane Cossin, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office, said the prosecution will present evidence that links Noriega's BCCI money and drugs."

June 24, 1985, Miami Herald:
"Also involved in the anti-Sandinista [Contra] effort are several of Reagan's millionaire friends including beer tycoon Joseph Coors and industrialist J. Peter Grace... Grace spokesman Fred Bona said his boss "may have" asked the Central American chapters of the 900-year-old Knights of Malta order to help distribute privately collected humanitarian aid among Nicaraguan refugees. Grace heads the group's U.S. chapter. Former Treasury secretary William Simon and CIA Director William Casey also belong to the Knights of Malta. Simon and Grace declined comment on whether they had ever discussed with Casey alternate ways to help the contras. Simon heads the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, a private aid group initially launched by the Unification Church-owned [Moonies] newspaper The Washington Times which received a letter from President Reagan dated May 30, 1985, expressing "wholehearted" support for its activity on behalf of the contras... While the contras get humanitarian aid from these groups, they rely mainly on retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub and his World Anti-Communist League for private military aid."

Celerino Castillo, 'Powderburns - Cocaine, Contras, & the Drug War':
"The American Public would quickly lose interest in the Iran Contra scandal... Had they discovered our government hired and protected a squad of drug traffickers, and they gave them free passes into the U.S., the story might have ended very differently... My informants were perfectly placed... They fed me the names of Contra pilots. Again and again, those names showed up in the DEA database as documented drug traffickers. When I pursued the case, my superiors quietly and firmly advised me to move on to other investigations... I'll never forget Corr's [U.S. ambassador to El Salvador] response. "It's a White House operation, Cele. Stay away from it."
Cele, a high level DEA agent, was assigned to represent the DEA in El Salvador at the height of the Contra war. It was there that he began to record intelligence on how known drug traffickers, with multiple DEA files, used hangars numbers four and five at Ilopango airfield to ferry cocaine north and weapons and money south. Hangars four and five were owned and operated by the CIA and the National Security Council. He found out that the traffickers were also being given US visas by the CIA, in spite of their well known activities. Castillo also documented and spoke out about CIA and National Security Agency abuses in a manner utterly consistent with his heritage and the reats of his life. Then Cele discovered that the Contra flights were under the direct supervision of US Lt. Col. Oliver North and had the additional protection of Felix Rodriguez (a retired CIA agent) who ran hanger 4 at Ilopango. Castillo was repeatedly warned that the drug profits were being utilized to support the Reagan-Bush backed right-wing "Contras" in Nicaragua and surrounding countries and that he should stop his investigations.

(note Celle Castillo is currently awaiting to go to prison for a three year time span, because it is said by the US government's DoJ AG (Sutton) that he sold a gun to an undercover operative without a permit.)

Perhaps, some can read between the lines on this sentence.

..... Additional background information on assassinated Mexican reporter Manuel Buendia:

"... That which Buendía was investigating months before was confirmed by the assassination of Camerena, a DEA agent assigned to the US Consulate in Guadalajara. Did Bartlett know or not that his Political and Social Investigations Agency and Federal Security Agency were protecting drug traffickers? There are testimony transcripts from a collaborator of the accused police chief Zorrilla in the Federal Security Agency, José Luis Esqueda, that directly informed Bartlett that the agency protected drug traffickers. In place of launching a house-cleaning, Bartlett reassigned Esqueda to a municipal support office, until one night when the agent was shot down while using a public telephone. ...".

It should be noted that the information received by the American mainstream media was not reported in depth.... it was limited at best, because to do a full report would jepordise US Mexico relations and perhaps expose the "CIA Thing" that Ki Ki Camarena had reported to his supervisors.. it was said by government officials.

To this day, 2009, the real story of the death of Camarena and Buendia as well as US Marine Col James Sabow has never been reported accurately.

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