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New Film by Naomi Wolf - End of America!
Myra Bronstein Wrote:Dang, thanks for the link Peter.

There's a mini-trend of progressives releasing movies right to the internet because they're more concerned with getting people to see it than with making money. I don't know if that's the case here, but it was certainly the case with Michael Moore's latest movie:

Thanks Myra. I will view this one when I have time. I did send Naomi's to everyone on my email list. I see Moore on tv and he's been inspiring.
That they are giving the movie for free really says something about their values doesn't it?

No Peter you are not cynical, or not any more than am I.
It's been exciting to see how much people are doing to ensure this election. Standing in line for up to 8 hours. Now that is democracy in action. If the neocons manage to steal this again it's all over. This country will end because there will be a revolt and the militia will put us in the camps they have had for a very long time.
We here KNOW we are already under fascism, but the conspiracy unaware millions have no clue.

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New Film by Naomi Wolf - End of America! - by Dawn Meredith - 02-11-2008, 07:09 PM

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