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The Texan Researchers: Cleaning Out the Row
John Bevilaqua Wrote:All of these people died of natural or truly accidental causes. Nice try, though ... I mean after 40 years of trying and hypothesizing why would anyone target this entire group absent any new and monumentally breakthrough leads into the case?

1. To support what your choice of language forces us to infer are definitive and clinically based cause-of-death conclusions, please supply the case studies (medical, law enforcement, etc.) on which they are based, and be certain to include a statistical analysis of the odds that they would occur in so focused a cluster and time frame.

2. Absense of evidence is not evidence of absence. We have no way of knowing what any of the researchers in question may have been working on in private -- areas of interest that may have included the actions of some of JB's favorite suspects.

3. Like all intelligence operations, the hypothetical row cleaning likely had more than one objective. Examples:

A. Eliminate one particularly troublesome person;

B. Deflect focus from that target by taking out additional researchers who pose no particular threat;

C. Direct focus on a not particularly troublesome group of Texans, and thus deflect focus from a more promising (to us), threatening (to them) individual/group far removed from Texas.

D. Pre-empt an otherwise unstoppable release of important info from the target area.

E. Support highly public yet wholly bogus, disinformative work from the target area.

F. Sow fear among all researchers by hitting the group closest to the scene of the crime.

G. Re-energize the creation and manipulation of cognitive dissonance; or, if you prefer, continue to work the magic.

4. I do not carry water for Mr. Shaw. Yet a hypothesis regarding his mercenary motivations is just that -- a guess -- until it is backed up with facts.

5. "End of story" is synonymous with "case closed." End of story.

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