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Official story falacies, lies, untruths, fudges, myths etc
Robert claimed brother Lee was watching reruns of I Led Three Lives when he (Robert) went off to the Marines--

Robert went off in 1952. I Led Three Lives PREMIERED in 1953.

Robert was so helpful in providing the camera (allegedly) used for the backyard photo(s).

And the backyard photos (as Jack White et al have shown) are as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Oswald was never seen with the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle; cannot be proved to have ever ordered it or picked it up from the post office.

Oswald cannot be linked to the shooting at Walker or the killing of Tippitt--much lying to the contrary notwithstanding.

Oswald could not possibly have been in "the sniper's nest" shooting at Kennedy--he was seen too soon before and after, elsewhere--and he was negative in the cheek paraffin test.

He was a poor shooter; the late legendary military sniper Gunny Hathcock told Craig Roberts that he (Hathcock) couldn't do what Oswald is alleged to have done.

Too many bullets: Kennedy shot in the back and the back of the head, the front of the throat and the front/right of the head. Connally shot with one or two additional bullets. Tague another. Others hitting the windshield frame and the grass.

The telescopic sight was unusable until the FBI added shims and screws; the bolt had to be lubricated.

No print on any but one carton; no print on the (alleged) rifle until it went to the body post-mortem (FBI unable to find any print).

Ten people saw Oswald and Clay Shaw in Clinton, Louisiana.

Oswald and Ferrie knew each other--and Banister.

The Paines are tied to Dulles and CIA.

Hunt couldn't prove he wasn't in Dallas and later confessed to being there. Phillips confessed to being there. Shaw was finally revealed to have been a CIA agent in some capacity.

Five paper bags and three wallets--plus a Mauser, an Enfield and a Mannlicher Carcano.

Secret Service agents flashing credentials after crowds rushed the source of the gunshot sounds and the "smoke".

A stated intention by the President and the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to limit the investigation to one designated assassin.

An illegal hijacking of the body and a criminally negligent and corrupted autopsy.

A twelve-year embargo on the most significant film, and a ruthless confiscation and suppression of all extant photographic and cinematic evidence, altogether with a consistent brutal campaign of intimidation and murder of inconvenient witnesses.

On every subject the truth was buried: e.g., Jack Ruby was impossible to understand outside his place in organized crime, gunrunning in Cuba, running errands for casino operators there, stalking and killing the patsy who knew too much, in exchange for "fixing" his forty-two-thousand-dollar tax liability.

I submit that the miasma of obfuscation of the truth recalls the statement of Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Watson in The Three Garridebs, "Touch him where we will, he is false."

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