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The Strange Saga of Papa Pilgrom (Intro...Part 1))
The Strange Saga of Papa Pilgrim


I have debated whether to post all this or not, since it is so long, but I have decided to do so, and have divided it up, into about nine separate posts. to make it easier to read each one.(if interested) .......maybe, a little at a time. Well, I do have it in my files, so thought that I might as well share it here.

Most likely, most of you are already familiar with Papa Pilgrim and his wife, Country Rose and their 15 children. For anyone that does not know who he really is, later in my articles you will be surprised about that.

Some time back, I became interested in this family, which was just before such devastation occurred. Then, when all the problems came down, I read several different news articles and decided to complex my own articles from several news sources. Sometimes, I do this as like a hobby sort of thing. After that, I posted them on another forum. It has been quite awhile, but possibly some of you may have read ton the other forum already.

Since then, there have been some significant Updates and I never got around to compiling and rewriting then, as I did with the first three parts. So, I have taken the updated articles from Journalist Tom KIzzia, of the Anchorage Daily News and added them intact, as he wrote them.

The Pilgrim family, as well as Tom Kizzia resides near the Alaska area where Gov. Sarah Palin lives. In fact, just the other day, I saw Tom Kizzia being interviewed about Gov. Palin. ONce, I emailed him with some questions about the Pilgrim family, and he responded in a timely manner.

In addition to my three articles and Tom Kizzia's five articles, I have also included an excerpt from Pilgrims ex father-in law's book. Quite a tragic and sad story, with still unanswered questions. Again, if you are not already aware of who the father in law was, then you will be quite surprised.

I could have just posted links to all these articles, but even though you might be able to read a couple of them written by Tom, the Publication will shut you off and you then have to subscribe. I also had several Photo links that I had found, but in just now trying them, most no longer work or have been removed from the websites.There is still a couple of Family photos though....but for all their ages, just add about 4-5 years to them.

This Saga has a little of everything...from Govt Bureaucracy, to Fanatical Religion, Manipulation and Mind well as what is referred to as Family Secrets. Today the family says they were a Cult.


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