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Russ Baker and Jim DiEugenio: most curious
I just read a terrific article about Bob Woodward's new book by Russ Baker and it got me to wondering why Jim Di Eugenio, who I greatly admire and consider a friend , wrote such a scathing review of Russ Baker's wonderful book "Family of Secrets". When I emailed Jim asking questions he did not respond. (Normally he responds to all my email and I have posted his stuff here since we started DPF, at his request).

We in the critical community have for decades been critical of the mainstream media for covering up deep political events, then when a MSM writer like Russ takes on the Bush family and the Kennedy assassination he
is just trashed by Jim D.

Does anyone but me find this disturbing?

I hate how the critical community has been divided so have not ever posted publicly on this because I do not wish to add to the divisions, but that Jim is posting on the "other" forum, I decided to put this question here.

Normally I love Jim's reviews of books and deeply appreciate that he puts such time and thought into them. But this review is both mean, and almost protective of Poppy Bush. Since Jim won't respond to private questions I have decided to ask if I am the only one who was troubled by this particular review. (And I do this with hesitation as I love Jim to death as a person, researcher, writer, and friend. )


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Russ Baker and Jim DiEugenio: most curious - by Dawn Meredith - 02-10-2010, 02:58 PM
Russ Baker and Jim DiEugenio: most curious - by Myra Bronstein - 02-10-2010, 08:32 PM

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