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Latin America mourns Cabral’s death - Argentinian Leftist Singer Killed in Guatamala.
Latin America mourns Cabral's death

Recovering from a surgery to remove a cancer tumor, Venezuela president Hugo Chávez expressed his condolences over the murder of Argentine singer Facundo Cabral in Guatemala city.

"What a pitty! They killed a great Pampas storyteller. Let's join Argentina and cry!" twitted Chávez on his twitter account.

Earlier, Venezuela's Communications Minister Andrés Izarra had already expressed his consternation over the death of Facundo by citing the singer: "We live moment by moment, that is life." And added in a emotive tweet, " Facundo Cabral may you rest in peace."

"It was a sharp attack carried out by professional killers," informed Guatemala's presidential spokesman, Ronaldo Robles. There's been great international commotion over the folk singer's death in Latin America and around the world. Artists, peace activists, authorities and politicians have expressed deep commotion over the brutal murder.

Equator's President Rafael Correa paid homage to Cabral by singing one of his songs. "It is a sad story. Cabral was almost eighty years old and nearly blind," lamented the mandate.
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Latin America mourns Cabral’s death - Argentinian Leftist Singer Killed in Guatamala. - by Peter Lemkin - 09-07-2011, 10:23 PM

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