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Conference aims to normalize pedophilia
This disgraceful, abusive, science goes back to "the father of sexology", Alfred Kinsey.

Tables 31-34 of "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" are based on "experimental data" gained from 317 boys. Table 32 gives details of the speed of orgasm (timed with a second hand or stopwatch), whereas Tables 33 and 34 give details about multiple orgasms.

So, either children were abused in a laboratory. Or, in the "defence" put forward by the Kinsey Institute, this tabulated "experimental data" is based on Kinsey's work with Clarence Osborne, a child abuser who had sex with some 2500 adolescent boys over a 20-year period.

I pitched an investigative film about Kinsey's abusive research when I was a staff producer/director at the BBC. The Beeb wouldn't touch the subject.
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