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‘Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’, Japan’s Arms Supplier Under Cyber Attack?
And here I was thinking that Japan couldn't be making these sorts of weapons after they lost the war.....Guess I was wrong.....Mitsubishi, once and arms dealers always an arms dealer.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries', Japan's Arms Supplier Under Cyber Attack?

Posted by Swapnil Pande on September 22, 2011

As quoted by Reuters, "Japan told its biggest weapons supplier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, to investigate a cyber attack on its computers on Tuesday, warning it may have breached contracts to supply billions of dollars of equipment by keeping quiet about the online assault."Mitsubishi Heavy has been dealing with billions of dollars worth of Japanese arms for quite a long time. It was under a cyber attack in August this year. But Japanese military officials where thought of dozing off till the news was brought into everybody's sight by Reuters and local press reports.The servers which were used to hack into the defense system where tracked to be operated from China, USA, India and Hong Kong. However Chinese government criticized Japan's claims it also denied them by quoting, "The Chinese government has consistently opposed hacking attack activities. Relevant laws strictly prohibit this" the spokesperson Hong Lei told reporters, "China is one of the main victims of hacking … Criticizing China as being the source of hacking attacks not only is baseless, it is also not beneficial for promoting international cooperation for internet security."[Image: hacker.jpg]The Japanese defense officials are constantly getting suspicious emails and the origin of those emails is yet to be tracked down. Mitsubishi heavy has been under cyber attack many times and this if true would be the third biggest attack on their cyber network after loss of nuclear reactor test data in 2006 and the leak of information on its fighter jets in 2003, as reported by local media.Is it safe for the government to use servers that can be accessed from a long distance and hacked by hackers, to store the most important data of defense ministry? This is the easy way that people can be a victim of terror attacks in the near future to come. And even being sleepy heads for about 1 month after the data was being stolen shows how careless private companies could be for defense purposes.Source: Reuters
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‘Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’, Japan’s Arms Supplier Under Cyber Attack? - by Magda Hassan - 23-09-2011, 03:07 PM

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