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Is Obama getting ready to slash healthcare?
There is NOTHING to 'slash' 45.000.000 Americans have zero health insurance [read can only get emergency care while it is emergency and with great difficulty and bad care]. Another 45% of Americans are underinsured [insurance can only help them if they don't get a major illness. A major illness will bankrupt them and leave them homeless - maybe even dead from lack of medical care.] The high costs all go to the inurance, hospitals, doctors, drug and specialty testing companies, HMOs. The nurses get zip and are leaving in droves. The system is near collapse. Best health care in the world for the wealthy. Worst in the 'developed' world [bar none] and some developing nations do better [i.e. Cuba].

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Is Obama getting ready to slash healthcare? - by Peter Lemkin - 25-02-2009, 05:45 PM

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