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Washington's Blog: Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?
Magda Hassan Wrote:Marine Veteran Brandon Raub's Attorney says he is getting calls from veterans and people all over the country reporting psychiatric detention for political speech.

Last Thursday, decorated former US Marine Brandon Raub, who served two tour of duties in Iraq and Afghanistan, was detained by the FBI and local authorities for posting controversial anti-government political comments on the social media site Facebook.
Although 26 year-old Brandon Raub was forcefully detained against his will for his political views he was not charged with any criminal misconduct a hallmark of the NAZI gestapo which used the tactic of indefinite psychiatric detention to crush political dissent.
Constitutional attorney John Whitehead representing Raub discussed how the US government violated his client's first amendment rights with RT yesterday.
He also made an appearance on GBTV with Glen Beck in which he made even more shocking revelations.
Whitehead tells Beck that he is getting calls from military veterans all over the country subjected to the same Nazi style psychiatric detention for their political views.
More alarming, is when Beck asked if people of left-wing ideology specifically members of Occupy Wall Street are being detained Whitehead responded saying he can't say for sure because people all over the country are just disappearing.
He also reveals that while Raub was in psychiatric detention one of the psychiatrists that he was seeing threatened to "brainwash" him and force him to take medication.
Watch the entire interview:
[URL=""]Embedded video link here

I would like to know how we can learn if this is indeed true, that people are disappearing. And if true how would Raub know this?
Strange days indeed.

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Washington's Blog: Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views? - by Dawn Meredith - 14-09-2012, 07:47 PM

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