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John Prados' THE FAMILY JEWELS - The CIA, Secrecy and Presidential Power
Mark Crispin Miller (a good writer and the author of CRUEL AND UNUSUAL and FOOLED AGAIN, covering the Bush administration and electronic vote fraud respectively) has been editing and overseeing a series of books for the University of Texas Press, collectively titled Discovering America'. Miller is evidently open to quality conspiratorial research and his receptiveness bore fruit with the publication earlier this year of Lance DeHaven-Smith's CONSPIRACY THEORY IN AMERICA. I'm consequently looking forward to reading the next volume in the series that could be of interest to DPF members John Prados' THE FAMILY JEWELS: THE CIA, SECRECY AND PRESIDENTIAL POWER. Fingers crossed this volume has some tidbits for those already immersed in the subject.

In December 1974, a front-page story in the New York Times revealed the explosive details of illegal domestic spying by the Central Intelligence Agency. This included political surveillance, eavesdropping, detention, and interrogation. The revelation of illegal activities over many years shocked the American public and led to investigations of the CIA by a presidential commission and committees in both houses of Congress, which found evidence of more abuse, even CIA plans for assassinations. Investigators and the public soon discovered that the CIA abuses were described in a top-secret document agency insiders dubbed the "Family Jewels." That document became ground zero for a political firestorm that lasted more than a year. The "Family Jewels" debacle ultimately brought about greater congressional oversight of the CIA, but excesses such as those uncovered in the 1970s continue to come to light.

The Family Jewels probes the deepest secrets of the CIA and its attempts to avoid scrutiny. John Prados recounts the secret operations that constituted "Jewels" and investigators' pursuit of the truth, plus the strenuous effortsby the agency, the executive branch, and even presidentsto evade accountability. Prados reveals how Vice President Richard Cheney played a leading role in intelligence abuses and demonstrates that every type of "Jewel" has been replicated since, especially during the post-9/11 war on terror. The Family Jewels masterfully illuminates why these abuses are endemic to spying, shows that proper relationships are vital to control of intelligence, and advocates a system for handling "Family Jewels" crises in a democratic society.

As an aside, Amazon is helpfully suggesting a book for those who visit the above link, and it's also worth at least making note of. Stephen Kinzer has a new biography of the Dulles bothers, John Foster and Allen, out in October.

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