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Mrs. Reid's Mad Dash
Couple of things here, when one takes a good look at the following picture ---->

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9142&stc=1]
credit researcher Linda Zambenini (sp)

We find Mrs. Reid still standing outside of the TSBD, not upstairs where she stated she had immediately run up to. The person standing to her left is Victoria Adams, who we recall ran down the back stairs at the conclusion of the 3rd shot fired, and took up a position at the front of the building near the corner (see above), where she and others lingered there and listened to the radio scanners on the police-motorcycles parked there (per her Warren Commission testimony).

IF Mrs. Reid ran upstairs as she claimed, How could she be still standing outside in front of the building in the same time interval she should be upstairs encountering the wrongfully accused?

Mrs. Reid is giving the magic bullet a run for its money. In her magical dash upstairs one can only hope she took her heels off...nothing worse than running on a challenging stairwell in need of repairs than doing it also in heels.

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