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The Texan Researchers: Cleaning Out the Row
Elsewhere Jack White has discussed the circumstances surrounding the 1991 attack on his person by an assailant whose m.o. -- before, during, and after the ice pick business -- smacks of an intelligence connection.

Jack may be willing to go into detail here; I'll note that, of all the suspect aspects of the event, none is more telling than the fact that Jack's stolen car ended up in the parking lot of a radio station that had employed Gary Mack.

The point of this thread is to examine the manner in which Texan researchers were targeted and perhaps even taken out -- alive and dead.

Just ask Larry Harris.

Except you can't. All you can do is review the accident report.

Nor can you ask Larry Howard, whose death, albeit by apparent natural causes, nonetheless falls within the suspect time frame.

Gary Shaw's abrupt self-removal from JFK research very well may have been motivated, at least in part, by recognition of an ongoing operation known in certain circles as "cleaning out the row."

The spot chosen for the White car drop-off may have been intended to deliver a message to Mack. If so, it appears that he got it.

Correct my chronology, Jack, but since then -- and with the highly notable exceptions of the work done by my dear friend Mary Ferrell and you -- what we've got from Texas are the Mac Wallace and Barr McClellan provocations.

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