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link to video of A. Bolden speech.
First hand audio recording of a retired US Secret Agent, the first black agent that worked for JFK on his Presidential Detail, who had foreknowledge of the assassination, and when he tried to tell his higher authorities, he was put in jail on other charges, but the story does not end there. His book is called

“The Echo From Dealey Plaza”, and this remarkable audio portion of his recent presentation in Franklin, Mass. , is similar to the one he gave us in Dallas at the 2008 annual November in Dallas, JFK Conference.

It is definitely worth spending 1:12 minutes and hearing a remarkable story.


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Abraham Bolden Speaks in Franklin, MA

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79579, Abraham Bolden Speaks in Franklin, MA
Posted by Debra Conway, 06:00 PM

Hi Folks,

I hosted a JFK Assassination Seminar – “An Inquisitive Look” last week in Franklin, MA and Abraham Bolden was my special guest speaker. We had about 65 people and the seminar was well received. We videotaped and audiotaped the seminar. Here is a link to Abraham’s portion of the evening.


Bill Glynn

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