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America needs change
This article waswritten not long before Obama was elected the first president.

Alik Bahshi

Americaneeds change

After a series of presidents thathave led to a difficult but brilliant victory in the Cold War, the Americanpeople have allowed himself to relax and chose President Bush. Undoubtedly, thewily peasant look narrowed eyes and a cowboy hat in perfect harmony in theBush, and certainly in America's standard male attraction, in fact, ready toassume that, despite the age he good rider, but the thing at full gallop withthe wind in my ears and the wind blows in the head rider. It seems that Americahas not been yet so the near President George W. Bush. There is no sense tolist it as a policy error, because all of that just did not undertake Bush,ending blunder. However, the two major, in my opinion, is the time to payattention, because they are so initially miscalculated the foundation on whichthe entire, crumbling before the eyes of evil design of White Housepolicy.

The first point - is condoningpolicies of Putin's Russia, whose vector is explicitly directed "Back tothe empire." Since democracy empire contraindicated, Putin, covering falseslogan of struggle against international Islamic terrorism, with the acquiescenceof the Bush led a fierce attack on the beginnings of Russian democracy.Totalitarianism rose again on the Russian space. Bush seems to have notrealized that he was hooked on security officer friend of Putin. BloodthirstyChechnya and the recent Russian aggression against Georgia is a consequence ofall the incompetent policies of Bush and his administration.
The second point - is a completedisregard for Bush's war between Israel and Palestine at the beginning of histenure and lack of understanding of America's role in the Middle East conflict,which leads to the tragedy of September 11 and the subsequent outbreak of thewar in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush's America has lost the image of a country ofdemocracy and freedom. Bush is not aware that Democracy can not make thebayonets marines people who do not understand its value. It's like to enter thehouse believing Jew and present as a delicacy roast pig. Such a comparison isillustrated the situation in Iraq. Instead of treating the disease, not itsmanifestation, Bush began to chase Bin Laden in the hope that by killing him,he will put an end to terrorism, the reason that the Arab-Israeli conflict. The fact that Bush is the worst of allthe American presidents do not doubt, but struck another, and exactly what theAmerican people have entrusted him with the fate of the two countries. Bringsto mind the view of Winston Churchill's political naivete of Americans. FromBush was pointless to expect anything worth doing, the best thing he could do -is to do nothing. In general, Americans should be put up before the windows ofthe White House poster "Do not do this Bush" in order to protect theirpresident from another error. America's next president will get thetraditional problem of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its solution dependsprimarily on whether the new occupant of the White House would be willing tofight the Jewish lobby the U.S. Congress. Of the two candidates for this task,in my opinion, more suitable, Barack Obama, as a young and ambitiouspolitician, less bound by any obligations. On the other hand, John McCain has abetter understanding of what today's Russia, the imperial policy which shouldnot turn a blind eye and easy on the curtailment of democratic institutions.However, it should be noted that the experienced Joe Biden as vice presidentmay add political baggage of the candidate of the Democratic Party. The need for political change in Americarequires time and the world situation.

Alik Bahshi

Around the Caspian Sea

According to the already clearlymarked political direction of Putin's Russia "Back to the Empire",Moscow, provoking and using national problems in the countries of the formerSoviet republics, and brutally suppressing any attempt to gain freedom of thepeoples of the empire, still hopes to return fugitives under his wing. And inthis direction should be as fast as possible until these countries, followingthe example of the Baltic states, have not granted a roof in the form of aUnited Europe and NATO. In order to resist political pressure and energyblackmail by Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova joined the unionGUAM. On their territory can be traced pipeline Baku - Batumi - the bottom ofthe Black Sea - Crimea - Moldova - Romania and then Europe. Seems verypromising as "Nabucco" project that foresees the constructionpipeline to Europe via Turkey. That is, to bypass Russia oil and gas from the Caspianpool can be transported to Europe, which will not only prevent Russia toblackmail its former colonies, covering gas and electricity, but also depriveit of the monopoly on the supply of gas to Europe. Of course, for this projectwill need to lay a pipeline under the Caspian Sea from Turkmenistan to Baku,Azerbaijan for its gas enough. Thus, Baku has become a key geopolitical pointof the project and the main irritant to Moscow impediment to its policies gasblackmail.

Thegeographical location of Azerbaijan is that there are crossed many politicaland economic strands of the Eurasian continent. Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan andKazakhstan, as well as the entire basin of the Caspian Sea between the twocountries - is the oil and gas Klondike, which Russia lost in the decay of theSoviet Union and who is a serious potential rival to Russia and Iran in the oiland gas market. Of course, with the start of commercial operation of theBaku-Ceyhan pipeline will decrease the flow of petrodollars to Russia, in fact,it is of great political importance, as it will contribute to the consolidationof the Turkic-speaking countries.

Thecollapse of the Soviet Union - an empire that covered one-sixth of the land,many changes in the political map of the world, and shuffled the interests ofthe military-strategic plans of many states.
In the sphere of geopolitics, Russia suffered a severe defeat, especially inEurope. NATO expansion to the East, crept close to the borders of Russia, and,if in the future Ukraine will follow the former Baltic republics of the USSR,the Black Sea is strategically lost to Russia.
No better than the current situation and in the south, where Russia isreasonable to foresee a threat to their Turkic-speaking underbelly of theCaucasus and Central Asia. Here more distinct outlines of the emerging underthe auspices of Turkey blocks Turkic countries in the vast area of ​​Asia Minorto the Altai, which, like the blade, crashed into the center of the Asiancontinent. That legacy of Tamerlane has great economic and military-strategicpotential, not only through a wide area, but also because of the huge oil andgas reserves are not inferior to the Arabian Basin.
Vulnerability by the Turkic commonwealth - no between Turkey and Azerbaijancontinued territorial corridor. In strategic terms, the situation is aggravatedby the occupation of 20% of Azerbaijani territory. But in the case ofreunification of Azerbaijan with its southern part, located in Iran, thecreation of a monolithic political bloc is possible. Number of Azerbaijanis inSouth Azerbaijan in two and a half times more than in northern Azerbaijan, andtheir potential and natural desire for political unification can alarm Tehran.

This is where the cross geopolitical interests of Russia and Iran, andactually have the axis Moscow-Yerevan-Tehran is just a noose in the mostvulnerable position. In addition, an unfinished Karabakh war plays the role ofa glow primer to military action in the area hands Armenia beneficial forMoscow time.
Armenia has territorial claims to the neighbors again, as during World War II,may serve as "trump card" for Moscow in its political game in theCaucasus. This explains the special tradition of military-political relationsbetween Russia and Armenia. Of all the former Soviet republics of Armeniagained only modern missile systems S-300. Incidentally, it should be noted herethat all the heavy weaponry supplied to Armenia via Iran. Axis Moscow - Tehranmust protect economic interests of Russia. Moscow can not accept the fact thatAzerbaijan alone produces oil from its shores and from time to time raised thequestion about some obscure status of the Caspian Sea. It is possible thatCaspian oil could be the cause of future political, and possibly militaryclashes.

Rapprochement between Russia and Iran in the military-political spherebegan almost immediately after the disappearance from the political map of theSoviet Union, and due to a change in the geopolitical situation in Eurasia,which served as the internal political developments in Iran and then in theUSSR in the 80-90gg.
Western concern Russia's sale of nuclear technology to Iran is not in vain, asthe appearance of nuclear weapons in the hands of another totalitarian regime,now in his new - religious guise, is a serious threat to the world. Leader ofthe Islamic Revolution, revealing their insane plans for the manifestation ofthe divine will, can bring the world to the threat of nuclear blackmail.Assurances from Russia and Iran that a nuclear reactor is exclusively forpeaceful purposes devoid of logic and expediency. The question is, why Irannuclear power as an alternative energy source in the presence of vast naturalresources of energy, which are oil and gas. Is Iran so rich that can afford tohave a nuclear reactor in an expensive toy? No doubt nuclear reactor neededreligious regime to build a nuclear bomb. Of course, if we take into accountthat regional neighbors China, Pakistan, India and Israel have acquired nuclearweapons, and the Iranians are entitled to purchase one. But that is anotherquestion.

Whatare the reasons to go to Moscow led to the transfer of nuclear technology toIran, despite protests from Washington?
To believe that such a thing called a purely commercial transaction would bewrong. Rather, it is a kind of payment for political cooperation.

Over the past two centuries, Russia was for the most dangerous neighborIran. Iran is the last barrier to the advancement of the Russian Empire to theIndian Ocean. And the weak, poor country would surely its next victim, if notfor the intercession of England. Last attempt to carry out their aggressiveplans Moscow made at the end of World War II, when the Soviets occupied part ofIranian territory, the so-called South Azerbaijan. Only political talent and visionWinston Churchill, foresaw the Cold War era,forced Stalin to withdraw the army from Iran.
Subsequently, under the auspices of the U.S. was established SEATO bloc, whichincludes Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. This trio has formed a military andpolitical shield against possible expansion of the Soviet Union to the South.Given the fact that Turkey is a NATO member and has a bilateral agreement withthe United States, SEATO was as impregnable to assault, as well as NATO. Iranat the time was getting a lot of U.S. weapons and economic aid.

Pahlavi, theShah of Iran, to get higher education in Switzerland,was a supporter of the development ofthe country along the lines ofWestern civilization, like Turkey, has committed a rather bold for areligiously orthodox East move to separatereligion from the state.But, if Ataturk in his progressive reforms was support in the face of theYoung Turks, the Pahlavi had no such support. Yet thanks to petrodollarscountry rapidly in technical and economic terms, and was on the verge of aneconomic boom.

Following American goods into the country penetrated the seeds ofWestern culture. American films flooded cinemas and television. Young people,like a sponge, absorb all the new and different. "Defilement shower"faithful provoked anger religious leaders, who saw in the culturaltransformation of society and a threat to its influence on the masses. Allattempts to persuade the Shah to turn off the path he has chosen, going againstreligious dogma, were unsuccessful. Moreover, the Shah did not stand onceremony with his ideological opponents, and the future father of the IslamicRevolution Ayatollah Khomeini even had to leave Iran and develop into a martyrfor the faith.

Everyone knows the tragic end transformation of Iranian society, takenby none other than himself shakhinshakh (Shah of Shahs) of Iran, Mohammed RezaPahlavi. Proud single ahead of his time, he graduated from the last days inexile. Severe terror swept sprouts new life. Guardians of the IslamicRevolution with great pleasure staged public executions of women who dared toshow up with an open face, or found guilty of treason. Burned cinemas withlocked inside the audience. Black Veil religious fanaticism again fell to Iran,to protect from the outside world, and in an instant, plunging the country intoa period of medieval obscurantism.

The civilized world was shocked by what hashappened in Iran, and only Moscow remained silent. Communists have alwaysrespected all totalitarian regimes close to them in spirit, whether in NaziGermany, the dictatorship in Libya, and Iraq, and now one of its varieties -religious totalitarianism in the face of the Islamic state of Iran.
Knowing full well that democracy is the main evil in his power, the religiousoligarchy declared Western civilization the enemy of Islam and all Muslims.(This is totally wrong, if only because it is the West's military action savedthe Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims from genocide committed by the Serbs.) Naturallythe main enemy of the revolution was the U.S. and its ally Israel, and not forthe reason that Israel is at war with the Arabs, Iran himself for 8 years warwith Iraq, but because Iran, like any totalitarian regimes need an enemy to"mobilize the spirit" and eliminate the least free-thinking withinthe regime.
Iran has tried to take a leadership role in the Muslim world and for this it isnecessary to reinforce the propaganda some do more. To this end, the Tehranregime skillfully uses the Arab-Israeli conflict, maintaining a fair right ofPalestinians to freedom.
The military cooperation with Iran, Russia sees the West worthy answer to NATOexpansion, and help in the construction of a nuclear reactor, which is inexcess of natural energy resources, of course, need for Iran to build a nuclearbomb, is a good irritating factor in America and Israel. And gravely mistakenpolicies that consider Russia already defeated. "Evil Empire" isstill able to burn the Earth nuclear breath in its death throes, or generatetheir own kind in the face of Iran.

Union of Russia andIran exemplifies the political hypocrisy of both of them is a kind of politicalparadox. On the one hand, the Kremlin, intimidates West internationalterrorists and Islamic invasion, in order to justify its policy to "soakthe Chechens in the toilet", and on the other hand helps the state, theauthority of which are the same Islamists to build a nuclear weapon! Identicalsituation with Iran, which is trying to present itself as a bastion of Muslimhostility against the Christian world, at the same time, is in league withChristian Armenia and Russia, and in fact, has a policy against MuslimAzerbaijan! As you can see, there is no conflict of religions andcivilizations, wars, and there are interested parties who use these categoriesto cover purely selfish political purposes.

All of this is not given to President Bush, a kind of a reference sampleof political stupidity, which, without knowing the real cause of tragedy in NewYork September 11, and believed in a virtual global Islamic conspiracy, foundin the face of Putin's associates on the fight against international terrorism,which made it possible last strangle democracy in Russia and pass mullahsmodern weapons including the possibility of creating its own atomic bomb.Moreover, with the light hand of Bush America, in fact, was the roof trying torevive the empire. Bush does not understand that Putin's political direction"Back to the Empire" is directed primarily against the GUAMcountries, hoping for help from NATO hanging over their threats absorption.
Baku - Ceyhan pipeline that passes through Georgia, is a powerful strategicargument, causing political and economic impact on the interests of the RussianEmpire, and is a major cause of blackmail Georgia rejection of some of herterritory, and if Georgia becomes a vassal or even lose its independence, Russiawith the support of Armenia and Iran will be able to create a blockade andcompletely block access to the Caspian oil to Europe. Moscow does not benefitthe appearance of another vendor in the energy market. Pipeline laid in thefirst place for the countries of the Caspian basin, so they can sell oilwithout a mediator, able to exert political pressure, because a mediator is notprivately owned, and the empire is subject provocative Russian policy in theCaucasus, which is supported by no less interested - Armenia and Iran. That iswhat should cause major concern of the White House and Europe, and not avirtual threat to Western civilization of Islam, a threat that scare interestedpeople from the Kremlin, and Tel Aviv. George W. Bush during his term aspresident of the United States has done so much political errors and omissionsthat Barack Obama will have to make considerable efforts to eliminate thepossibility of penetration of Russia to the energy resources of the CaspianSea.

Alik Bakhshi

Turkey - Turkish direction, or is it aterrible word Pan-Turkism

Perhaps more than any FirstWorld War affected the two states: the defunct Ottoman Empire, the RussianEmpire lost all its colonies in Europe, including Ukraine, although in theshort term. In both empires fell monarchical power. People of the two empires stillhad years of hard trials until 1923.

Since the end of WorldWar I to the Turkish people turned into a war for independence, the nation hadto lay despair effort to defend its territory of Turkey on the intention of theFranco-Italian-Greek and Armenian nationalist coalition to divide the countryby sector. It should be noted that, despite the very difficult state of war,Turkey had the strength to help the Azerbaijani Turks to suppress the rebellionof Armenians massacred unarmed local population in Baku and other cities ofAzerbaijan. How often in history, in a tragic moment for the country people putforward an outstanding personality, a leader who rallied around him and led hispeople to victory. So the leader of the Turks was Mustafa Kamal. In a sign ofdeep gratitude to the people gave him the name Atatürk. The greatness of thisman in the history of the world so much that he was named "Man of the 20thcentury." Mustafa Kamal proved himself a talented military leader in thebloody battle of the First World War, when the Anglo-French forces numbering610,000 landed at Gallipoli in order to capture Istanbul - a city at thecrossroads of Europe and Asia, a strategic location which is invaluable, thecity that never and nobody undertook, in contrast to the capitals of otherstates with the same time as the Turks captured Constantinople. They wereopposed by 450,000 Turks who have shown heroism and courage of despair risingliving wall on a narrow strip of the peninsula. Mustafa Kemal led the defenseuttered the famous phrase "I am not ordering you to win, I am ordering youto die," and 74,635 Turkish soldiers carried out the order, having gainedthe victory in this battle. Perhaps the earth is no more sorrowful place herehave passed away more than half a million soldiers. The British Empire lost inGallipoli 490,000 killed, wounded, missing, and France 80,000. Turks honor allthe dead, breaking a memorial park on the site of a fierce battle in memory ofmilitary courage and bravery, and, I would say, in posterity of the great humanfolly - war. Ataturk's greatness was evident in the fact that he saw nodifference in nationality soldiers buried here. At the opening of the monumentto British soldiers, he said: "After they gave their lives on this land,they probably are, and our sons."

Due to the high prestige among the people, and boundless faith in him as thesavior of the nation, Mustafa Kemal managed to lay the social foundations ofthe Turkey that we know today. Turkish people accepted all progressive reformsconceived by Ataturk, the country has moved to a democratic form of government,and made a bold step for the Muslim East - legally separate religion from thestate and equal the civil rights of men and women. Turkey has since become theonly true democracy in the Middle East ahead of Israel, whose claim to thisrole are groundless, because, first, in Israel, religion is not separated fromthe state and the laws of Halacha are part of Israeli law, secondly, IsraelApartheid is a country that in no way inconsistent with the principles of democracy.

In Russia, after a bloody civil warto totalitarian Bolshevik commissars, with the usual aggressive nature oftotalitarianism, with the entry of the world club of the world socialistrevolution. First attempt of an overall strategic plan to restore the pre-warborders of the empire by force to return to the bosom of Poland Russia ended inthe defeat of the Red Army before Warsaw Tukhachevsky, and until World War II,Russia zalizovala wound vigorously preparing for revenge.

I foresee quite a fair confusion,and here in Russia, in the case of Turkey. The fact is that the history of thetwo countries, is the story of centuries of military confrontation, nor withany other country Russia did not fight as much as with Turkey. Russia's goal wasto capture Istanbul, seize this important geo-strategic locations around theworld, opening the way for further expansion of the empire. In Turkey, thefamous saying: "If the water can sometimes stop, Russia never stop."Sometimes in opposition to Britain and France intervened (the Crimean War of1853-1856) to stop Russia.

By the end of the 30s, Germany,which as well as Russia was preparing for revenge, has accumulated enoughmilitary capacity to start active operations. In order to revise the results ofWorld War I, Russia and Germany entered into between the sinister alliance ofnon-aggression, in advance will be shared by Europe. Attack on Poland, thefirst Russian to remember the lessons given to them by the Poles, hesitated,giving the initiative to the Germans, and for political reasons, to notprematurely cause anger in Britain and France, who were unaware declare a waron Germany, which Ribbentrop treaty Molotov-Russia but part of Poland, receivedthe tacit approval of the annexation of Germany Finland, Estonia, Latvia, andLithuania.
Britain and France angry aggressive actions of Moscow, nothing could be done,for they were engaged in war with Germany, which was a sort of shield to punishRussia over its former colonies, occurred vzbuntavatsya. True to Finlandreceived an affront. Finns defended their homeland, the whole nation (of a 3.65million), including women, came to the defense of the Russian invaders. The RedArmy, despite the stupendous superiority on all counts, has not fulfilled its taskleft in the deep snow of the Karelian Isthmus 2300 tanks, 1000 aircraft and onemillion Red Army soldiers. And today, thanks to the feat of the Finnish peoplein those early years of the 40th, we know Finland as the most well-organizedcountry.

In terms of countries affected by the Russianaggression was to enter and Turkey, which are similar as a blueprint, themessage of the Finns, Moscow issued an ultimatum tried to impose a mutualassistance agreement, including the requirement to establish a naval base onthe Bosphorus. Turkey as well as Finland rejected so brazen proposal, whichcaused strong dissatisfaction with Moscow( and inevitably subjected toattack, however, Moscow's plans went awry; suddenly all the power of Stalin,Hitler Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Predators grappled with each other inmortal combat, and Russia was no longer up to the war with Turkey. Cherisheddream of Russian master Bosphorus remained a dream. If Germany and Russia haveremained true to non-aggression pact, it is likely, the map of the world todaywould be different.

Due to the politicalnaivety of Americans pointed to by Winston Churchill, the Soviet Union afterthe war secured the all former colonies, except Finland and Poland (partfinnskih and Polish land still was annexed by Moscow), and even got Prussia,South Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands, and America was the Cold War.
After World War II, Turkey hastilyconcluded with the United States agreement on mutual assistance in case ofattack by a third country, and became a member of NATO, obezapasiv that wayfrom any possible future aggressive encroachments of Russia. Later, CENTO blockwas created, consisting of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, which was the same asimpregnable to Russia and NATO because of participation in the Turkey. Blockcollapsed after coming to power in Iran, religious obscurantism. Turkeycurrently has the most numerous army among the European members of the unit andcovers the south-eastern flank of NATO. For years, exhausting the Cold War ledto the collapse of the communist ideology. The partial collapse of the RussianEmpire, the geopolitical situation in the world has changed, the new stateswere formed in Europe, the Caucasus and central Asia, and one of the importantaspects in the field of geopolitics, is the fact that five of the newlyindependent countries are Turkic.
Here I want to be clear on some confusionin the Russian language in relation to the inaccurate reflection of the word"Turkish" and "Turk." These words are a Turkic (Turkish)language phonetically sound the same. To say that in Azerbaijan say theAzerbaijani language, and, for example, in Turkmenistan, the Turkmen, it isstill something to say in Australia Australians speak Australian English, andin America in the U.S. When the Russian came to the Caucasus, the localpopulation in Azerbaijan they called Caucasian Tatars precisely because of thefact that both in Azerbaijan and Tatarstan speak a Turkic (Turkish) language.Of course, because of the extent of the territory of Turks living and politicalfragmentation, language has several dialects, which is inevitable. However,there are examples and the relatively small area has several dialects of thelanguage, such as in England.
The Soviet empire tried hard to divideTurks, creating artificial distinctions. For example, in Central Asia, RussianTurkistan created from several states, which never happened. It should be notedthat part of Turkistan (East Turkestan) is located in China, with the center inKashgar, which is the cultural and administrative value not inferior toBukhara. Recently, with the growth of national consciousness of Turks, theChinese have a serious problem on a national basis. As a result, the Russianconquest in the Caucasus was also split and Azerbaijan - most of it is in Iran,and the Russian territory from Azerbaijan ottorgnuli Derbend Khanate - Dagestan(from Turkic - "Land of Mountains"), entering it into the RussianFederation. Serious damage inflicted Russian Turks in culture, changing theCyrillic alphabet on that in a moment made them bezgrammotnymi and devoid ofcultural heritage. Imagine that Russia banned Cyrillic and Chinese charactersintroduced, yet it is similar happened with the Turks, who get into the RussianEmpire. School programs did not include the study of Oriental literature, onlyPushkin and other Russian poets and writers offered the Turks to the compulsorystudy. Mounds poetry Nizami, Omar Khayyam, Saadi, Emre was buried frozenrailway embankment "Soviet Masterpiece" literature "How theSteel Was Tempered" cold heartlessness depriving several generations ofSoviet Turkic their poetry. What to say, textbooks vyssshih schools in generalwere only in Russian. Now freed from the Russian empire new Turkic countrieswill not only return to their cultural heritage, but also to integrate into theworld economy in order to ensure a successful living.

Of all the Turkic countries Turkey is themost forward position in the whole vast area from Turkey to Angara Angara inSiberia (two like rivers) history gives Turkey the lead in concatenating Turks.It does not matter, call the idea of ​​association or the creation ofpan-Turkism Union similar to the EU, or the type of the British Commonwealth ofNations, but in this direction is the vector of political and economic activityin Turkey as the most promising, it is preferable to wait many years before theclosed door of the EU. Europe certainly has the right to decide for itself haveTurkey in the EU or not, but the fact that Turkish corridor would provide theconditions for the EU easier penetration of markets and hydrocarbon materialsin the Caspian region and Central Asia, bypassing Russia is interested too, nodoubt.

Turkey in the Middle East until recentlywas the only strategic partner - Israel, but Israel's policy, increasinglycausing rejection by the international community, put Turkey in a problematicsituation. This makes clear the various initiatives that aim somehow contributeto the solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular Turkey's offer tomediate in negotiations between Israel and Syria. Turkey condemned theoperation "Cast Lead", meaning that an aggressive Israeli policy isdefective also reflected on Turkey's position as a leading country in theregion.

Against the background of growinghumanitarian organizations fighting for the rights of the Palestinians, andespecially after the pirate attack Israeli commandos on the flotilla «FreeGaza» and killing nine Turkish citizens continue strategic cooperation withsuch recalcitrant allies such as Israel, Turkey's lost all meaning. Remainpolitically inactive in modern, dynamic time to doom itself with Israel inpolitical isolation, and if Israel has a strong political and economic supportto America because there the Jewish Diaspora, that Turkey has such support.Moreover, in America, growing force in Congress gets the Armenian lobby, which,following in the footsteps of the Jewish lobby and using the well-known politicalnaivety of the Americans and the power of America as a super power, will makeevery effort for the realization of the extreme nationalist ideology of theparty, "ARF", which provides the creation of "GreatArmenia". "Armenia from sea to sea" - the slogan of the ArmenianNazis. Nazis because this ideology involves first ethnically clean territory,under the "Great Armenia", or a similar idea is not feasible. Part ofthe idea is implemented, the Turks captured completely expelled from Karabakh andArmenia. Remained ethnically cleanse Azerbaijan, part of Georgia, part of Iran,eastern Turkey up to the Mediterranean Sea. Further, perhaps under theterritory of "Greater Armenia" is planned and part of Lebanon, theNorth Caucasus with Sochi, ie wherever Armenians created concentrated.Incidentally, the first attempt to create an ethnically pure territory was madein Turkey during World War I, when the Armenians, having received from theRussian arms were cut Turkic population in anticipation of the planned offensiveof the Russian army. And now, the spontaneous reaction of anti-Turks, whichkilled many yarmyan, Armenians are trying to pass off as a speciallysplaniruemy authorities genocide, which Turkey, as opposed to the genocide ofJews organized by the Nazis in Germany, was not yet in sight. Absurd propagandaDashnak ideology drove the Armenians on the line in the middle of a war betweenthe two empires to extermination by local people to build a chimeric stateresulted in a tragedy, both for the Turks and for the Armenians themselves.However Dashnaks, failing to have left the criminal venture and now with thehelp of the Armenian diaspora in the United States are trying to impose on theAmerican people another an alien task. It seems that in America, a trend, toimpose national communities - to solve the problem of the outcome by theAmerican taxpayer and American soldiers. So, hypothetically, with Turkey maywell be a situation similar to the Palestinians.

It should be noted that the gap between Turkey and Israel is well ahead of theawakening of the Arab nation, and this is the name occurring in the Arab revoltagainst the dictatorial and monarchical regimes, with the disappearance ofwhich opens the way to the unification of the Arab people, which greatly complicatethe situation in Israel, and for failing to over 60 years of peace with theArabs. It can be said that Israel's policy unwittingly helped Turkey to protectthemselves from Arab areas. Turkey is the leading regional country and she didnot care about the future of the Arab attitude, especially on the background, Iwould say, fermentation of the Arab nation, which is not small people,especially people with a rich history, both in science and in culture.

The current geopolitical situationleaves Turkey no other acceptable way to not remain in splendid isolation, asspecial efforts to integrate with the newly independent Turkic states onRussia. The idea of ​​Pan-Turkism is not new, but it was after the collapse ofthe Soviet Union it has gained solid ground, right in the consolidation of theTurks are serious opponents:

- Above all Russia,which in the vast area of ​​the basin of the Volga (RT) to the Arctic Ocean(Yakutia-Soha) the indigenous Turkic population. Russian Pan-Turkism waspresented as harmful bourgeois-nationalist ideology, and the word"pan-Turkism" in the USSR was associated with somethingincomprehensible terribly scary.
- China, EastTurkestan (the capital city of Kashgar), where the Uighur Turks has long foughtfor the independence of the Chinese, and only with the help of the Soviet Unionin 1937, a popular uprising was suppressed. It should be noted that only in1943 the Chinese managed to finally formally establish itself in Kashgar.

- Iran, South Azerbaijan, where Azerbaijanislive more than in Northern Azerbaijan.

- Armenia, Karabakhhas occupied with the support of Moscow and is the only military ally of Russiain the Caucasus.

Turkish opponents of consolidationcombined and purely economic motives, namely the huge oil and gas reserves ofthe Caspian Basin and Central Asia, the implementation of which will competewith Russia and Iran. Moscow and Tehran have encroached on the rights of theTurks on the extraction of oil from the sea floor, sometimes raising the statusof the Caspian Sea. The last Russian military aggression in Georgia had atarget to block the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, and "Nabucco" at allperceived by Moscow as a special direction to podarvat Russian economy.Actually, to be honest, full implementation of the ideology of Pan-Turkism -this is the end of the Russian empire, and it is not only the territoriallosses, but also deprives Russia of a single source of income. Russian so usedto living without creating anything, robbing other minerals, that being withoutthe Urals and Siberia, that is within the property of Russia (Muscovy), theyare not, finally, have to learn to work with, and something to make ourselves,of course under the direction of the Vikings, otherwise, nothing good willhappen.

Butthe main reason that prevents konsolodatsii Turks, as always, is in them, - isa constant rivalry and internecine struggle, combined with clan-based power.With none other Turks are no longer at war, both with each other, if youremember the war with Timur Tokhtamysh, Bayezid and with many small Khansvzaimounichtozhitelnuyu war ac-goyunlu with Gar-goyunlu in Azerbaijan. Atpresent, the reason being in power of authoritarian regimes (clan character) inall the former Russian Turkic countries, dictators who cling to power,sometimes sacrificing the independence of the country, as happened withUzbekistan ("Scary fee roof of pink revolutions », # post-alikbahshi-3149), the complete unificationof the question can not be. But the community, the type of "Commonwealthof Nations" in the first phase of consolidation, it is possible. With theimminent arrival of democracy community grow into an alliance like the EU.Union closer, because in this case consists of the states of one nation. Meritrepetition merging the Swiss version. In short, it is in this direction Turkeyis the leading country of Turks, should take the initiative.
Certainly opponents Turkism againliterally scream about the invasion of Islam, the revival of the Caliphate,which can be attributed to a deliberate slander. But, first, in all Turkiccountries, religion is separated from the state, and secondly, the caliphate isthe Arabic education and to the Turks is relevant only in the fact that the Turksthemselves fought against the Arab Caliphate, if you remember thenational-liberation uprising led by Babak, and the Seljuk Turks and Timurfinally sent Bagdati caliphate in history. And most importantly, for interestedparties of international terrorism, Islam as a religion of terrorism today isirrelevant. The modern international terrorism, a phenomenon of our time and isnot from the past. Not a correlation between the emergence of Islam as areligious ideology and terrorism as a phenomenon. Yes, terrorism is associatedwith some countries, whose people practice Islam, but the causes of terror areentirely different plane. In addition, deliberate on the part of interestedparties or failed search for roots of terror in religion poses a great threatto the world community and opens a Pandora's box from which you will start tospread around the world hate religious fanaticism, which can actually lead to aclash of civilizations (see "International terrorism and its interestedparties »

Alik Bahshi

Israel- nest of international terrorism

"I do not knowwho slander weaves, That slander then kill him"

Who would have guessed that fromthe ancient times to the expanses of the Mediterranean - the cradle ofcivilization, back pirates. Thought about it and the people who slept sweetpredawn sleep in cabins Turkish cruise ship «Mavi Marmara», when the climbaboard, and the upper deck is literally descended from the sky armed Israelicommandos. Capturing the peaceful ship in international waters was carried out,that is not otherwise classified as piracy, well, the fact that the actiontakes place under cover of darkness emphasizes his malice. An attempt unarmedpeople prevent lawlessness unleashed a savage open fire for effect. The result- 9 killed and dozens wounded. An important fact, which highlights the criminalactions of commandos, is Israel's attempt to turn off the information from theattacked flotilla «Free Gaza».
Turks accuse shot deadthat they are guilty, to resist the unlawful violence is equivalent to, as ifto justify the armed gunman who killed the home owner because the latterattacked the gunman at the time when he broke into the house. Seeing how the international situation isvery icky hit Israel, Jewish journalists raised a real ruckus blamingeverything and everyone: Turkey in a planned provocation and Islamization,America and Europe again in the same Islamization, human rights and peace-keepersin a lie. In the heat of hysteria notorious hater Palestinians E. Bonner( # post-alikbahshi-7804), rejecting theslogan "two states for two peoples" and trying to justify illegalactions of Israel, calls to leave political correctness. And it is clear why.Because she is, political correctness, in no way compatible with a splash terrycynicism by Bonner. Human rights activist as she can pozitsinioniruet believesthat only "a bloated tummy, legs and handles like sticks" reflect thedegree of depletion of the hungry, and if this feature is not observed in thePalestinian children, and no humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. In this nellynot think that tummy, glued to the spine, which can be seen in the pictures of thechildren of Auschwitz, Nazi organization is proof of excellent food forprisoners of concentration camps. It is not about political correctness,speech, and the complete absence of Mrs Bonner morality. Even living togetherwith a man of conscience and morality of the Great was powerless in this case. Bonner echoes the cynicism, I would say,impudent cynicism Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman, known for his special"love of peace" to the Arabs. Mr. Minister share with the world therevelation consists in the fact that the people of Gaza eats at expensiverestaurants! This, in his view, exposes the absurdity of talking about ahumanitarian catastrophe. It becomes clear why among a long list of forbiddenfoods for Gaza there is chocolate. Tokmo only care about the health of thepeople, in order to protect the Palestinians from diabetes. I was thinking, didthe dream Lieberman for the Palestinian cause (,which lay in the fact that you first need to carry out carpet bombing, then thesurviving Palestinians hard to feed, and there will be peace and blessings. Explain the massacre of peaceful flotilla«Free Gaza» in international waters, Lieberman did not see it as anythingextraordinary, because, as he says, are more significant in the world in termsof numbers of people and killing a dozen dead Turks not worth attention, tostir up political scandal. Very interesting idea! Israel then was it worthventuring Second Lebanon because of the two abducted Israeli soldiers?Want to look at thebig lie that is present in the statements of journalists hanging out at the"Echo of Moscow" (Latynina, Radzikhovsky), and every time, foaming atthe mouth to justify any aggression by Israel. I deliberately thought shovels newspaper"foaming at the mouth", which thought it had the most successfulparty promoters phrase that defines the final verdict of "Westernlibel", but which this time exactly true. They lie hidden here:
"And now about the so-called blockade of the Gaza Strip. Well what aboutthe fact that the imaginary "blockade" - it's just politicalisolation after the rise to power of the Hamas terrorist organization, whichthemselves Palestinian Authority to put it mildly disagree. And what does the"blockade? Since Israel is constantly all imported products, energy andproducts needed for life. The restrictions imposed on Gaza was a response tothe kidnapping of Hamas terrorists to Israel soldier Gilad Shalit"
In justification of military action toseize flotilla «Free Gaza» Bonner writes: "Israel, like any country, notonly can, but must - it is the main duty of any government - to protect thecountry from penetrating into its territory of any danger to its citizens ofthe subject." But from the previous quote that Gaza is not Israeliterritory. So where is the truth? Fleet, as we know, went to Gaza, not inIsrael. Conclusion: Bonner is not that the question has to be taken seriouslyits dilettantism. It seems to me that Ms. Bonner do not really know where itborders Israel. Initially, that was before the blockade.And before the blockade was not so Jewish settlers, who represented 5% of thetotal population of the Gaza Strip owned 40% of arable land, not including theterritory which were located a considerable force the Israeli army to protectthe settlers, who in turn were armed with automatic rifles. The Arab populationof Gaza, squeezed on a little pressed to the sea plot (density of population inGaza is one of the largest in the world) and their means of livelihood,fiercely resisted the occupation and as a result in 2005, Israel was forced towithdraw the army and dismantle Jewish settlements. But Israel retained controlof Gaza while continuing to complete isolation from the outside world. In fact,the Strip, surrounded by a concrete wall, turned to the Arabs into a hugeopen-air prison and the only way for the Arabs have only seen in thecontinuation of the struggle for freedom. Unbearable living conditions causedthe radicalization of society and the rise to power of Hamas in 2006. Trying tosuppress the resistance, Israel missed a check pukto fuel and food, sometimesshuts off electricity and water supplies. Israeli military boats stopped anypossibility of fishing. In 2007 there was a famine in Gaza, Palestiniansvgryzlis like moles in the ground breaking underground tunnels through whichcame primarily food and fuel from Egyptian territory. Thus, journalists lie"Echo of Moscow" is available. No appearance in the political arenahas caused the blockade of Hamas, and Israel is trying to put the Palestinianpeople to their knees by resorting to the blockade, was reason for thepopularity of Hamas, against which Mahmoud Abbas became a political corpse. Imagine, for example, that France willblock Holland, isolates it from the outside world, erecting a concrete wall.One need not be a rocket scientist to understand what can pour out such aventure. The blockade of Gaza is an integral part of policy of apartheidagainst the Palestinian people. At the same time, the blockade - a desperateattempt to break the will of the people pelestinskogo, divide the Palestinianresistance movement into two isolated enclave and thus cause internal politicaldivisions. Now about the Islamization of Turkey,which Latynina with Radzikhovsky blame the deterioration of relations withIsrael. Thus, Islam is a religion, but religion in Turkey is separated fromstate constitutionally can not be said about Israel. Turkey - a secularcountry, and rabbis in Israel are members of the parliament and government.Moreover, part of the laws of Israel are halachic and here we should note thatJudaism, unlike other religious ideologies, contains an element of hatred, asit believes the Jewish people chosen by God, are qualitatively different fromnon-Jews, that is, from the rest of humanity. Incidentally, of all the membersof the Israeli parliament, convicted of theft, namely rabbis politicians havesucceeded in this "godly" case over all.
Separation of church and state is a necessary indicator of the degree ofdemocratization of society, but also, and most importantly, Turkey hasimplemented the Constitution and the basic principles of democracy - theseparation of legislative and executive powers, which is not in Israel, and thereforeit is not Israel, and Turkey is currently the only democratic country in theregion, not Israel, and Turkey is an outpost of democracy in the Middle East.And about Islamisation, there is the country, which would not have been asynagogue? Judaism is better than Islam? Actually, to put someone to blame whathe in the same shit on the ears, at least unwise. Religion has brought a lot oftroubles of humanity. Polytheism of ancient Greece and the Roman Empirecontained a more democracy than monotheism, which caused religious hatred andreligious wars. Remember the era of the Crusades, the endless reznyu Catholicsand Protestants, the destruction of ancient monuments - a whole layer ofcultural heritage was destroyed willfully Christianity. The grim history - theInquisition is also required to monotheistic religions. All this is aconsequence of monotheism, which each overtighten over. Neohodimosti ademocracy is to remove an article of faith of the government and, I repeat, inthis respect, Israel otstet away from Turkey and a little different from theIslamic Republic of Iran (see "Revolution or Sephardic Jewish Republic ofIsrael» 03/22/561).
As for the accusationsof Israel to Turkey, allegedly organized the flotilla «Free Gaza» withprovakatsionnoy purpose for any political Self-Profiting, they are easily sweptaside the fact that the cargo ship «Rachel Corrie» the Irish. Surely Irelandprovoked Israel? It would be interesting to know from the Minister Liebermanwhat were the goals of such insidious Ireland? On it Lieberman's no answer.Funny explanationparticipation of Europeans in "provocations" gives Latynina:"Israel must rely only on himself, he should not count on those Europeanbastards and bastards, who cooperate with the terrorists, because terroristsare asked for their help." Latynina goes by that merzavka, what itconsiders the human rights activist Rachel Corrie, whose name is called Israelseized a ship gave her life in order to provoke Israel to crush an army bulldozerhimself standing in his way at the time the order to destroy the house of aPalestinian family. Brings to mind thepoet M. Saadi:"Since you speakbadly about people, Let you're right - inside of you bad"

But in this case, talking about therightness Latynina and did not have to. Latynina not understand the motivationof this action by the total absence of morality, and there is no otherexplanation. However, this, I would say, "advantage" in the absenceof morality and other journalists have "Echo of Moscow" M.Fishman,V.Shenderovich (see "Word, fornication or full Albats» 05/21/139).But this gibberishLatynina, just some baby talk, a normal person is difficult to understand:"Europe is no longer Europe, freedom in Europe quietly turns into itsopposite. In particular, in the bureaucracy, which is openly collaborating withterrorist regimes because these regimes are asking for money and depict unhappypeople and unhappy always a pleasure to help." If Europe by Latynina,is not free, and America, with its generally dissolute Obama, then a truly freecountry will henceforth consider Israel!
Presumably, this is another example of the confusion Yu.Latyninoy, as in thissentence its "peaceful Palestinian convoy of humanitarian aid bound forGaza», which shows that thejournalist does not know what Flotilla (caravan) peace convoy of ships can notbe. Escort for these vessels were Israeli warships when the sights of his gunbarrels peacekeepers escorted the flotilla to the port of Ashdod.

What is the cause of bloody incidents occurred? What spodvinulo Israel in sucha frank international crime? Response - the impunity afforded by the most powerfulcountry in the world - America, at least it was until now.
The Arab-Israeli conflict is thegenerator of international terrorism, which is the part of the state of Israelhas grown. Persist in continuing the occupation of Palestine, Israelincreasingly immersed in the quagmire, he pursued the practice of internationalterrorism, and refusal to comply with numerous decisions of the SecurityCouncil to condemn Israel, leading to disastrous path isolation. Israel deliberately does not recognizethat there is a permanent war with the Palestinians, and reduces it to a seriesof terrorist attacks, responding to their legal vendetta. Persecution andelimination of leaders of the Palestinian resistance is around the world,across borders and countries. Due to the fact that the moral substance of theconflict on the side of the Palestinians, Israel can not seek an internationalarrest warrant and the court, because the mass is inevitable unpleasant issuesof Israel itself, and therefore uses the services of knights of cloak anddagger. Hence not civilized Mossad immoral acts like the murder in Dubai.Immorality lies in the fact that the Israeli secret service con the citizens ofother countries, using fake passports, creating an international scandal, whichonly worsens the image of Israel, describing the Jewish state as a hotbed ofinternational terrorism. Pirate capture peaceful flotilla «Free Gaza» is astrong case to.
Alik Bahshi

International terrorism and interested parties

"In times of universal lies
totell the truth - it extremism"

George Orwell

"There is a national war
[B]TheHoly War"

[/B]Theseare the words of the famous song of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Union,called on the people to defend the homeland from which invaded its territory,the Nazis. Epithet sacred - is the religion, and the Muslims' people's holy war"is not nothing but a jihad, jihad is the one that interested partiestoday, pursuing, especially their own, selfish political objectives, trying tointimidate the people of Europe and America, the virtual Islamic conspiracy,deliberately looking for the roots of terrorism in religion. Why, in one case,the holy war is a positive sense, and in another (Afghanistan, Chechnya) -Negative?

In an attempt to hide from theinternational community the real causes of today's terrorism and deflect blamefor its occurrence, interested parties, using shortcuts, replace true withfalse notions. Moreover, they want to present themselves that way defenders ofWestern civilization against Islam - an extremist, in their interpretation, thereligious ideology that threatens the values ​​of democracy. By the way, I wantto mention that every religious dogma is inherently anti-democratic, and, ashistory has shown, when the clergy came to political power (medieval Europe,Iran, Afghanistan), it was judged obscurantism. Therefore, in civilizedcountries, separation of religion and state. Islam, along with Christianity,Buddhism and Judaism, is one of the major religions, and to blame Islam, andwith it a quarter of the world population, of aiding international terrorismor, even more, because of its appearance, at least, unwise. That appearance,because the modern international terrorism, a phenomenon of our time and is notfrom the past. Not a correlation between the emergence of Islam as a religiousideology and terrorism as a phenomenon. Yes, terrorism is associated with somecountries, whose people practice Islam, but the causes of terror are entirelydifferent plane. In addition, deliberate on the part of interested parties orfailed search for roots of terror in religion poses a great threat to the worldcommunity and opens a Pandora's box from which you will start to spread aroundthe world hate religious fanaticism, which can actually lead to a clash ofcivilizations. And it is this latter-day prophets sought type of Osama binLaden and Tehran obscurantism, for an open confrontation between East and Westwould be a justification for terrorist activities for the first and the desireto have a nuclear weapon for the latter.

Tell a lie, repeated many times, it becomes true. "There are other versionof a lie can take off like a chicken, but it can not fly." Can not claimto which of these sayings is more correct, but what lies can bring a lot oftrouble - no doubt. The only thing that puts everything in its place this time,it is severely punished for the evil committed by the lie, because to pay foreverything, so the world works, but time can not return to this lie ruinedlives and destinies.

To get to the truth, to findsources of international terrorism, to understand its causes, which, without adoubt, there must be operated only by facts, discard bias and with great care togeneralize, terms and labels, and sometimes, and insults to a people orreligious denomination.
First of all, we need to understand the terminology, which had grown terrorism.Terrorism - is all that is connected with terrorism. The history of war shows thatterror is an integral part of military strategy. Especially, it demonstratedthe Second World War, in which, in order to intimidate and suppress the enemymorale, the two warring sides used out terror directed mainly againstunprotected civilians. At the same time, to achieve maximum effect, that is, asmany victims, special emphasis on stealth and surprise. Remember how theGermans bombed Minsk and Coventry, the Allies Dresden and Leipzig. Alas, theU.S. atomic bomb brought a sudden death in the early morning hours of civiliansin Hiroshima and Nagasaki were intended for them. Surprise and treachery arethe first element in the success of any military enterprise, which in this caseis different from the terror produced by a suicide bomber in the subway, planeor bus, except that the size and number of victims. The same principle of totalterror strategy was laid out in the Cold War, when all the major cities is atarget for nuclear warheads of intercontinental missiles.
We understand and respect the guerrillas,but the methods of guerrilla warfare are all familiar with this ambush, suddenattack and escape, the attack finally. In view of the enormous difference inthe armament and technical equipment, men can not resist the regular army inopen battle. The strength of the guerrillas usually higher moral motivation, incomparison with the occupiers. Support of the people (in fact, it is theguerrillas people) and exceptional willingness to sacrifice that completelyabsent from the invaders, leading to a long, exhausting struggle, in which theaggressor is ultimately defeated.

This brings us to an important pointabout terminology. Remember the King George Hotel, exploded in the era of theBritish Mandate. British death toll there to it was a terrorist attack,produced by Jewish terrorists (or, if you prefer, the guerrillas). That is oneand the same fact undermining the hotel has two very different moralinterpretations. If a Russian, put bomb in the path of German train, ahero-partisan, the Afghans and Chechens defeated the Russian convoy calleddushmanov, Mujahideen bandits, in a word terrorists. It should be noted thatafter September 11 Chechens, whom the media usually called militants hungadditional label. From now on, the Kremlin version, they are declaredinternational terrorists in order to find sympathy and understanding from thestricken America. Most interestingly, this is actually what happened. Bush is asimpleton, who had to spawn a lot of political mistakes, get hooked KGB officerPutin, giving them an opportunity without regard to the West and to fearlesslycontinue the practice of "soaking in the toilet" at the state level.Gangster slang Russian president is consistent with the action of the Russianarmy in Chechnya. Moreover, with the acquiescence of the Bush, Putinemasculated and almost wiped out all the democratic achievements of Yeltsinera. Had tragedy in New York during the Russian intervention in Afghanistan,and the Afghan guerrillas would certainly international terrorists. The Kremlinis at the origin legends of Islamic invasion and strongly supports it, becausea considerable part of it to the end of the collapsed empire inhabited bypeoples professing Islam.

Two hundred years before the Afghancompany outside Russia invaded the Caucasus. Note, not mountaineers descendedfrom the mountains, and the Russian came to him and not with bread and salt.Sword and fire Russian mountaineers conquered, as the archive documents theeloquent message of the king's general AP Yermolov Alexander - in 1819 duringthe war in the Caucasus: I did march in the mountains, using the general terrorand flight, and destroyed several villages, all the bread in the fields and notone person in your path, so cleared the enemy. "There same: was ordered toexterminate the village, and by the way, ruining beautiful village of 800houses, called Ulu Aya. Hence, with such haste fled residents that left severalnursing children. BUSTED needed as a proud monument of punishment and none ofthe people had never pokorstvovavshegosya , to the edification of all thenations, on which some useful examples of terror imposed restraint "(Notes AP Ermolov while driving Georgia).

There is no need to comment on this"hero" of the Russian troops, I will mention only two centuries agothat the situation is not much different from punitive action that holds theRussian military in Chechnya today. In essence, this den of terroristsinternational scale is outside the Kremlin. Terror is when the Russian tankscrushed the people in Budapest, Prague and Riga, terror is when sapper shovelssoldiers killed women in Tbilisi, terror, when the Russian is deprived of life,millions of Afghans, terror, is when heavy artelleriya aviation and leveled tothe ground and Bamut Samashki, with orders to violence came from the samepeople in the Kremlin, which include a former Communist and KGB officer Putin.But with such a fighter c terror, humanist and specialist soak in the toilet,but as it turned out unexpectedly, and circumcision, and cooperates PresidentBush to combat international terrorism. Particularly striking for flagrantlawlessness proposal of the Public Prosecutor of Russia to punish relatives ofChechen fighters - a kind of Russian version of the Sicilian vendetta or stateterrorism with a "human face".

Moscow is well aware that as longas there are people and ineradicable longing for freedom, so defiant people ofthe Caucasus deported three times and twice under the communists, despite thefact that the father of Communism, Karl Marx as an example for the fight forthe freedom of the peoples of the Caucasus.
Independence, which proclaimedChechen people through democratic reforms in Russia, turned to him out terrorfrom the Russian side, which shows the ruins of Grozny, reminiscent ofStalingrad, and the ashes, completely wiped out in the bombing Bamut andSamashki, no different from the destroyed Coventry . Hundreds of thousands ofdead, contiguous strip, after which all disappear, they are capable of bearingarms, military bullying type of Colonel Budanov, here is the price for thelittle people for wanting to be free. To silence the voice of truth, Kremlinauthorities do not stop even in the accomplishment attack outside Russia(assassination Zandarbieva).

Evil can only cause harm. The warunleashed by Russia, turned to her string of terrorist attacks by Chechens,Nord-Ost "and Beslan. Way, the events associated with the Nord-Ost",a landmark that opened the real face of President Putin, for whom freedom ofspeech is as was an obstacle in the fight against terrorism, that is to say inthe strangulation of its own citizens. "Nord-Ost" can be taken as thedate of reference or landmark announcement Putin's all-out war with publicityand turn back to totalitarianism. Anyhow - Empire democracy contraindicated!The massacre of the Russian authorities over his disagreeable people(Politkovskaya, Litvinenko) method is quite appropriate terrorist exemplifiesthe very evil that lurks behind the high walls of the Kremlin. The revival oftotalitarianism in Russia again lead to the recent past, the East-Westconfrontation. This cowboy Bush not understand.

Next on terminology, say, may havebeen a Afghans, like Russian, declare a holy war (jihad), at a time whenRussian limited 'contingent, fulfilling their internationalist duty "andusing the most modern weapons, attempted to make their home in the regularcotton appendage of the Russian Empire. Russian soldier-internationalist (or soldieron international affairs, which is the same), sowed death and destruction leftbehind eight million dead Afghans, and in their eyes was none other than themost, which is not on there, an international terrorist, and if take account ofreligion, it is also a Christian, similar to Islam. Let me ask you then, who onwhom nashestvoval? Election forgetfulness Putin's intention to save the Empirefrom collapse, and even restore the old boundaries, that's the main reason whythe West intimidation international terrorism, which is due to short-termconsiderations awarded another epithet - Islamic.

A very important argument, denouncedthe Kremlin lies about global threat of Islamic extremism is Russia'sassistance in the implementation of Iran's nuclear program, which has onesingle goal - the creation of the atomic bomb. In the presence of vast naturalenergy resources in the form of oil and gas to spend money, in general, a poorcountry to build a nuclear reactor, supposedly for an alternative form of energy,is devoid of expediency and against this background that all the assurances ofTehran and Moscow, of a purely peaceful uses Reactor look ridiculous. It isnoteworthy that Moscow has always respectful to totalitarian regimes, whetherfascist, communist, or to a new kind of religious guise. In the face of theIslamic Republic of Iran last colonial empire found itself a worthy politicalally, who is by nature rabid enemy of democracy. Kremlin politicians 'concerns'invasion of Islam, does not bother the opposite effect, contributing to theattainment of Iranian obscurantist terrible weapons. There is no apparent atfirst glance, a paradox. The fact that Russia and Iran share commongeopolitical interests and, then, in the rapprochement with Iran, the Kremlinsees an adequate response to the expansion of NATO to the countries that havebeen in the recent past, the western colonies of the Soviet empire. That is whyTehran has remained silent on the genocide conducted against fellow RussianChechnya. This again reveals the lie of World Islamic conspiracy. Transfer intothe hands of religious fanatics of Tehran's nuclear technology, that's whatactually constitutes a threat to peace, not the liberation struggle of thepeoples of the Caucasus.

Terrorism in Russia is the result ofthe colonial war in the Caucasus and for international it can be taken only ifwe consider that the war is between the Russian people and the Chechen peopleand no more. Moscow hangs on Chechen freedom fighters label internationalterrorists to confuse public opinion with the Jesuit order, first, to turn theminto criminals, led, some mythical foreign terrorist organization by the WorldIslamic conspiracy, second, to present part of their common enemy, dangerousboth for Russia and for the United States, and third, to find sympathy,understanding and support for the protection of Western civilization from thebarbarians.

But let me ask you, but what about11? There is certainly the work of international terrorists. Yes, but notfaceless international terrorists, and specifically, the same Arabs who, inresponse to Israel's self-guided missiles fired from F-16, use at leastaccurate weapon - a weapon of desperation, blowing themselves among the Jews incrowded streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in buses and restaurants. Weapons ofdespair was also used by the Japanese in World War II against the Americanfleet in the Pacific. Kamikaze pilots were sent planes packed with explosivesinto the aircraft carriers that are not inferior to their size skyscrapers ofNew York, America, and be better, nothing would deter the temptation to sendkamikaze aircraft bomb a skyscraper, anticipating, so on September 11. Happenlike that moralists would be hard to argue against such an action on the partof Japan, especially after the terrible tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,the tragedy that there is still no definitive status. Then interested partiestoday, seeing the roots of terrorism in Islam, nothing would be left asShintoism ranked as bad religion. Weakness, but the greatest motivation are thecause of the soldiers bombers (kamikaze suicide bombers), and in this case,religion is not the cause of bringing a sacrifice.

President Bush, having the opportunity at anytime to lower the curtain a bloody spectacle, stood by overseas dramas, wherethe blood is flowing not sham, as in, his usual, Hollywood blockbusters, andmost did not eat the real thing.
Due to these historical circumstances, forthe past half-century of the Palestinian people under occupation, and the otherside in the form of refugees swept the neighboring countries, and if theChechens in Russia are formally by its citizens, the Palestinians, theso-called controlled areas (read occupied) are not. Theydid nothing. The only right that is granted to them, and that only a special,carefully selected categories, it is with the permission of the authorities toleave the reservation for the heavy work for starvation wages. I do not presumeto predict what happened if the victorious countries occupied by Germany andJapan, have driven the German and Japanese to a state in which there are thePalestinians and the Chechens.
Chronic Middle East Arab-Israeli conflict isthe generator of terrorism, both inside Israel and for its aisles. Startingwith the Palestinians killing Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, thestruggle between Arabs and Jews waged around the world, and the suffering andneutral states. That explodes the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, the hotel inIstanbul, the aircraft with the hostages captured with no end in sight. Israeliintelligence across borders, and through acts of terrorism are dealingPalestinian terrorists. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who signed thepeace agreement with the Palestinians, was killed in a suicide Jew. Thisdemonstrates how deeply painful Israeli society in a pathological desire to seethe Palestinians free. For twenty years, Israel violated Lebanese sovereignty,while fighting with the Palestinians, which, by analogy with the Chechens canbe called bandits and terrorists, but the essence is the bandits are fightingfor the freedom of their homeland. They want the occupiers withdraw theirtroops and this is the main condition for ending the war.
Everyone has long been clear that the keysolution to the Palestinian issue is at the White House in Washington, but aspresident, Bush moved away from the desire to deal with this problem. Bushblithely thought that America, being belligerent ally of Israel, is in completesafety, and made a mistake. The war took ally Israel crossed the ocean. TheAmerican President in time did not care of the lightning rod and the storm,long gathered over America, erupted on September 11. But instead to carefullybegin to address the Arab-Israeli conflict, Bush comes up with a pill in theform of long-playing "road map" and was up to the war in Iraq withthe following political mistake. As a result, the theater of war in the MiddleEast is expanding. If the Americans quite easily given the victory over thedictator of Baghdad, now that the situation in Iraq is beginning to grow intothe people's resistance to the Islamic world conspiracy legionnaires can beeasily counted among the Iraqi terrorists. Bush naively believes that democracycan be pinned on a bayonet Marines and present as a gift to the people who donot understand its value. It's like what to bring to the house of a Jewishbeliever as a delicacy roast pig.
The only viable option for savingmankind from war, generating terror, it is a political resolution ofinternational conflicts in accordance with the norms of morality andconscience, equally understood by all religions. That interested parties,through whose fault and blossomed terrorism, intimidate the world community tothe war of civilizations, have called for a new crusade, trying to stir uphatred on ethnic and religious grounds, a danger to the World. To get rid ofthis ailment today, such as terrorism, it would be necessary to treat thedisease, not the symptoms. Washington's inexplicable passivity andunwillingness to really address the Palestinian issue, which is over half acentury bleeds and metastasizes like a cancer, spreading through the world,condemns not only the American people, but other people can not help related tothis problem, in perpetual fear and concerns.
Seeds of Evil, which the Russian planted inAfghanistan, have sprouted in the form of a religious movement Talliban fromwhich especially hurt the Afghan people, but what happened in Afghanistan is asign of warning to the world and want to believe that a reasonable person,would not go on about the lies on international terrorism, will not allow darkforces to open a Pandora's box, and prevent the world from disaster.

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Alik Bahshi

Israel, and the simple truth

"The simple truth is rarely
is clear - never simple"

Civilization experience shows thatall human intervention in nature, proved wrong. Human society is also part ofnature, and though the man carries the possibility of a comprehensive art,civilization developed on their own, independent of human laws. One historicalformation gave way to another without meaningful participation focused on aman, that is not created first ideology social structure, which is thenfollowed humanity. Philosophers and historians had only to establish the factof the transition from the slave system to the feudal system and then tocapitalism without theoretical justification of the inevitable emergence of afuture formation.

In the late 19th century, in additionto other major discoveries in the natural world have been offered twoideologies (Communism and Zionism), which, though not proved valuable in termsof philosophy in relation to the first or general social significance for asecond, but that left a significant mark in the history of that have beenimplemented in practice.

One - Karl Marx considered inevitablereplacement of capitalism by the Communist era as a new social system, a kindof earthly paradise for mankind. Attempting to put this ideology into practicewas made in Russia duress claim the destruction of the Russian intelligentsiaand active business executives. Experiment over the society was no less bloodythan the era of medieval obscurantism, lasted 70 years, with the entry of theworld proletarian revolution club, and ended in failure. It should be noted,originally initiated the experiment were mainly representatives of Jewish, thenthey are also becoming dissidents, and ran out of the country they have createda "communist paradise".

I do not want a detailed discussion of theerror of the communist ideology, but, in my opinion, the main reason for itsfailure was that it was intended to create a new man, a certain individualcommunist type, based on the absurd assumption that the environment and theconditions of education could change the very nature of man. Therefore, theideology of communism and praised to the skies by schemers Science AcademicianLysenko, rejecting genetics, calling her a capitalist pseudoscience.

Another - the ideology of Zionism,Theodor Herzl, was less global in nature and involves the goal of creating astate for the Jewish people. It was assumed that Jews from around the worldwill gather in one place in the world. Incredible and in some cases even funny,if you search for the territory of the future Jewish state considered and SouthAmerica, and Africa, and the Crimea, before settling on Palestine. However, itshould be noted that instead of Crimea Stalin singled out for the land of theJews in the Far East, where he organized the Jewish Autonomous Region. Thisfact suggests that the idea of ​​Zionism took place and one of the leaders ofthe Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, most of whom were Jews. Withhigh probability we can assume that if a confrontation between Stalin andTrotsky (Bronstein) up to take the last, to be Jewish Crimea republic.

In the end, after considerablefinancial costs and diplomacy after quite a large time span, including twoWorld Wars and the Holocaust, Zionism, the idea became reality the UN decisionto allocate part of the territory of Palestine for the Jewish state. However,the program of Zionism was not performed in full, because it is not able togather all the Jews in Israel. The Jews did not want to leave the safecountries for the promised land of Israel and mostly settled Jews from EasternEuropean countries, North Africa and the Middle East, based on all possibleassistance to the Jewish organizations to encourage repatriation, if it is atall possible to use the term. The fact that the Jews are all those who believein Judaism, but this does not mean that the Jews are ethnically one people.European Jews are different from Moroccan Jews, not only in appearance andtraditions, but also the mentality, in fact, even in Israel, their faith hadnot united, if we take into account that they are praying to everyone in theirsynagogues. Well, about the Ethiopian Jews, and can not speak. For example, theKhazars, before accepting Islam a short time were Jews, so what do they haveceased to be the Khazars. Therefore, the word "repatriation" is notthe same as back home. It's like as if to say "repatriation ofChristians." Well, where should they be repatriated? However, in the firstapproximation, the Crusades can also be interpreted as the repatriation ofEuropean Christians to the homeland of the Faith in the promised land.

But let us leave aside thesearguments and look at the facts, because only they reflect reality: the stateof Israel exists, and it is strong economically and it is even more strongly inthe military, compared with the surrounding Arab countries. Here it isnecessary to take into account the very important fact that the magnitude ofIsrael so he and dependent on a single, but a powerful ally - the UnitedStates, an ally, without whose help it is difficult to imagine the possibilityof the existence of the Jewish state. The fact that the well-known reasons,since the formation of Israel was at war with the Arabs and introduced half acentury ago, the martial law has not been canceled today. Obviously, such asmall country like Israel can not so long alone against hostile environment andAmerica's role as an ally invaluable.

However, the policy is pragmatic andtherefore a reasonable question that America wins the friendship with Israel,can cause confusion and bewilderment. Is there a clear answer, whatspecifically has positive dividends America, being in the military andpolitical alliance with Israel. Sometimes the arguments in favor of analliance, they see that, they say, Israel is an outpost of democracy in theMiddle East. But can a country with no constitution, the country in which thereis no separation of executive and legislative powers, the country in whichreligion is not separated from the state, the country with socialist principlesof management, when major financial and manufacturing facilities are in thehands of the state, and, finally, the country carrying out the policy ofapartheid to a part of its population, to be called democratic? And if aprincipled approach to this issue, the outpost of democracy in the Middle Eastis not Israel, and Turkey. Reason Union of America and Israel is a completelydifferent plane, and explains a significant share of the participation ofAmerican Jews in the financial and, as a consequence, the political life of thecountry. It is thanks to the Jewish lobby Congress of the United States isspending a lot of funds from the state budget to help Israel, supported by themilitary and political patronage. U.S. taxpayer money to these disappear intothe sands of the Middle Eastern, not bringing any benefit America. Furthermore,as a belligerent ally, America is putting himself under enemy attack. Permanentwar between Israel and the Palestinians crossed the ocean and the tragedy ofSeptember 11 is the result of the bloody Middle East show, which put the Jewishlobby on American money. For the Jewish lobby interests of Israel is moreimportant than the interests of America. Blocking perfectly valid UN SecurityCouncil resolution condemning Israel's occupation of Arab territories, theUnited States is forced to use the policy of double standards. With thedecision to crack down on al-Qaeda, begins continuous string of policy failuresof President Bush, because of all that had taken the American president, it isnot commendable.

If not for close ties with Israel,America would have no problems with the Arabs. America has been and is a majorproblem with the Russian. Moscow, using the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arabcountries trying to attract to their side, to change in their favor thestrategic situation in the Middle East, the main supplier of oil to the West.Even today, the idea strangle strategic adversary fuel shortage still burn inthe minds of Kremlin strategists. By the way, here we note that in the case ofIsrael and the Arabs pacifying Russian finally lose hope in the plan. Andhere's the paradox: real peace between the Arabs and the Jews do not wanteither Russian or Jewish law, in spite of fierce mutual hatred. Verily, fromlove to hate - one step.

In my view, the main factorhindering peace between Israel and the Arabs, is the overseas patriotism ofAmerican Jews, who created the Jewish lobby in Congress, have an impact on U.S.policy toward the Arab-Israeli conflict, and political life in Israel. Far fromthe real situation in Israel, they support the aggressive intentions of theIsraeli right in terms of the obstacles a Palestinian state and the annexationof the territories of neighboring Syria and Lebanon; It is important to notethat in its aggressiveness towards the Arabs Jews of America have surpassedthemselves Israelis. Over the last 10 - 15 years of Israeli society polevelomarkedly, despite the fact that it poured nearly one million immigrants from theSoviet Union, which is 99 percent completely ardent opponents of the stateproviding Palestinian Arabs. For a complete understanding of the need toconsider a very important detail, which is that, unfortunately, Soviet Jewshave imperial worldview, which they had acquired in the USSR and, weighed downby this luggage, went to other countries. This fact seems at first sightphenomenon, but quite understandable. If the presence of a Russian imperialideology, as a state-forming people (creative discovery Russian nationalists inlinguistics), is not objectionable, Soviet Jews have acquired it as a result ofthe revolution and the USSR. The fact that the Jews perceived the Soviet Unionas a whole, for they were not the indigenous people to the territory habitat.In addition, Jews were pioneers of the socialist revolution, and in themajority of the leaders of the Communists. Using the slogan "Workers ofthe world unite", they managed to unite the people of the empire whobelieved in a "bright future of communism." The truth of the peoplewho came to power, mostly, say no ethnic Russian proletarians and was not eventhere! If we consider that in the minds of the Russian people, except imperialideology is present and Russian chauvinism, which was pointed out by Stalin soloved by the people, it is certain that other nations of the empire meant theunenviable role of younger brothers. In these circumstances, the Soviet Jewswere cementing this nation of the Soviet Union, which had an impact on theirworld, which they retained, leaving the country collapsed.

Following interesting fact: despitestrong patriotic feelings and love for Israel, Soviet Jews flocked to America,and, oddly enough, in Germany, the country that because of certain historicalevents, it would seem difficult to choose the Promised Land. By the way, it ispossible, if not for the Holocaust, it could not have taken place and theJewish state in Palestine. It is hard to blame the people who want a betterlife, which is all one, for lack of patriotism, if we take into account thatfor most of them, Israel is the homeland for which worth risking the well-beingand even lives. The place where the faith was born, does not always coincidewith the concept of homeland. For example, remember once again the Khazars, whotook a short while Judaism. For them, Israel is certainly not way side couldnot be home, however, did not they and the Arabs to accept Islam.

To redirect the flow of Jewishimmigrants to Israel, where he is vital to change the demographic situationdeveloping in the future not to the state as a Jewish, World Jewish Congressmanaged to get from America to Israel release 10 billion dollars for thereception of immigrants from the Soviet Union and thus close America. So therewas a Great Aliyah 90s, came to Israel about a million Jews. Many of them stilllater moved to the United States and Canada, not only maintaining patriotism,but even more showing thus
aggressive intentions towards the Palestinians, calling from overseas stayingin Israel for stronger military actions against the Palestinians. For example,former Russian-language Israeli journalist, once in New York, literally climbsout of the skin, strongly urging Israelis not to conduct peace negotiationswith the Palestinians and not to leave the occupied territories. Yes, from adistance everything seems easier and immense courage, especially when yourmilitant calls that lead to nowhere, should exercise more.

More than half a century, continuingArab-Israeli conflict, which sometimes unintentionally become and neutralcountries, as scores between Jews and Arabs are reduced wherever possible,across borders and fighting techniques. Taken hostage, abducted planes explodehotels in Buenos Aires, and Istanbul, undermined cars and handsets. Like afunnel tightened in depth reduction of the country, whose people do far fromthe Middle East conflict. For example, the Afghan people have fallen victim tothis conflict, because Bush is in pursuit of bin Laden, started a war against theTaliban, which are quite far from the explanation of the relationship betweenArabs and Jews. If we take into account that there is no Pashtun border betweenAfghanistan and Pakistan, it is theoretically theater of war could spill overinto Pakistan. But I think before that it will not come, because Bush does nothave at this time a fatal mistake. Destabilize the nuclear power - a verydangerous idea.

All attempts to crush Palestinianresistance is futile. While Israel had used all possible military action, werenot used, except that only napalm bomb. If at least some would be militaryaction by Israel could solve the problem, it would have long been realized. Innature, there is simply no such opportunity to force the Palestinians to giveup their freedom. Violence problem is not solved. Moreover, there is a trendthreatening putting Israel position both in terms of the political and themilitary. Only in this way can be interpreted as withdrawal from Gaza and acomplete failure in the Second Lebanon. Right camp, killing of Yitzhak Rabinand foolishly rejected the Saudi peace initiative, brings the country to ruin.Without peace with the Arabs, Israel has no future, but the world is becomingmore elusive.

In my view, the United Nations madea big mistake by taking a decision on the division of Palestine into twostates, without providing them with reasonable safety and giving the Jews andthe Arabs themselves to observe the boundary between the Jewish and Arabstates. The UN should have foreseen that a confrontation is inevitable andnecessary presence of a third force on the line of the boundary section isobvious.

It's time to fix the problem andput the UN troops to Israel, dividing Jews and Arabs on the border, used to bea prescribed solution. Other real option to end the Middle East conflict today,no. However, there is one hypothetical output - is to give the Palestiniansequal rights to the Jews, but in order to preserve the Jewish character of thestate, it is necessary that the majority of American Jews moved to Israel. Bythe way, at last, be fully realized goal of Zionism to gather all the Jews inone state. But from that moment there are some tough questions.
If American Jews will move to Israel, they will lose their representation inthe government of the United States and Israel certainly lose the traditionalsupport that he owed the Jewish lobby. Withdrawal of Jews from Americanpolitical life can not affect the political and economic situation of theJewish state. How to behave like American politicians, freed from the pressurethey felt by the Jewish lobby? On the other hand it is doubtful that the Jews,being in Israel, will maintain their financial well-being, which they had inAmerica. The fact that it was achieved in an environment of other people andnot the fact that the Jews in the Holy Land to keep the same level of wealth,which they had in the Diaspora.

The peoples of different mentality:- a sort of hereditary constant defining the people, their character, behavior,visual contrast and even the way of life. For example, if you give Roma theground, say, treat it, let it feeds you, build a house, the word live on it asyou see fit. The next morning, you will not find them there. They have adifferent way of being. They will not do in his "stealing horses."

However, the story does not sufferthe fate of the subjunctive interpretation and all goes to the fact that theinternational community will be forced to enter into Israel international forcethat will set the state border dividing the two countries. UN must correct amistake made half a century ago.

It is hoped that Zionism does not suffer the fate of Communism.

"Fate and history is written by the same hand"

Paulo Coelho

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Alik Bahshi

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

Can soul fromheart be stolen? Never!
You are my breath, you are my bread and water!
Your cities haveopened wide before me.
I am totallyyours. Devoted to you forever in sons!
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!


If, by repeatinghis homeland's name twice, the poet can strengthen his proud love of it, justlike the heading of this article, I want to reflect on the misfortune of thepeople of Azerbaijan, split into two by an interstate border.

A difficult fatehas fallen to the lot of the colonial people of the Russian Empire. Not manymanaged to break loose after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. But thosewho found freedom still suffer the consequences of being in the «prison of thepeople», moreover, the threat of being in it again is very real: so, if theWest had not requested that the advance of a Russian tank column to Tbilisi in2008 be halted, and if an American frigate had not appeared off the coast ofGeorgia, the Georgians would have been a people voluntarily under theprotection of Moscow twice. How can I not mention the (I believe) uniqueability of the Russians to release people, with the direct consequence ofannexing them to the empire. This feature of the Russians to present the peoplewith freedom, is an old tradition and is set down in textbooks on the historyof the USSR, and though, in the case of Afghanistan, it was somewhat weakened,in the long term no-one from the neighbouring nations of the Russian Empire isguaranteed against the maniacal desire of the Russians to release them from theheavy burden of freedom. For example, the rumour about this Russian featureeventually reached Turkestan, and in 1865 the Russians were invited by theinhabitants of Tashkent to release them from life. However, the Tashkentispersistently resisted this release, probably due to their masochistictendencies, and after the capture of the city were mercifully put to death,including women and children, which gave them the chance of voluntarily joiningthe Russian Empire posthumously. Or another example: Moscow met and compliedwith the persistent request of Fatali Khan of the Derbent khanate of Azerbaijanto become a vassal. This fine act of voluntary reunion with Russia wasparticularly noted subsequently by the fact that Kremlin cartographers enteredDagestan (the translation from Turkic the country of mountains) into thestructure of the Russian Federation, so that the inhabitants of the formerterritory of Azerbaijan were extremely glad and still express their gratitudeto Russia, by shooting and with explosions of houses in Buinaksk, and incertain cases the pleasure so overflows their souls that, not restraining theiremotions, they wear themselves out, involving instant transport to paradise of the people around, who naturallyvoluntarily join the heartfelt festivity, like the voluntary will of the peopleto join Russia and to be released from... Once, when I was in Soviet Lithuania,I heard from a local the phrase, spoken with enthusiastic sarcasm, which I willremember forever: «The Russians came and released us from meat andbutter».

So the Lithuanians expressed their personal gratitude to"Big Brother" for his concern about the health of the Lithuanianpeople. Really, what can be better than a diet to increase lifeexpectancy!
It must be saidthat the Azerbaijani people (it is more correct to call them Azerbayjani Turkicpeoples, as it defines the people in Southern Azerbaijan, and also, TurkishTurkic peoples, Iranians and Armenians), like no other, are in good favour withRussia. So, as a result of a series of "voluntary" accessions by thepeople of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan has been divided into Northern Azerbaijan asa part of the Russian Empire and Southern Azerbaijan in Iran, where more thantwice the number of Azerbaijanis live than in its northern part. Since ancienttimes, apparently in gratitude for the Baku oil, and possibly from purelyaltruistic motives, the concern of Moscow for the Azerbaijani people hascontinued unbroken, and except for the territory of Dagestan (The Derbentkhanate) the Azerbaijani people were also released from the territory of theZangezursky area ,which was transferred to Armenia on the grounds that, owingto the forward-looking national policy of Moscow, founded on the principle of«friendship of the people» (read ethnic cleansing), the number of the fraternalArmenian people has grown considerably. So, the territory of the formerKarabakh khanate of Azerbaijan, previously occupied by Armenians from Iran andTurkey, then received under the Soviet power the status of autonomous region, and in 1989-1991, afterthe complete deportation and destruction of the Azerbaijani population on thisland which had been Azerbaijani from time immemorial, the homeland of nationalpoets and musicians, Moscow actually transferred to Armenia all Karabakh withadjacent areas which were also released from the Azerbaijani population. As aresult of the Karabakh conflict Azerbaijan lost another 20 percent of itsterritory.
Ever sinceRussians first arrived in the Caucasus Russia pursued a policy of ethnicallyforcing out the Turkic population from the territories adjacent to Turkey andIran, and of populating these lands with Armenians, encouraging their migrationfrom neighboring countries. These mean actions concerning the Azerbaijanipeople reflect the real picture of coincidence at any moment of the strategicobjectives of Moscow and the Armenian Nazis' dream of Great Armenia, from seato sea. Yes, yes, exactly so, «from sea to sea» and not otherwise, for this mayexplain the slaughter of 1918 arranged with Armenians in Baku and other citiesof Azerbaijan. Having secretly supplied the numerous Armenian diaspora withweapons, the Dashnaki arranged a crafty mutiny unprecedented in cruelty. Aftermany years living side by side with Azerbaijanis, Armenians suddenly began torush into houses and literally cut down the unarmed population of the city,sparing neither children, nor women. Inhabitants sought safety in flight, therewas no possibility of organizing resistance to the excesses committed by armedmurderers. The pursuing bandits directed the refugees to suburban settlements.

I will allow myserlfa short lyrical digression.
In our house therewas a big ancient photograph of Grandfather; as a small child, I noticed thaton the portrait there was a closed-up hole on his chest. When asked how it gotthere, father answered curtly «From a sabre». He hated conversations onmilitary subjects, although he had lived all through the war, from beginning toend, in charge of an anti-aircraft battery.
At a more matureage I learned more details from mother: In Balakhan they heard terrible newsabout the cruelty of the Armenians, and the inhabitants, taking their childrenand food, hastily left the settlement at night. There was no particular placeto run. Baku and its neighboring villages are located on a peninsula. Theirflight was cut short by the desert coast of the Caspian Sea. Fortunately, theArmenians didn't think of moving to the sea. A few days later, whenGrandfather's family returned, in the house they found broken dishes and theportrait, punctured by a sabre, a colourful hint of what awaited them, as anArmenian family in the house.
In Azerbaijanthe Armenians applied the same tactics of ethnic cleansing of the territoryunder the proposed Armenian state, as in Turkey in 1915, the only differencebeing that in Turkey this action was carried out with the help of the imperialauthorities, and in Azerbaijan with the assistance of the communists. TheArmenian military leader of that time Andronnik cabled to the Kremlin about aglorious victory over the enemy. However the pleasure was short-lived. Turkey,despite a desperate situation on the fronts, directed a military rescue groupto Baku. (Turks and Azerbaijanis are one people, by analogy with Germans andAustrians). Having broken through the defence approaches to the city organizedby Dashnakis, the Turks entered the city, which was probably intended to enrichGreat Armenia with oil.

The Dashnakishoped that Russian would help them to create Great Armenia, but they grosslymiscalculated. Having set up the Armenian Socialist Republic (one of thekhanates of Azerbaijan), on the place of the Erevan khanate, the Kremlincommunists at the same time buried any hope of the Armenian Nazis ofindependence, which was echoed many years later in a series of acts ofterrorism carried out by an even stronger Dashnaki party, in the form ofexplosions in the Moscow subway and electric trains.
However, the mainthing which the Dashnaki ideologists, planning to construct the chimericalstate, in my opinion, didn't take into account is the mentality of the Armenianpeople.
Here it ispertinent to point out a feature in the mentality of the Armenian people,namely the aspiration to become an economically developed region, as a rulecities, creating there centres of compact accommodation. For example, a verysignificant fact, - at the moment of the conquest of Georgia by the Russians,there were more Armenians living in Tbilisi than Georgians. In Baku a wholedistrict of the city was called Armenikend, with an exclusively Armenianpopulation. By the way, in the Soviet period the number of Armenians making upthe population of Baku surpassed the number of Armenians living in allKarabakh. It could not be otherwise, but only the difference in mentality canexplain the fact that the Azerbaijani refugees from Armenia and the occupiedterritories fled to Azerbaijan whilst the Armenian refugees appeared anywhere,but in Armenia. Those few who still stayed in the homeland, soon left it withthe sole thought of never returning. But after the disintegration of the USSRwhen it would seem there was no special reason not to return to a free andmuch-missed Armenia, they appeared in considerable numbers in the rich Americanstate of California.

Whether theywere following in the footsteps of the Jews who, having created the Armenianlobby in the strongest world power, to solve their problems at the expense ofthe American taxpayers, and even the lives of American soldiers for theimplementation of Dashnaki ideology for the creation of Great Armenia. Thereason for the lack of patriotism can be looked for in the fact that today'sArmenia is an artificial formation of Armenians moved from Turkey, Iran andLebanon, as a result of the embodiment of the ideologies of the extremelynationalist party of Dashnaktsutyun, with the assistance of Moscow.
It is no secret,Armenians had great influence in the Kremlin under A.Mikoyan's communists,having created a powerful diaspora in Moscow, in other words it is possible toexplain that, of all the Soviet republics, only Armenia has become more andmore mononational and this with the fact that the number of the Armenianpopulation in Armenia itself has not increased, because of the continuousmigration of Armenians to the central cities of Russia, and also to resorts onthe Black Sea coast and North Caucasus. Not only the Azerbaijani population,but even the Russians, whose number has constantly grown in all other Sovietrepublics, have been forced out, didn't in fact stay in Armenia after thedisintegration of the USSR. By the way, the violent deportation of Azerbayjanisfrom Armenia has served as a stimulus to the Karabakh conflict. It was a wellplanned crafty action. (I will dare to remark that craftiness from Armenianshas been noted more than once in history). In its first stage in Azerbaijanthere were refugees from Kafan. And this in the USSR, in peace time! Expelledfrom their houses by Armenian fighters, they went to Baku, intending to lookfor protection and justice from the authorities, who were in total indecision,for all inquiries by the responsible parties from Baku were unanswered. Moscowmaintained a persistent silence. The Secretary General M. Gorbachev didn't takeany actions to stop the lawlessness in Armenia. What was the reason for suchstrange behaviour by a man in whose hands is concentrated total power in theconditions of such a totalitarian state as the Soviet Union? You cannot helpremembering the time of Gorbachev's visit to France, his meeting withrepresentatives of the Armenian diaspora. You can only guess how they manged tocommunicate with Gorbachev. The only thing that was undertaken by the cowardlyrepublican power, instead of protesting strongly agains the scandalousarbitrariness of the Armenian nationalists, was not to allow Kafansky refugeesinto Baku. Then Sumgait would not let them in. Time passed, and homelessrefugees were left alone, facing problems in an artificially createdinformation vacuum. The authorities didn't even set up a camp for them. Therewere also agents provocateurs, as it became clear subsequently, two Armenianswho, having used an artificially created and dangerous situation, pushed thedespairing people to a massacre of the Sumgait Armenians. It was so carefullyplanned, the main thing being that, at the very same time that it wasdocumented, and surprisingly quickly, a film appeared abroad about thevandalism of Azerbaijanis who had crossed the border, which for the USSR wasalready a nonsense. Note that at that time the ordinary population had no videocameras, and, what is more, no professional movie cameras. It is difficult toimagine that all this suddenly appeared at the right time and place. But it iseven more difficult to imagine that such a thing could occur in such atotalitarian state as the Soviet Union! In the state in which not only each tank, but each boss was registered, and, after all,all this unexpectedly appeared in the hands of Armenian fighters who had begunopen hostilities against Azerbaijan.

The planned tragedyof Sumgait legitimised the expulsion of Azerbaijanianis from Armenia, and thenthe capture of Karabakh. As I have said, Moscow kept silent about thelawlessness of the Armenian authorities, apparently having hidden behind theKremlin wall, the omnipotent secretary general was afraid to restore order inthe country. It is not however clear what the reason is for similar inaction,which can only be guessed. For the first time since the war thousands refugeesappeared in the USSR, direct evidence of the fact that Soviet power in theterritory of the Armenian Socialist Republic had ceased to exist. However, whenthe corresponding expulsion of Armenians from Baku began, Gorbachev immediatelysent armies to restore the Soviet power in Azerbaijan, and this on the basisthat in Armenia there was no Soviet power, and had not been any. Overall, thebreakup of the Soviet empire can be considered the beginning of the Karabakhconflict.
The Communistsin fact continued the tsarist policy of resettling the Armenians among theMuslim Turkic population of Azerbaijan from here, and deliberately creating theKarabakh problem, thanks to which today Russia has the possibility ofinfluencing a political situation strategically important for the Caucasianregion. Russia, whose economy is traditionally supported by the sale of energyresources, will do everything in its power to prevent thecompetitionrepresented by Azerbaijan on the European market. By the way, the unfortunateintervention of Russia in Georgia was intended to block the construction of theBaku-Ceyhan oil pipeline.

Armenia, armed with Russia, is onlywaiting for a green light from the Kremlin to begin hostilities for furtherannexation of lands neighbouring Azerbaijan and Georgia under Great Armenia, -the express purpose of the revived extremely nationalist party ofDashnaktsutyun, the guilty party in the tragedy of Turkish Armenians in 1915,when Dashnaks, with Russia's help, undertook ethnic destruction of Turkicpeoples in order to construct an Armenian state on the free territory. At atime when the Turkish army was conducting heavy fighting with Russian armies,Armenians mutinied in bloody fashion, not against the regular Turkish army,but, against the civilian population ,to cause general panic and to facilitatethe advance of Russian forces deep into Turkish territory. However, the crueltylnflicted by the Dashnaks caused a spontaneous mass resistance, resulting in anenormous number of victims amongst the Armenians. It is absolutely groundlessto accuse Turkey of genocide, because, unlike the Jewish one in Germany, nogenocide was planned by the Turkish authorities, nor carried out by the army,and what occurred was a corresponding national punishment, on destruction ofthe civilian population organised by Armenian Dashnaks. During the whole of theOttoman Empire Armenians lived safely among the Muslim population and nooppression was seen either on national, or on religious soil. Having failed inTurkey, the Dashnaks continued their plan and undertook a similar sly action in1918 in Azerbaijan, which also failed. But the main thing was that theDashnaks, by using their own kind of "Armenian Gambit" (to use chessterminology) to achieve their political goals each time exposed the Armenianpeople, as occurred in Turkey in 1915, in Baku in 1918 and in Sumgait in1988.

The attention by"Big Brother" affected not only the reduction of the territory ofAzerbaijan, but also its culture: the Azerbaijani people, of coursevoluntarily, by special order of Moscow, were twice deprived of the alphabet,so that it suddenly became illiterate; first Latin scriptwas brought in, andthen they quickly rethought and transferred to the Russian alphabet. By theway, non-compliance with this decree was equivalently anti-Soviet activity andwas severely punished.

It was just as ifRussians were obliged to use the Japanese alphabet, and after, let's say, fiveyears, Chinese. It would be interesting to see how Pushkin's verses would lookin Chinese hieroglyphs! And who would read Pushkin and Dostoevsky as a resultof the sudden universal illiteracy of the Russian population. And yet this isjust what happened in Azerbaijan. At best, if someone heard that there weresuch poets Nizami, Hagani, there would be no real possibility of reading them.In schools, instead of national literature, the study of the works ofexclusively Russian writers and poets was imposed and, of not to mention ofcourse that masterpiece of Soviet literature «How the steel was tempered».Frankly speaking, the name of the author of this great work has for some reasonbeen largely forgotten.

Having foundindependence, Northern Azerbaijan adopted a democratic constitution, howeverthe national mentality and corruption do not allow complete use of itsbenefits, and democracy( which is a self-evident gift, and of which the peoplehad no experience,) suddenly collapsed. Clearly, time is required, but in themeantime the country is developing economically, and Baku is taking the shapeof a modern megalopolis, in which the beauty of ancient architecture and daringarchitectural projects of skyscrapers are combined, yet dangerously at presentthere are the aggressive intentions of the Armenian Dashnaks with theirchimerical dream of building «Armenia from sea to sea».

Today Azerbaijanis a place where the strategic and economic interests of Putin's Russia and theTeheran obscurantists who want to prevent, firstly, energy resources from thecountries of the Caspian Basin getting on to the world market, and secondly,the union Northern and Southern Azerbaijan; and the smouldering Karabakhconflict is a good fuse to start hostilities which have every chance ofdeveloping into large-scale regional war, God forbid, in the Third World.

"Turkish game" on "GrandChessboard"

In contrast to the well-known in thetheory of chess "Vienna game" "The Turkish game" isrelatively new and not yet thoroughly Research all its options, but it hasplayed Recep Erdogan to "Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew Bjezinski.Sure, you could call it, and "Debut Erdogan," but the fact is that itwould have played out any other player, because due to the vital necessity, andnot a personal initiative of Prime Minister Erdogan, who, to his credit it mustbe said as it is brilliant, and how well the party will continue to be seen.
Turkey today is a successful and harmoniousdeveloping country, shows a marked increase as the traditional Turkishagricultural and industrial production, which, and this is important, at afaster pace than agricultural. Naturally is interested in peace and stability,but the Middle East is far from a prerequisite for prosperity and care toprovide a favorable political climate in the region duty of political leadership. Against the background of recent events theMiddle East, Turkey, due to pragmatic policy Erdogan, came very prepared forthe threshold of the inevitable future changes in the region. The definition of"pragmatic" gives a certain amount of cold practicality and cynicism,but if we remember the words of Andrei Sakharov humanist that "ultimatelya moral choice is the most pragmatic," namely morality and is the maincomponent in the policy of the Turkish Prime Minister. According to myunderstanding, Erdogan can be attributed to the leaders who are choosing theright strategic goal raschityvaya advance their political moves to an end, and,most importantly, their consequences. As for morality, which is usually notcompatible with the policy, then try to run the analysis show that it isdifficult to accuse Erdogan of immorality of his policy.

Geopolitical picture around Turkeyextraordinarily complex. In human history, probably no more than the desiredpoint on the Earth for the possession of which fought during all civilizationsand eras.

Being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has been thesubject of claims of many states and, especially, Russia. The history ofrelations between Russia and Turkey, is a story of constant wars in whichRussia was the aggressor.
Immediately after World War II to the shareof the Turkish people, the threat of dismemberment of the country on the sectorand the loss of independence, came a fierce struggle with theFranco-Greek-Italian coalition and the Armenian nationalists, which under theleadership of Ataturk was a convincing victory. Since then, relations withGreece and Armenia remain hostile. These include, and Bulgaria, which held thegovernment program "Bulgarization Turks", in which the BulgarianTurks proposed to change the name of the Slavic or leave the country.

Next Iran, a country which is quite a longhistorical period, there was no war, and yet the relationship can not beconsidered friendly, especially given axis Moscow-Yerevan-Tehran politicalekonomichekaya aims to prevent, first, the supply of energy from the CaspianBasin through Turkey to Europe, bypassing Russia, and secondly, to create acontinuous geographic corridor between Turkey and Azerbaijan, which can alarmin Iran, which includes the South Azerbaijan. By the way, the main reason forRussia's aggression against Georgia in 2008, it cut the Baku-Ceyhan oilpipeline that passes through the Georgian territory, and to put an end to the"Nabucco" project, which would deprive the Russian monopoly on thesale of gas to Europe. Russian Foreign Ministry has officially filed a note ofprotest against laying a trans-Caspian gas pipeline under the Caspian Sea,which provides for "Nabucco", citing the danger of seismic activityarea. Of course Russia will use its best efforts to implement the deathvospripyatstvovat its economy project. In general, according to narostaetinflame passions around the Caspian Sea, to be major political fuss that hasthe potential to develop into a world-scale military conflict. Kremlin is onlyto give the go-ahead to Yerevan to set fire to a smoldering Karabakh conflictand war will break out again, and the fact that this time will not be withoutthe participation of Turkey, no doubt.

Now as to the direction of the southernArabian. Here, too, Turkey unenviable situation. As a strategic partner of Israel,Turkey unwittingly supported Israel in its confrontation with the Arabs andwould not consider opromenchivo Arab majority in the Middle East. Today, theArab-Israeli conflict is a major destabilizing factor in the region. It shouldbe noted, a military alliance with Israel, Turkey, except regionaalnyhproblems, did not give any benefits. No doubt Erdogan knows that recklesspolicy of Tel Aviv is Israel to fatal isolation and the probability of being apariah of the international community, making the company its ally, Turkey isunlikely to suit.
As a result, Turkey's standing in frontof a closed door in the EU, in an environment hostile country strategic visionis far from rosy. It is this fact and forced Ankara to take political steps,where still possible to change the situation.

For this purpose, since the Second Lebanon War, Turkey undertakes mediationattempts to mitigate the level of confrontation over its unruly ally with theArabs, but Israel, stubbornly ignoring international opinion, continuing thepolicy of occupation and building of settlements on Palestinian territory. Ankaracan not see the trend of deterioration of the situation around Israel. Israelnot only plays in the information field, but there is not successful andhostilities. All under increasing pressure from the Arab Israel was forced toleave Lebanon, occupying army to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, destroyingJewish settlements. The defeat in the second Lebanon recognize Israelipoliticians and army command, for the war aims were not achieved.

Militaryfailures occur not because the Israeli army poorly equipped, but because it isat war with the civilian population. In order to win the war in the first placeneeds an opponent, his army. Throwing bombs among the defenseless populationcan hardly achieve anything but hate, anger and radicalization of the politicalforces of the Palestinian resistance as an example of the party"Hamas". The world has been struck by violent operation "CastLead", the use of illicit phosphorus bombs even in such a denselypopulated area like Gaza.

The international community has condemned Israel.Swept the country antiaizrailskie demonstration was not spared, and Turkey, andErdogan accused Israel of numerous victims among the civilian population ofGaza, only expressed the opinion of the Turkish community in the Israeli army.At this point, we can say, and began the rift between the two allies. This wasfollowed by the demonstrative humiliation of Turkish Ambassador AhmedChellikkola the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where, after an official protest wasexpressed in about the show on Turkish TV movie "Walk of wolves,"which is the episode with the ugly actions of "Mossad".

Turkey is a democratic country and a signof this statement is irrefutable fact the active participation of the Turkishpeople in politics and not only in the election of the government, but also invarious public, including international humanitarian organizations to which theTurkish government has nothing to do, such as to perturb the Israeli powermovie "Walk the wolves" and to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.Israel charges the Turkish government organizations flotilla «Free Gaza»totally groundless, because you can just as well accuse the Government ofIreland, France, America, the citizens who participated in the flotilla.Israel's refusal to completely just demands Turkey to apologize and paycompensation for the killing of nine Turkish citizens during the night attackand even in international waters Israeli commandos on the Turkish ship"Mavi Marmara" finally made it impossible to return to the previouslevel of strategic partnership. Moreover, Israel hastily concluded in defianceof Turkey military cooperation with Greece and Cyprus, which naturally was seenby Ankara as nothing but a hostile move.
Thus, at the official level ofinternational relations, it is Israel actually initiated the break the alliancewith Turkey. Moreover, Israel has defined himself against its former ally,despite more than loyalty to the Turkish Jews throughout history. Even theparticipation of Jews in the heaviest for Turkey Gallipoli battle of World WarI on the side of the British and French had no effect on the Jews living inTurkey. True participation consisted in glorious quartermaster "MuleCorps' number 650 and 750 mules led by Trumpeldor, and maybe that's because theTurks themselves, and did not take offense, but the fact you have one.

It is hard to imagine that Erdoganpredicted the "Arab spring", but it just so happens by force ofcircumstances, which occurred on the eve of the Turkish-Israeli rift strategicalliance, led Turkey to lead regional state, the economic power of the country,thanks to Erdogan, was supplemented sensible policy.
Turkey, unlike Israel, as a trulydemocratic state supported the democratic progress in the Arab world. Erdoganimmediately boldly spoke out against the dictatorial regimes in the Arabnation, which certainly will be counted a positive assessment of his politicalcareer. By the way, a different ratio of the two former allies to the ongoingdemocratic progress in the Arab world demonstrates who are really committed tothe principles of democracy. Israel claims to be the only democratic country inthe Middle East entirely without foundation, and as a country that has noconstitution, the country, where there is no separation of legislative andexecutive powers, the country in which religion is not separated from thestate, the country's policy of apartheid against in the occupied territory, thecountry in which there is no market economy can be called democratic.

Israeli fears are understandable before awakening of the Arab nation, for thedeparture from the political scene of dictators, for which the main prioritywas to maintain his personal power, disappear obstacle to the unification ofthe nation and solve national problems. Having lost an ally in Turkey, Israelalone is in the region before the Arab majority, and if the American taxpayerunderstand besmyslennost instigated by George Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraqover the alien American interests, Israel, while maintaining its aggressivepolicy, the path to oblivion booked (1).

Rupture of relations with Turkey, Israelwill try to explain the policy of Islamization, which allegedly holds Erdogan,without citing a single fact of Islamization. What's wrong in that razeunderstood by the term Islamization! To label, Israeli politicians do notbother what is on their own understanding of the "Islamization".Maybe in Turkey in secular schools teach Islam, like Judaism in Israel, whichis a compulsory subject. Maybe that Turkey welcomed the fall of the dictatorialregimes in some Arab countries? And America with France and Britain, which helppeople in revolt to overthrow the usurpers can be accused of Islamization. Onthe other hand the religious laws in Israel Halacha raised to the rank ofstate, just as the laws of Sharia in Iran. Incidentally Judaism contains racismdoes not exist in Islam (2).

Erdogan today is a model for theArab countries, which, if democratization may well be on the path of creatingassociations or political-economic union by type of EU, and implement such away it is much easier than creating a Turkic union for reasons of anti-Russia,Iran, Armenia and China (3).

1. Israel, - way to nonexistence, Israeli Democracyor "Jewish view of the world», Turkey, Turkic-lineor is it a terrible word - Pan-Turkism.

Alik Bahshi
A hole in the portraitor the Great Lies of "Great Armenia"

"Let me lie spread over 24 hours
and it will take 100 years to refute it "

Eastern proverb

Hanging on the wall of an old photographof his grandfather, stabbedin the chest, is the trace left by the sword Armenian.How much was hatredin the house vorvashegosyamurderer who had never seen any of my grandfatheror his family to avengeevil in the portrait - a silent witnessto the appalling crueltymassacre in 1918, perpetrated by the Armenian diaspora in Baku.

In Balakhani terrible news came, the Armenians killed all the Muslims inthe city and now being sent to the villages. Everyone who met, woman or childshould be destroyed. Resistance is futile, because the Armenians armed. On thenight of my grandfather's family, along with other villagers rushed to leavethe house. There was nowhere to run especially, their path was blocked byrescue northern desert coast of the Caspian Sea. Well, the Armenians did notoccur to continue pursuit in the wrong direction, or the mighty Hazri, a strongnortherly wind from the sea, Ted golden sand coastline would still be laid barehuman bones. (I note that in this case the Armenian Nazi slogan "Armeniafrom sea to sea" not be translated into reality. Armenians did not botherto cross even small Absheron peninsula. Well, just a rock Armenians these seas!May have heard to Armenian ships scoured the sea? Phoenician - yes, Greeks,Persians, Arabs, Turks ... but Armenians? But you can think of Noah's Ark,which is one of the legends, supposedly located on Mount Ararat, but Noah,like, an Armenian was not. Anyway, history is silent about Armenians Sailor.Yet the Armenian mountain cartographers "Greater Armenia" alreadybathed by three seas. seas with the Armenians too much, however, not only tothe seas.) returned after a few days, the family found a busted house and theportrait of his grandfather, with a gaping hole in his chest, as an ominousreminder of the terrible fate of family members, catching them in the house ofthe Armenians.

So what exactly was the fault of my grandfather before Armenian who cameup with only one purpose - to kill. Armenians in Balakhani never lived, usuallycompact Armenians to settle in the cities, and it is hard to imagine that mygrandfather or any of the villagers had any common cause with the Armenians.What kind of wine Armenians could bring balahantsam, Bakuvians? After all, theguilty people of Azerbaijan to Armenians, because there was a bloody revoltsimultaneously in all cities where there were Armenian diaspora. Their onlycrime was that they are Turks (in Russian - Turkish). True balahantsy are notethnic Turks, their native Farsi, but the killer was no time for such niceties.Their task was to ethnic cleansing in Azerbaijan under the expected "GreatArmenia" and Baku with its oil fields, apparently, was to become an importantsource of income. Armenian gangsters led by the Bolshevik Shaumyan little waskilling tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis, while they proceeded to destroy thecultural heritage, showing unprecedented vandalism - they destroyed and burnedthe mosque "Taza Pir" and beautiful building "Ismailiyya"opened direct fire firing on the buildings of the Artillery guns . (As opposedto vandalism of Armenians Azerbaijanis nor in 1918, nor in 1989 did not allowhimself to destroy the Armenian church, which still stands well in the centerof Baku. It would be in the church to open a museum of genocide of theAzerbaijani people.) What does not Dashnak Nazis managed to carry out in Turkeyin 1914 - 1918 years, they tried to do and in Azerbaijan in 1918, and if notfor fraternal assistance of Turkey, which, despite the desperate situation atthe front, quickly sent an army to rescue Baku, otherwise rare in crueltyextermination of the local population Dashnaks scale of the disaster would takeno less than the genocide of European Jews. To the credit of the Turks shouldbe noted that breaking the Dashnak armed groups, they are not allowed to occurmass slaughter response, preserving the Armenian diaspora in Azerbaijan.

The Nazi ideology of "ARF"arose long before Nazi Germany and the ethnic cleansing undertaken Dashnaks inTurkey and Azerbaijan under the territory proposed to become the "GreatArmenia", is a real genocide. In fact, it was the first ever plannedideologues of the "ARF" genocide, because it was impossible to buildany Armenian state in Turkey, where in any governorate Armenians are not themajority, or in Northern Azerbaijan, where a significant number of Armeniansappeared only as a result of the expansionist policies of Moscow, which wasalso in expression of local Turkic population of the border areas with Turkey. The plan claims toDashnak Baku, otherwise a bloody rebellion in1918 can not be interpreted, generally indicate a rare nerveArmenian Nazis from the "ARF", because even according tothe drawn, it is drawn, the map of theboundaries of "Greater Armenia" Baku outline, presumably throughforgetfulness.
Here, apparently, Dashnak guided by thepresence of the Armenian diaspora, so that all the places where the Armeniandiaspora, which is characterized by a compact focal accommodation, arepotential areas of "Great Armenia". So it happened with Zangezurregion, which in 1920 was the order of Moscow by Armenia, resulting inNakhichevan Autonomous Region has lost territorial link with the North Azervaydzhanom.So it happened with the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan in 1989. Enough to appearone Armenian, as it begins to grow exponentially compatriots. It is notsurprising that the resort towns of the North Caucasus and the Black Sea coastare now centers of compact Armenian population. In recent years there has beenintensive settlement of the Armenians of Kuban. Usually, the appearance of theArmenians, with the inevitable emergence of mafia structures, which tend toachieve social and political privileges. Do not be surprised if it came to acomical situation, the Kuban reappear formation - "Armenian"Cossacks! So do not envy the Kuban Cossacks, especially considering theguidance of the famous French singer Charles Aznavour, Armenian-born singer toreplace role on policy:
"Want to be a mafia? - Configure your mafia in another country. Do not doit in your country, do not do it against your people.»(Http://
Aznavour is deeply shocked that flourished in Armenia local mafia, whichaggravates the already dire economic situation in the country and therefore,apparently knowing the mentality of its people (propensity to migrate), heurges Armenians, if we can not avoid the mafia, or his words and can not beinterpreted, to other countries for mafia activities. That's it, no more, noless!

Armenians leave Armenia today, andas it is not enough, they annexed Karabakh and form a diaspora among othernations is certainly not in line with guidance Aznavour, for this circumstanceaccompanies the history of the Armenian people, in accordance with hismentality. Interesting, we can say incredible, historical fact that at the timeof the conquest of Russia Georgian Armenians constituted 60% of its capital,Tbilisi And who knows, perhaps the Armenian Nazis of "ARF" secretTbilisi have already introduced into the Great Armenia.
Spontaneously, but in the words of Charles Aznavour opened quintessentialnational mentality, which encompasses the fate of the nation, its past andfuture. Dispersion of the Armenian people and the formation of numerousdiaspora scattered around the world, this is something that can be traced inhistory. True genius said Paulo Coelho:
"Fate and history is written by the same hand"

Every nation, like individiumhimself creates his own destiny and history in full accordance with hismentality. There are people, for example, such as the Anglo-Saxons,Scandinavians, who are prone to creative and efficient work, they areself-sufficient and in no one need, and they soversheyneshnyaya opposite - theRoma, who are not able at all to any creative work, they have a different wayof being they do not need in the state, so to speak, will not they do atstealing horses. If hypothetically, that the UN will provide land for the Romanation, literally the next day you will not find them there. You will find suchconclusions pure racism, but alas it is that there is, as it is not sad. Comeup with a different definition, but the essence remains unchanged. As in theanimal world is small class of parasites, as well as in human society is theRoma, which can not exist independently, and not much of anywhere. On thePhilosophical question, why is it necessary to Nature, there is no simpleanswer, but the fact is there. The character of the people, as was the natureof an individual has inherited roots transmitted genetically, whichdistinguishes people from each other, defining their past, present and future.

Here is an example typical of theDiaspora. After the conquest of Russian Turkistan, knowing the mentality of theArmenian people, its propensity to migrate and amazing adaptation to the newconditions, encourage settlement of Armenians in the new colonial territoriesin order to dilute the hostile Turkic population of Christians. As well as inthe Caucasus, Russian Armenians saw in his power base in Turkistan. For a shortperiod of time in the Ferghana valley and Zarafshan, the most wealthy, to forma powerful Armenian diaspora. Turks drove Armenians merchants, shopkeepers,many shops, restaurants, tailors, buyers and dealers, landlords appeared beerand tenements were Armenians. Naturally a considerable number of Armenians wererepresented by government officials and military personnel. In Kokand formedArmenian quarter in which to open the Armenian-Gregorian Church and Armenianparochial school, in a word, an exact copy Armenikend - large Armenian districtin Baku. It is important to note that no matter how hostile confrontationArmenians with local Turkic population was not a hint. However, everythingchanges radically as soon as destabilizing the prevailing socio-politicalrelations.

After the Revolution, the nationalgovernment created Kokandne Turkistan, parallel Bolsheviks in Tashkent createtheir own government without a representative of the indigenous nationality,which refers to the Kokand an ultimatum to recognize the Soviet regime. This iswhere the apparent perfidy of the Armenian diaspora, suddenly appeared Dashnakmilitary groups, who staged cruelty massacre in Kokand, cut out in three daysthe entire population. The city was completely destroyed and burned. I must sayit was the reason for such an act of Basmachis with which Russian had to fightright up to the 30th's. An interesting fact that in time the massacre in Bakuand Kokand coincide - March 1918. It follows one conclusion: where the Armeniandiaspora is present, there is present and extremely secretive nationalistideology of the party "ARF", because otherwise such a sudden treacheryon the part of the Armenian diaspora can not be explained. Moreover, Kokandmassacre is an eloquent illustration of the bestial bloodlust Dashnak and whatdangers of the Armenian diaspora. Central Asia, the Armenian historians do notseem to have included in the "Great Armenia" and here's oneexplanation - a thirst for blood and terror as an attendant and inalienablefrom the "ARF" its performance.

Desire and willingness to migrate tothe creation of numerous diaspora in other countries is characteristic of theArmenian people. Why Armenians leave Armenia? Why Armenians of Baku after theevent streamed to Russia, America, and only rare items were on the"historic" homeland, and those in the latter left it, never toreturn. Indisputable fact. It would seem that there is a free independentcountry of Armenia, live, build and develop. However, the picture is quite theopposite. A captured Karabakh live nobody! In the Kuban Krasnodar open newArmenian school, at the time, both in Armenia, they are empty. One answer - allabout the mentality of both obsneniya not. Even if hypothetically assume thatDashnaks after the ethnic cleansing (by the way the Kurds claim exactly thesame area) will create a "Great Armenia", then I have serious doubtsthat the Armenians leave the safe countries for a "homeland." Andwhat will they be doing? Each other to make boots?

With the population of GreaterArmenia, taking into account the mentality of the Armenian people of the Nazis,"ARF" insurmountable problem and it could be a situation similar tothat which occurred in Israel. As you know the state of Israel created theEuropean Jews - Ashkenazi, mostly immigrants from Eastern European countries,but most of the Ashkenazi did not bother to leave the building the life inEurope and America for the Promised Land. Young country is clearly not enoughpeople and to solve a vital problem, it was decided to open Israel for allpeople who practice Judaism. Jews cameto Israel from North Africa and Asia, Moroccans, Ethiopians, Kurds,Indians, and others, who ethnicallyare irrelevant to the Ashkenazi. I have worked with Israeli ethnic Irish,who converted to Judaism. In short, just as manypeople profess Christianity, for example, there are Arab Christians, like thesame picture and the Jews. History tells us that for a short time, part of theKhazars adopted Judaism, but that they do not in fact have become ethnicallyJewish. Thus allowing all followers of Judaism live in Israel, part of theproblem was solved. However, unlike other religions, Armenian Gregorian churchset apart and unites on natsionalnimu basis only Armenians. Closure of Armenianreligion is well demonstrated by the following fact: in Jerusalem an Armenianreligious quarter, which in contrast to other quarters fenced off and closed tovisitors, it can enter exclusively Armenians. It's somewhere like that of allthe Soviet republics of Armenia became more mono-, while in others, the picturewas quite the opposite. This situation will certainly create more problems withthe settlement of the territory of the hypothetical "Great Armenia".None of the people, but to the Armenians, not extreme, literally painful degreeof self-congratulation in order to demonstrate national superiority, whichinevitably causes disgust disgust, and Vasily Grossman was right in hisobservations:

"With the insidious easenationalism loses its noble people basis, he becomes a formidable, it becomespathetic, not causes, and dignity. So trying to prove some kind of disability,a person discovers his own. Some who of my interlocutors in all areas of humancreativity especially singled out the Armenian national prioretet in architecture,science and poetry. They emphasized the superiority of the architectural meritsof the temple of Garni over what seemed to them the primitive architecture ofthe Acropolis: talking about the poet Tumanyan persistently tried to convinceme that the genius of Tumanyan higher genius of Pushkin. The essence of thecourse is not that you are not perfect architecture Harney the architecture ofthe Acropolis, a genius if Tumanyan than Pushkin, the essence and the essenceof course sad that poetry, and architecture, science, and history itself, byessentially in talking to some of my interlocutors longer mean. They mean onlyto discover the superiority of the Armenian national character and nationalcharacter of the other nations. Poetry is not important, but it is importantonly to prove that the Armenian national poet above example, Russian or Frenchpoet. I talk to, without even noticing, impoverishes our souls and hearts thatceased to enjoy poetry, architecture excellence, greatness of science, and sawin poetry and science is only a means to assert their national superiority.This desire is so fanatical, narrow, it seems that the minute display ofinsanity." (" Banner ", H.11, 1988)

Grossman to be suspected ofanti-Armenian sentiments, but it seems to me that his opinion many will agree.Perhaps this attitude to foreigners and their culture, is also a cause of theexclusive mono-ethnic Armenia. Once in school physical education teacher,building our family, skamandoval "two steps forward" and called ourattention to the fact that the lowest in the line ran on all, so to speak, asyndrome of short stature. This explains the origin of "GreatArmenia". Were in those places great empires, Assyria, the Persian Empire,the Empire of Alexander the Great, Roman, Byzantine, Arab Caliphate, Ottoman,so why not be a "Great Armenia", and what could be penny wise, asmuch from the sea and from the sea. Next in line, I suppose to be a "GreatKurdistan", which marks exactly the same territory, not without reason in1927 in the mountains of Ararat Armenian plateau was declared the KurdishRepublic of Ararat. Perhaps that is why in the First World War, at the sametime cut Dashnaks with the Turks and the Kurds, in order to prevent the Kurdsclaim to the territory.

But back to reality, to create himericheskuyu "Great Armenia"Dashnak not created, but the lies and plenty of blood shed. SprovitsirovavArmenian people on a pre-planned massacre of the indigenous Turkish populationin Turkey and Azerbaijan, Dashnaks provoke a spontaneous reaction of thepeople's anger, which proved no less a tragedy for the Armenian people.Atrocities arranged Dashnaks against innocent civilians in territory undersweeping Armenian state, which they planned to establish the line of firebetween the two empires, were the cause of the response of spontaneousgroundswell of revenge, it is spontaneous, not organized by the state, as theytry to present Dashnaks. The only thing that took the Ottoman government, is toevict the rebellious Armenian population from the front-line locations in orderto secure the rear of the fighting army. Way evicted Armenians lay in an areawhere the population from early fled brutal massacres carried Dashnaks andsomething happened that could not happen.

Wines in the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Turks, Kurds andArmenians fully in the Nazi Party, "ARF" and not for anyone elseover. That ideology "ARF" organized genocide of the Muslim populationof Turkey and Azerbaijan and to deflect accusations, using life-time of theOttoman Empire, the departure of the former government and the deposition ofthe sultan, the period when the Turkish people under the leadership of MustafaKamala (Ataturk) were in a desperate death struggle defend their homeland, theyhastily prepared and actively disseminating incriminating documents in bookform Andonian "Telegram Talaat Pasha," which was recognized clumsyforgery, tried to blame the country's leaders in the alleged pre-planned the exterminationof the Armenians. Fun fact: in 1920, the British occupation authorities inIstanbul on the tip of the Armenian arrested 144 people as the mainperpetrators of the genocide of the Armenians. After a year in Malta held ahearing process that can not find a single document does not evidence againstthose arrested and this despite the fact that the judges were already at handAndonian book, which was considered a solid fake. The Prosecutor's Office hasannounced the termination of the proceedings on the grounds that it was notrepresented by any one document, the evidence proving the guilt of theprisoners and this at a time when all the archives of the empire was in thehands of the English and all the witnesses, the so-called genocide were alive.

Having suffered a complete failurein the early 20th century, the guardians of "Great Armenia" have lefttheir madcap idea and continuing to exploit lie about genocide, not having anyevidence, try calling to help the world community to put up against the wall isnot the individual, but the entire Turkish people. For all the time lyingpropaganda found no incriminating document evidencing the Ottoman governmentorganized genocide of the Armenian people. It is difficult to assume that everyone of the governmental and military orders, circulars, Dipesh was goingpromptly destroyed. While the general mess that accompanied the crumblingempire, at least a piece of note evidentialyes to stay, but ...

Lies accompanies all propagandiyskuyu campaign engineered by thevampires Armenian Nazis from the book to the latest counterfeit Andonanya AraSarafian, which also do not have a master, pointing to the Armenian Genocide,and how did he take 100 years, except that the production of a new fake, whichwas enough. As it does not sound blasphemous, but after listening to them, you would think that the Armenianshave found a way of reproduction in the other world, no doubt, because the number of victims of the so-called genocide, is growing exponentially, reach the number of1.5 million of the estimated three hundred thousandinitially, generally from living normally.They want Turkic blood to wash it theirbloody crimes in the hope that the world will go on deception and lies aboutthe genocide. It seems the time has come to understand the reality of what ishappening, which is actually the result, if it is to indulge and misjudged, canagain shed more blood. I have no doubt that if a trial in which, along with thecharter of the party "ARF", openly calls for terror will review theavailable archival material of the bloody deeds Dashnak before and during WorldWar I, and in fact the attacks Dashnaks around the world, against therepresentatives of the Turkish Republic, do not have any relation to theOttoman Empire, interrogated witnesses blatant cruelty to citizens Khojalymassacre in Azerbaijan and punctured saber Dashnak portrait of his grandfatheras a silent witness to the massacre of Baku in the distant 1918, the dreamersof the Armenian "Great Armenia "no longer any desire to mention thegenocide.
Today, Armenia is represented in the world of rabble gathered around Putin'sRussia - Hugo Chavez, father Lukoshenko, Tehran obscurantists bloody Syriandictator Assad. This brings to mind the phrase, "tell me who your friendsare and I will tell you who you are."



Does Truth Have A Future In America?

By Paul Craig Roberts

January 07, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - In my 35 years of experience in journalism, I have found that most readers read in order to confirm what they already think and believe. It is the same for the right-wing and the left-wing. They cannot escape their ideological boxes and are creatures of their biases. They want their prejudices vindicated and their beliefs supported. A writer who tells them something that they do not want to hear receives abuse. These readers cannot benefit from facts and new information and change their minds. They already know everything and only want information that supports their beliefs and advances their agendas.

If a writer makes the case so clear that readers simply cannot avoid it, the reader will intentionally misread the article or book and attack the writer for saying everything that he does not say. The chorus will join in the effort to shut down the unwelcome information before it reaches others.

The Israel Lobby uses the technique of branding everyone who criticizes, no matter how constructively and moderately, any Israeli government policy, no matter how egregious, an anti-semite. The Israeli government applies this tactic to its own Israeli political opposition and to Jews themselves who are branded "self-hating Jews" if they criticize government policy toward the Palestinians. The effect is to deprive the Israeli government of constructive criticism. Only the Israel Lobby could call former President Jimmy Carter an anti-semite. Anyone who is not totally enthusiastic about Israel's theft of Palestinian lives and properties is an enemy of Israel. These wild accusations from the Israel Lobby deprive anti-semite of any meaning. Essentially, every moral person has become an anti-semite.

The identical hardline substitution of self-interest for factual reality characterizes the American right and left. The right-wing insists that America is going broke because of welfare spending. The left-wing persists in its belief that government is capable of great good if only the right people are in power and that social institutions, such as religion, and inanimate objects, such as guns, are responsible for human evil.

If a majority of Americans were like the readers of this site, truth could prevail over special interests. Reality would inform social, political, and economic life, and American prospects would be good. But when a majority are hostile to facts and truths that do not support their biases and serve their interests, there is a disconnect from reality, which is the situation in America today.

It is ironic that the left-wing, which has a large repertoire of tales of societies in the clutches of shamans, witch doctors and priests, imposes its own artificial or make-believe realities on social, political, and economic explanations. Leftists who appear to be oblivious to the militarized murderous police state erected by Bush and Obama still go out of their way to tell me how evil Ronald Reagan was and that I must also be evil because I served in the Reagan administration.

It is ironic that the Republican federal judges that the right-wing said were so desperately needed to save the Constitution are precisely the ones who have destroyed it. Americans can be indefinitely detained or assassinated by their government on suspicion alone without due process, because Republicans are enamored of the "unitary executive" theory of presidential power. The Republican Supreme Court gave private business corporations the right to purchase the US government in the name of free speech, because Republicans believe private interests should prevail over public interests.

It is easy to become discouraged by the clueless American majority. However, as insightful people have remarked in the past, it only takes a few determined people to change the world. On the other hand, in the past governments did not have such technological advantages as they have today. In a modern context, Paul Revere's ride is hard to imagine. The British would have shot him out of the saddle with a drone. How far would Lenin have got if the Russian government had had spy drones everywhere?

Perhaps our hope today is that the government's disinformation produces unintended consequences that overwhelm the government.

Hope or no hope, truth is becoming harder to come by. During the Vietnam war when Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, the New York Times published them. However, during the Iraq war when a National Security Agency whistleblower leaked the information to the New York Times that the Bush regime was spying on Americans without obtaining warrants from the FISA court as required by law, the New York Times told the White House and sat on the story for one full year until Bush was reelected. The newspaper might even have turned in the whistleblower. When the Guardian and other newspapers were threatened by the US government, they turned on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, the suppliers of their headline stories.

To see the fate of whistleblowers, read Sibel Edmonds' book, Classified Woman. Few people are willing to undergo such wear and tear in an effort to get truth to the American people.

There is another constraint on revealing truth. The human capital of people with inside knowledge is destroyed if they speak out. Position, contacts, invitations, income, and social life are all forfeited when an insider becomes a dissenter or a truth-teller. Only the extremely naive can believe that governments cannot keep conspiracies a secret, "because someone would talk." No one talks, because talking harms the personal interests and human capital of the insider, and seldom does any good.

Al Jazeera was founded in the closing years of the 20th century to provide more objective news coverage of the Middle East than the spun news coverage of the Western media. The news organization soon fell afoul of Washington and its Middle Eastern puppet states and was reined in by censorship, threats, and actual physical attacks by US military forces on its Kabul and Baghdad offices.

Truth-tellers are inconvenient. Major General Antonio Taguba was given the assignment of conducting the official inquiry into the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse. Instead of covering up the incidents as he was expected to do for his third star, he produced a professional and truthful report. It was Taguba's career that was terminated, not the careers of those responsible for the illegal torture of prisoners. Gen. Taguba was instructed to resign by Gen. Richard Cody, the Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army. When told that he was going to be investigated, Taguba said, "I'd been in the Army 32 years by then, and it was the first time that I thought I was in the Mafia."

General Benton K. Partin, the US Air Force's munitions expert, wrote to Senator Trent Lott on July 30, 1995: "The attached report contains conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level." Partin was Commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory and had ultimate responsibility for all nonnuclear weapons in the Air Force. His report fell on deaf ears and disappeared down the memory hole.

So did the report of University of Copenhagen nano-chemist Niels Harrit, a member of a team of scientists who found reacted and unreacted nano-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center towers. The findings of this scientific team are known in Europe and Canada, but were not reported by the US media. Anyone who still believes the official story of 9/11 should listen to the interview with this accomplished scientist or read, if able, the scientific paper.

(This video is an interview of Dr. Neils Harrit, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry , Nano-Chemistry Center, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, by Jack Etkins (Face to Face Program) on Canadian TV in 2011.
56.51 minutes long. This was inserted in the original report by Paul Craig Roberts.)

They should also read the 9/11 Toronto Report: International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001. Hearings were held at a Canadian university in Toronto on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks at which experts and professionals presented evidence that the official story of 9/11 is improbable. The hearings were conducted as if they were a grand jury proceeding before a panel of judges consisting of accomplished scholars and Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy. Judge Imposimato cut his teeth as the "scourge of the Mafia." His cases involved the kidnapping and murder of Italian President Aldo Moro, the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II, and the Mafia assassination of Carabinieri General Carlo Alberto Della Chiesa.

Judge Imposimato concluded, as did the other accomplished members of the panel, that "the omissions of relevant evidence in the NIST investigation and the investigation of the Pentagon, their contradictions and the lack of independence and impartiality, as a body controlled by the Bush administration, requires an impartial, independent scientific investigation group."

As far as I am able to ascertain, the Toronto Hearings and the decisions based on evidence alone by the panel of judges was never reported in the US media. Not a single member of the US Congress raised even one question. The American presstitutes were utterly silent.

The country in which we live is one in which the available information consists of the government's lies. Information in the alternative media does not have a track record with the wider public. Some of the sites are too loony to be taken seriously, and the information provided by credible sites is too different from what the public hears from the print and TV media for the public to take it seriously. I have wondered if governments are behind the worst sites in order to discredit alternative media.

Government agencies and corporations recognize the threat posed to their control of explanations by internet writers and hire "trolls" to use the comment sections of sites to discredit truth-tellers. The combination of trolls and readers who only want to hear what they want to hear can bury the truths that try to emerge.

The year 2012 consisted of a continuous sequence of destructive acts by Congress and the White House. In a final destructive act, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013. This act continues the unconstitutional grant of power to the executive branch to violate all rights of US citizens. In the US laws cannot take precedence over the Constitution. Yet, we now have successive National Defense Authorization Acts that render the Bill of Rights moot.

There is no public uproar over the idea that national defense requires that US citizens lose the protection of law that is granted by the US Constitution. When citizens stand defenseless before their own government, what national defense do they have?

The obvious conclusion is that most Americans are indifferent to liberty and are content with tyranny.

I am not indifferent. I cannot promise to always be right and never make a mistake, but with your financial and moral support, truth will continue to have a future on this site.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.

See also - Must watch video - Propaganda : North Korean Documentary Exposes Western


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