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Reacquaintance with an old friend of a book
"RFK Must Die!", by Kaiser - 1970 2nd printing.

I am reading this for the second time. Slowly.

I first read this in spring of 1971 out of a small town Carnegie Library.
Same for Thompson's "6 Seconds in Dallas" earlier.

The slow epiphany I experienced from '70 to '72 was started by Thompson's explosion of the SBT and thereby the WCR crap.

When I read the Kaiser book I was pleased to know a little more than the press was saying. I had already given up on change from within the "game". June 68 ended the illusion forever.
This book confirmed the mass corruption of the law enforcement community as a whole. I had imagined it was only a "county" issue in my life.

Life kind of proved the point too.
Nixon as POTUS furthered the face of the trend dividing the country for political advantage. I had been changed by the events that put Nixon in the job as others had values confirmed by the same events.
I and all my friends had either been drafted or labelled bums by those folks.

I remember that this book at the time reassured me that I was right in my suspicions about the murder of Bob Kennedy. That was a first for me.

In a few weeks after I finished reading "RFK Must Die!", I checked out from the same Carnegie Library SUS (Special Unit Senator) a fable book by some damn spook. I am not going to honor the lies in that junk by looking up the author. Anyway I never finished that book and returned it unread except for a few pages.

RFK Must Die! is a great book.
Others on the RFK Murder I could recommend are not in any order of preference:
Bill Turner/Jonn Christian's "Assassination of R. F. K."
Melanson's "The R.F.K. Assassination" and "Shadow Play"

Great books are to be savored like fine wine. Slowly and with pleasure enjoyed.
Read not to contradict and confute;
nor to believe and take for granted;
nor to find talk and discourse;
but to weigh and consider.

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