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Speaking of wounds and bodies - "No Gross Skeletal Abnormalities" ??
Now we KNOW the autopsy was a sham... fine. We also know the weights of organs especially the brain are as corrupt as it gets...
are we to believe that after Reed has taken his XRAYS (4 of which are of the torso - p.45 line 17) and brings them all back to the morgue (p.57) how is it possible that they can still write this in the autopsy?

Pure oversight? or does this suggest something even more sinister going on? EVERYONE on the planet knew of JFK's bad back, PT boat incident, brace, rocking chair, crutches, cortesone, etc....

It's as if they were not even working on JFK at Bethesda.... (did I say that out loud?) Confusedhutup:

The Autopsy states:
Skeletal System
Aside from the above described skull wounds there are no significant
gross skeletal abnormalities


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Once in a while you get shown the light
in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
R. Hunter

Now I understand the autopsy was pathetic.... and I'm not suggesting the xrays viewed for the autopsy report are NOT the same as the ones Reed/Custer took...
but how about Ebersole?

Dr.EBERSOLE. On the day of the assassination I was Acting Chief of Radiology atthe Naval Hospital, Bethesda. The Chief Radiologist was away on official ordersand as Assistant Chief I was in fact the Acting Chief. I was requested by theCommanding Officer at about six thirty to remain in or near the autopsy room togive any assistance that might be required in the way of X rays. I was present inthe autopsy room from the time the coffin arrived, the portable X ray equipmentand two X ray technicians.
With the exception of the periods when I per[B]sonally carried the cassettescontaining the X rays to the X ray Department which was on the fourth floor ofthe hospital -- [/B]with the exception of those periods I was in the autopsy roomfrom the time the coffin arrived to approximately three o'clock in the morningat which time my services were obviously no longer necessary and I left thehospital.

By the spring of 1954 Kennedy's back pain had become almost unbearable. X-rays show that the fifth lumbar vertebra had collapsed

By 1950 Kennedy was suffering almost constant lower-back aches and spasms. X-rays in the Travell records, which I examined with the help of a physician, show that the fourth lumbar vertebra had narrowed from 1.5 cm to 1.1 cm, indicating collapse in the bones supporting his spinal column. By March of 1951 there were clear compression fractures in his lower spine. He needed crutches to get up a flight of stairs. Later that year, during a trip to Japan, he had a severe crisis related to Addison's when he apparently neglected to take his steroid medications. He ran a temperature of 106, and his doctors feared for his life. The episode convinced him to be more rigorous about taking his medicine, and over the next two years back problems became his principal complaint.

In August (1954) a team of physicians from the Lahey Clinic, in Boston, visited him on Cape Cod, where they described yet another surgery, a complicated procedure to achieve spinal and sacroiliac fusions that, they hoped, would strengthen his lower spine. They explained that without the operation he might lose his ability to walk, but that so difficult a surgery on someone with Addison's disease posed risks of a fatal infection, because the steroids were suppressing his immune system.Rose Kennedy said later, "Jack was determined to have the operation....

The operation, which finally took place on October 21 and lasted more than three hours, was at best a limited success. A metal plate was inserted to stabilize Kennedy's lower spine. Afterward a urinary-tract infection put his life in jeopardy. He went into a coma, and once again a priest was called to administer last rites. By December Kennedy had shaken the infection and was sufficiently recovered to be moved to the family's Palm Beach home. Nevertheless, he remained far from well; his doctors could not promise that he would ever walk again. Moreover, there was reason to believe that the site of the plate was infected. Consequently, in February another operation was performed at New York Hospital, to remove the plate. The Travell records show that extracting it meant removing three screws that had been drilled into bone and replacing damaged cartilage with a bone graft

Dr Rose's conclusion on Tippit's autopsy:

"MUSCULO-SKELETAL SYSTEM: The musculo-skeletal system is not
remarkable except for the previouslydescribed bullet injuries.

Dr. Humes/Boswell/Edersole
Skeletal System
Aside from the above described skull wounds there are no significant
gross skeletal abnormalities.

Once in a while you get shown the light
in the strangest of places if you look at it right.....
R. Hunter

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