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Zapruder's Grandaughter Speaks Out, Writes Book
Alexandra Zapruder, the granddaughter of dress manufacturer Abraham Zapruder, is writing a book on the famous home movie.

In a brief article in the October 19, 2013 issue of "Parade" (the centerfold of our Sunday newspapers), Ms. Zapruder provided a preview of her book.

We know for certain that Zapruder had three copies of the film made, plus his original. A subject of great controversy has been what happened to each of those copies of the film over the assassination weekend, prior to Zapruder's sale of the film rights to Time-LIFE. Ms. Zapruder offered her version of the provenance of the film, indicating that the Secret Service and the FBI had received copies late in the day on Friday, November 22, 1963:

"By day's end, he [Abraham Zapruder] had given a copy to the Secret Service and another was bound for the FBI in Washington, D.C. He returned home with the original and one copy."

Ms. Zapruder's book will be brought out by a specialty publishing house called Twelve Books.


To access the "Parade" article, see:

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