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JFK's Revolutionary Foreign Policy

Well Nathaniel, here it is. My anti-Left Gatekeeper piece.

I am trying to get this to RFK's kids. i think they would like it.

Hopefully one will show it to Caroline.

Let us post it around. And around. Like Democracy Now.
Superb article.

As was the presentation at the Lancer Conference.

Valuable work.
Where Angels Tread Lightly, 2015, John M. Newman
State Secret, 2013, Bill Simpich
Oswald and the CIA, 2008 ed., John M. Newman
Deep Politics and DP ll, 2003 ed., Peter Dale Scott
Our Man In Mexico... 2008, Jefferson Morley
Wilderness of Mirrors, 1980, David C. Martin
JFK and Vietnam, 1992, John M. Newman
Enemy of the Truth...2012, Sherry P. Fiester
Thanks Alan.

let us hope it goes viral.

That would show the MSM something.
Congratulations Jim. You should publish it on newspapers and possibly give another interview
to Media Mayhem.
I sent it to Allison Weiner.

Let us hope she notices it.

I also placed it in the comments section to one of the articles Nathaniel linked to.

Surprised Kuznick did not know this stuff.

BTW, just found out that Kennedy, after meeting with Gullion in Saigon, then met with the American and French commanders. He asked them, "Why would the Vietnamese fight for France is they are still going to be a colony when its all over?"

That question got a request for them to leave the country.

What a giant cover up the MSM pulled on us for the 50th.
Jim DiEugenio Wrote:What a giant cover up the MSM pulled on us for the 50th.

They are trying to solidify denial as the final word on the assassination. May it be the millstone that sinks them. You can see what an evil man Ronald Reagan was when he struck down the fair air time rules in the 1980's. He set the ground work for media fascism that allowed them to manufacture the false playing field they presently enjoy. Hugh Aynesworth was allowed to come on and pump the same corrupted propaganda he did against Garrison unopposed. There was no one there to say to Aynesworth "You're the crooked son of a bitch who CIA used to destroy Garrison aren't you?"
Will somebody please send this article to was stunned to see what Glen Ford said on the realnewsnetwork about Kennedy's cold war stance.Glen Ford is a good guy but he needs to understand this real history.Jim's article will do that...Video below:

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
I saw this and left my article with a link in the comments.

But we should bombard this guy with it.

Chomsky has done do much damage to the left in this country.
Jim presented his outstanding research at the 2013 50th Anniversary Wecht Conference to a standing ovation from the 300+ conferees. It was tremendously researched and the definitive guide to understanding JFK's Foreign Policy and why he was assassinated. Kudos Jim.
Great job Jim!

Pasted in on a few of the Truthout gatekeeping sites.

Will spread it around a lot more in a few days. If i post one more JFK related article on all those FB groups right now, there is likely to be some advanced Folgers brewed just for me.

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