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Anthrax vaccinations
Never mind... doh!:banghead:
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David Guyatt Wrote:
Jan Klimkowski Wrote:a) as a field test of a new biological agent. However, one would have expected a proper deep black scientific follow up, with a CBW SWAT team swarming over the site. If the recovery team actually consisted of just two Special Forces soldiers, then the field test hypothesis is unlikely.

b) if Saddam had indeed successfully landed a Scud packed with the chemical weapon, Sarin, inside Israel, then the allied forces may have upped the ante by dropping bombs containing both chemical and biological agents on Iraqi forces as a warning.

The two SpecForces guys were tasked specifically to locate the downed aircraft so that it could be recovered. It was. Evidence was not to be left on the battlefield. That was the sum of their involvement.

Both gentleman later died of GWS - or exposure to something.

Jan Klimkowski Wrote:iii) I have problems with the following claim and suspect that - at the scientific level - it's disinformation:

Quote:The source continued by stating that the aircraft
dropped biological warfare munition(s) on an Iraqi
chemical/biological weapons factory and that numerous
deaths resulted. Source states the munition (s) contained
a bacteriological agent with a life of no more than
48 hours. The bacterium was not communicable, and
had no given name, only a batch number. Those
attacked with this weapon drowned in their own
bodily fluids, according to the source, who added
that the bio-bomb was parachute deployed and its
contents dispersed by aerosol spray.

Specifically, I have a problem with the claim that "the bacteriological agent had a life span of no more than 48 hours". At the biological level, this is fairly unlikely. Unless the bacteria entirely destroy their host, and thus themselves, one would expect them to find a way of surviving in the environment.

Possibly Jan. I am not sufficiently scientifically trained to assess this. However, the source who provided this information proved to be accurate in all other aspects, so far as I could establish - and I spoke to all sorts of people and many military types, SAS and numerous others - including someone who saw the recovered damaged aircraft in a temporary special compound at Camp 4. I also spoke to one of General Schwartkopf's bodyguards who was also very ill and thought he was dying from GWS. In fact over the many months I dedicated to this story I had input from all sorts of people.

It was unquestionably a very deep black military operation and highly compartmentalized and incredibly sensitive - which was why no one would publish it - even after one well known editor who repeatedly pleaded with me to give him the story. And when I eventually did, he set off on a Sunday afternoon to meet with a source at the CIA to confirm it. I never heard from him again. This became a rather typical reaction. People got heavily warned off. There was also a GAO investigator all over this story who met with many of the key sources and traveled to the UK for this purpose too. The conclusion I eventually drew was that this gentleman's job was to gather as much information as he could in order to effect an efficient clean up and cover up.

I can also add that I was told that the bacteriological agent was developed at Porton Down. I was told that people there were in a real sweat about its use. Fear was palpable.

Meanwhile, Tim Sebastian confirmed the essential elements of "Black Cat and knew that there was a second operation (i.e., Black Dog) but wasn't aware of the code-name of that operation and thus referred to it as "Black Cat 2".

As you know there is much I didn't publish. After all these years when I look back, I remain absolutely convinced that these operations took place as described.

I'm bumping this entire thread for several reasons.

It shines a light on the cowardice of the Fourth Estate.

It reveals the difficulty that a real investigative journalist, one David Guyatt, faced in uncovering and publishing the truth.

Given likely imminent events in the middle east, it is timely to recall the nature of the lethal and reckless covert operations known as Black Cat and Black Dog, and to remember their near total suppression.
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