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Bill Simpich's State Secret is completed
Bill Simpich Wrote:Barrett didn't see the wallet contents. No report of a drivers license. He remembers Westbrook asking him if he knew Oswald and if he knew Hidell. Leonard Jez reported at a 1999 conference that he learned at the tippit scene that the wallet was Oswald's, this comes from Martha Moyer who was at the conference.

[size=12]Thank you SO MUCH for that, Mr. Simpich. Just to be sure, would someone PLEASE ASK MR. BARRETT ONCE AGAIN IF HE SAW
[/SIZE]ANYTHING inside that "Oswald" wallet at 10th and Patton. PLEASE....

The WFAA footage sure seems to indicate that it attracted attention:


Does SA Barrett have any other memories of DPD Captain Westbrook?


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