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"Forced to work exhausting hours" label found in clothing.
Shopper shocked to find bargain £10 dress has 'exhausted labour' tag

By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: June 16, 2014

  • [Image: 6213922-large.jpg] Rebecca Gallagher of Gowerton, whose Primark top had a note stitched into the label which reads: "Forced to work exhausting hours."
  • [Image: 6213002-large.jpg]
  • Rebecca Gallagher of Gowerton, whose Primark top had a note stitched into the label which reads: "Forced to work exhausting hours."

Comments (0) A SWANSEA shopper is vowing not to wear a bargain dress bought in the city because it may be the result of exploitive labour.
Rebecca Gallagher was shocked to read a label in a bargain £10 summer dress she bought from a High Street fashion chain because it read: "Forced to work exhausting hours".

The 25-year-old from Gowerton spotted the handmade label sewn into the multi-coloured top from discount store Primark.

And she has vowed never to wear it again because of the fear it was made by a tired worker toiling in a foreign sweatshop.
Miss Gallagher said: "I was amazed when I checked for the washing instructions and spotted this label.
"It was stitched by hand to say 'Forced to work exhausting hours' and sewn in with the other normal labels.
"To be honest I've never really thought much about how the clothes are made.
"But this really made me think about how we get our cheap fashion.
"I dread to think that my summer top may be made by some exhausted person toiling away for hours in some sweatshop abroad."
Miss Gallagher, mum to a three-year-old daughter, said the label was stitched into the other labels giving Primark addresses in Spain and Ireland along with washing instructions.
She added: "I've got no idea who put it there but it really took the wind out of my sails.
"It makes me think that it was a cry for help to let us people in Britain know what is going on.
"I even rung Primark to ask them about it. But I was put on hold for 15 minutes before being cut off.
"I would dread to think that this might involve child labour and people's terrible working conditions.
"You hear all sorts of stories about people working in sweatshops abroad it made me feel so guilty that I can never wear that dress again."
Miss Gallagher's partner, Gareth Kershaw, 29, said: "We all like a bargain but this really makes you think about the people making your clothes and how hard they are working so you can have cheap fashion."
A Primark spokesman said there had been 'no other incidents of this kind' relating to this dress.
He added: "We would be grateful if the customer would give us the dress, so we can investigate how the additional label became attached and whether there are issues which need to be looked into."
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