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Yes, Kennedy did get assassinated, and Nixon almost did too!
You see, my father was going to be set up, just as Oswald was set up. Hemming said, "Kaiser had Oswald tattooed acrossed his forehead".

In 1973 prior to Nixon's impeachment process getting started he was still trying to find away to stop the investigations into Watergate. Nixon had no idea that the "plumbers" he had hired in the White House to detect, discover and stop the leaks coming from the White House that these men would also set him up.

Frank said, (in the Howard S. Liebengood papers to Elias Chajet) "we will soon be getting enough money to liberate Cuba". Do you remember how much Hunt tried to extort Nixon for?

Does anyone really know why there was Watergate? Well, I'll tell you. All the Cuban people had high hopes with Nixon in office, in-fact, the entire anti-Castro community believed that they would go back into Cuba in force and this time they would have the United States backing to take out Castro. But, it didn't happen.

Helms and Nixon started to butt heads, Nixon shut down the CIA from conducting their operations and infiltrating Cuba. Two assassination plots failed on Nixon. Also, in the Liebengood documents my father testifies against Frank Sturgis for the riots Frank was planning at the VVAW convention in Miami Beach 1973.

My father told William "Bill" Howell about Frank's plan, Howell told Liebengood, you see, this just wasn't about creating a riot, this was about assassinating the president of the United States. Also, found in the Liebengood documents my father asked Frank Sturgis if the VVAW was "politically motivated", Frank said, "it was". Nixon was to speak there. To my father politically motivated meant are we to assassinate the president?

JFK's assassination was also politically motivated.

There is no other book in the world that contains the information my book contains, it's based on facts, not theories. Frank Sturgis was involved in Kennedy's assassination, and the CIA knew it, my father knew it. And, the CIA needed to retrieve my father's attache briefcase. I thank God that I was able to track down, locate and finally communicate with Rudy Junco, perhaps, it was his conscience, perhaps, it was because Rudy had a lot of respect for my father, or perhaps, it's because he's old and tried now, and felt like he had to tell what my father did.

I pay tribute to my father, and in my honest opinion I hold my father to the highest degree of being a true American hero. You see, all this happened during the height of the HSCA, and my father asked the Federal government for Federal protection because of the information he possessed. My father also asked for Federal and State pardons, my father even asked William Pawley to ask president Nixon for help, but Nixon did not respond. Because my father was the sixth burglar in Watergate.

Three weeks before my father was killed William Pawley took his life because he didn't want to testify at the HSCA. My father recorded Pawley on paper saying "My best investment was getting rid of Kennedy". Three weeks after Pawley killed himself, my father was killed.

Three weeks after my father was killed George de Mohrenschildt killed himself because he too didn't want to testify at the HSCA.

My father did ask the Federal government for protection, for himself and his family. The government didn't give it to him, they needed to retrieve those photos my father had one way or another. George wrote a letter to George Bush asking for help, de Mohrenschildt knew he wouldn't get it.

I really hope that I can reach one person, just one to understand what I'm saying. Frank wanted to use my father as a cut-out, a pasty. My father was smart enough to not go through with what Frank wanted him to do, or I would be living with the stigma of my father being Nixon's assassin. I thank God that didn't happen.

Are you getting this now?

Scott Kaiser
On the morning my father was killed, he woke me up from bed and asked that I washed my face in the bathroom, he then played a recorded conversation he had with Frank about Kennedy. On my thirteenth birthday my father gave me an M-1 that Frank gave him, our house was later broken into and the gun was stolen.

Here is a photo of me with my first gun at the age of twelve for Christmas.

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[size=12]Watergate? Eugenio Martinez was among the thirty remaining "Frogmen" stationed in Moa Bay Cuba, infiltrating Cuba when Nixon shut it down. Do you suppose the CIA needed to convince Eugenio to help set up Nixon? Regardless of his story about Barker telling him that they wanted to discover documents that Fidel Castro was funding the Democrat party. Even Eugenio knew that was BS. But, for awhile, that was the story until a whole lot of other BS stories started to surface, then before you knew it, everyone had a story about Watergate. Well, now you know the truth.[/SIZE]
But! Get a guy who will play ball with the CIA. A guy like Micheal Townley who assassinated the former Chilean Ambassador to the United States, and killed Rolando Massferrer in a car bombing. Rolando was a man my father trained in the everglades along with Rolando's men. And, because Townley worked for the CIA what happened to him? He gets to be in the witness protection program and was placed to live in California in some undisclosed area where he still lives today, and do you suppose LP will tell me anything about what he knows? No chance in hell.

So you see, the CIA protect their own, always have, and always will. And, if anyone thinks other then the CIA assassinated Kennedy, then it only makes for a good read.
I will never believe DeMohrenschildt committed suicide. Several years ago I saw either a video or an article about a tape that was running to record a soap opera by a woman who worked there. On that tape there was also evidence of something nefarious. I am doing this from memory as I have to get to work, but will try to look it up later.

Dawn Meredith Wrote:I will never believe DeMohrenschildt committed suicide. Several years ago I saw either a video or an article about a tape that was running to record a soap opera by a woman who worked there. On that tape there was also evidence of something nefarious. I am doing this from memory as I have to get to work, but will try to look it up later.


I believe you may be thinking about the security alarm going off in the house or it could have been something else at the time of his death which didn't make any sense, and you may be correct, his death could have very well been staged to look like an apparent suicide. The CIA needed to shut him up, and he wrote a letter to Bush asking for help who was DCI of the CIA.

de Mohrenschildt needed to be silenced. After all, George was not a WC supporter and believed that Oswald didn't commit the assassination, he referrers to that in an interview George did some time ago. I've seen it somewhere on youtube.
Did you know that Watergate was called the "Big Project"? It's true.
Did you know that Watergate was called the "Big Project" and was suppose to bring in "Big Money"? It's true, did you know that the "Big Money" that was suppose to be granted by Nixon to pay off Hunt & company was to be used to liberate Cuba? It's true. Did you know that after Kennedy's assassination many thought that the anti-Castro Cubans stopped in trying to assassinate Castro, and that was what Kennedy tried to do, get them to stop? It's true.

Did you know?
Kennedy, Nixon and Kissinger what did all three of these men have in common?

All three were targeted for assassination, JFK did get assassinated.

I show proof in my book that Frank Sturgis plotted the assassination of President Richard Nixion, Henry Kissinger and the president of Venezuela. And, Frank tried to recruit my father for all three.

You heard me right, I show "proof".
Holy cr*p! I was just now going over my father's book and I realized that on page 170 there is a document regarding a teletype by the CIA Security Director of Dallas to the CIA Security Director of Miami. A lot of it is blacked out, however, the Teletype is dated "August" 23, 1974.

For your information, my father started to show the photos off in August in Miami and spoke to Richard Poyle on August 21. Richard said, "I don't want to have anything to do with Kaiser in future activities." Rudy Junco admits driving my father to the Headquarters in Miami where my father stole these photos.

Rudy said, "These photos had something to do with Kennedy's assassination".

BINGO! I now have solid proof that the CIA was working on a way of retrieving the photos my father stole from them.

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