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Turkey's delusions of grandeur
I have to go to bed but I see Turkey has just done some thing stupid, again, in the Agean sea with a Russian ship near Greece. Turkey's military attache has been summoned to the Kremlin.
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Russia fires warning shot at Turkey boat in Aegean

  • 48 minutes ago

  • From the sectionEurope

[Image: _87186919_55444df3-7829-477c-9ec6-c017b813da3e.jpg]Image copyrightRussian defence ministry websiteImage captionThe Russian frigate, the Smetlivy, was anchored just off the Greek island of Lemnos when the incident happenedRussia says one of its warships fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing vessel in the Aegean Sea to avoid a collision.
A Russian defence ministry statement said the Turkish vessel approached to 600m (1,800ft) before turning away in response to Russian small arms fire.
The Turkish military attache in Moscow has been summoned to the foreign ministry over the incident.
Relations remain tense over Turkey's shooting down of a Russian bomber.
The Russian SU-24 bomber was shot down by two Turkish F-16s in the Turkish border-Syria area on 24 November. Turkey maintained the plane crossed into its airspace, although Russia disputes this.
And last week, Turkey complained over what it said was a sailor on a Russian naval ship brandishing a missile launcher as the vessel passed through Istanbul. Russia rejected the criticism saying the crew had a "legal right" to protect the ship.

The Beeb.
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