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American Grand Strategy and Corporate Elite Networks
Another interesting, unaffordable academic volume. I found this after Googling around for info on the Aspen Strategy Group, which gets a mention.

American Grand Strategy and Corporate Elite Networks: The Open Door since the End of the Cold War

Quote:'There is a sizeable literature on corporate interlocks and network analysis of links between business and private organizations, just as there exists an interminable flow of foreign policy analysis and advice in the form of book-length interventions, memoirs, or otherwise. This book breaks new ground by bridging the two lineages which at this level of detailed investigation has not been attempted so far. The authors have combined their remarkable talents and experience to offer the reader a treasure trove of detailed information on the many interconnections between the business and foreign policy-making arenas in the United States that casts new light on the continuities and shifts between successive administrations after the Cold War. By its theoretical depth, scholarly erudition, and extensive, fine-grained data analysis this will be a key reference work for many years to come.' - Kees van der Pijl, Professor emeritus, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex, UK
As you say, at $130 a pop it is completely unaffordable... Sadly.
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