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Leaked 2016 memo from Pentagon illustrates tactics used to "assist" Congress
I'm hoping I can copy it here:

Nope, well, here is the link to the story:

Here is the link to the leaked document:

It includes notes on which members of Congress might be persuaded to vote against a Republican plan (which they call a "gimmick"), the use of "think tanks" and media outlets, etc.

I'm quite certain this is the reason they say, "making laws is like making sausages, you'll be happier if you don't visit the factory."
"All that is necessary for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing." (unknown)

James Tracy: "There is sometimes an undue amount of paranoia among some conspiracy researchers that can contribute to flawed observations and analysis."

Gary Cornwell (Dept. Chief Counsel HSCA): "A fact merely marks the point at which we have agreed to let investigation cease."

Alan Ford: "Just because you believe it, that doesn't make it so."

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