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This going to end now!
I hope I explain myself clearly, just because someone has a few edit problems or a few mis-spelled words doesn't mean he should be discredited, and those who try to discredit him by pointing out these facts should not be trusted.

Its those who points out these simply mistakes wanting to discredit the person, because that's all they have, please allow me to consolidate much of the information I've already given you so you can call me out properly!

1. I said the true assassination of President Diem was conducted by French assassins, although, France was out of Vietnam, Kennedy purposed that France carried out a "sweeping military operation" this operation was otherwise known as eliminating the present government, and if France did not carry it out, Kennedy would CUT financial aid to France.

2. I said, Richard Chandler whom I'm named after fought in the FFL for fifteen years. He married Thi Van, and Thi Van once dated Thieu Van, one of Diem generals, I said that Thi was the conduit between the French and South Vietnam for Diem's assassination.

3. I said that Oswald did not kill Kennedy, and Kennedy's assassination was a direct result from the Bay of Pigs.

I could go on, but I'll leave you with this for now, if you want more, just ask. Don't be shy, I have no problem putting myself out there for anyone eager to call me out.

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