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JVB- A true witness or something else
​Millegan Calls Out DiEugenio (Well, sort of)

THIS IS FOR MY REAL FRIENDS, WHO TRULY CARE ABOUT ME AS A WITNESS (I'LL KNOW, BY THE NUMBER OF 'LIKES' THIS GETS!) : A RESEARCHER AVOIDED MEETING ME FOR OVER A DECADE, THEN SENT READERS TO A DIRT FILE ON ME, WRITTEN BY YET ANOTHER PERSON WHO NEVER MET ME. HOPING YOU WILL READ: "An open letter to Judy Vary Baker skeptics, especially James DiEugenio" written by trineDay publisher Kris Millegan:James DiEugenio trash-talks about Judyth Vary Baker in his Essay about Jim Fetzer
"I was also influenced by the work of the fine Florida researcher Carol Hewett. Hewett had done some work for 60 Minutes on Baker. That program had seriously thought of doing a segment on the woman. After Hewett presented her case, they decided not to. (See here for a critique of Baker)." This is a link to a pdf.
Millegan next wrote:
"I wonder if Mr. Di Eugenio has actually read the claptrap that is included in that PDF? You should be embarrassed. There is nothing there at all, simply innuendo and disinformation. Where is your integrity? The screed includes discredited speculation about Oswald's appearance in Clinton, LA. And then a discussion questioning her W2s, saying: "the CIA and helpers provided Judyth Anne Vary/Baker with cover employment and a fake history" implying that her tax records were manufactured. For what purpose?
[JVB: I was able to keep the form the critic says I should not have had, because I did not file a tax return for 1963: my husband Robert filed a joint tax return for both of us that did not require him to send in my W-2 form.]

Also the researcher states that he has never read her book. Which has multiple-pages of historical documentation.
For once and all, Judyth Vary Baker is who she said she is, no one has brought anything forward that has disproven her story in the six years since her book has been published, matter-of-fact more folks have come forward that confirm her story, including Mary Morgan. I was present in 2014 when Mary and Judyth met, after some perfunctory parries from each, soon Mary confirmed, that, "You were there, there is no way, that you could have your knowledge of the house, the driveway, the surroundings." This story has been added to Judyth's book, Me & Lee. We have put it in the public record. If it is not true we could be sued. And there was Judyth's Skype presentation at the 2012 COPA meeting where she explained the reasons behind Oswald's appearance in Clinton. And she has told the same... in many other presentations, and it is included in her book, which was published in 2010. Why do you persist in promulgating this proven disinformation against Judyth?
Yes, I know Judyth can be "difficult to deal with," but then it isn't easy being Judyth Vary Baker. And I don't agree with all of her research, but then all researchers I know of, including myself, make mistakes, and I stand behind her first-person testimony and story. TrineDay spent two years vetting her book. It is a VERY important story for all of us to understand the perfidy of our times.
And here is the TRUE story of 60 Minutes involvement, they tried to break the story, but were STOPPED.
Don Hewitt was interviewed inside the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas on 9.23.2003 by C-Span as part of their oral history project on the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination.
Here is the website with the entire 2:15 minute video featuring interviews with three people.
Hewitt's segment starts at 1:33:45.
1:49:49 Referring to Judyth, Hewitt says: "I brought that woman to New York... Gloria and I were convinced we were about to break the biggest story of our times... The door was slammed in our face...
I would think that there isn't a news guy in the world that wouldn't like to break that story... How that story is unbreakable is beyond me."

So, please stop attacking Judyth Vary Baker, and do some homework…
A good place to start is with this excellent video presentation by Ed Haslam:
Kris Millegan

- Still waiting for JVB to answer how Lee could have told her of his Cuban Consulate visit in Mexico when the real evidence is showing he never went there. That long children's story about Duran wanting to hide an affair isn't working since there were several other Consulate employees who also said Oswald never went there. This is where we left off and JVB hasn't answered. Let's put this bluntly, JVB has been caught here.
Admittedly, among situational events around LeeHarveyOswald, the JudithVaryBaker connection is something I have not studied. But, while skimming over the posted quote, I noticed the part about due to her husband filing a joint IRS Tax Return and not needing to send in her W-2 form, as both W-2s were not needed. That seems to be somewhat problematic. But, not saying it wasn't the case, although I had not heard that one before.


It's either true or another of JVB's make it up as she goes along schoolgirl excuses.

I'm surprised Jim would ignore a source like Millegan calling him out.

JVB still hasn't given a credible answer for her Mexico Consulate tale. And her excuse about Duran trying to hide an affair isn't working because there were at least 4 other Consulate witnesses who also said the same thing - that the man wasn't Oswald. I love it how none of the sychophants on her site ask her about this.
I challenge Ms. Baker to seek her own "files" ...If she is who she says she is there are thousands of pages of files on her.
Unless JVB moved to Dallas after Lee left for Dallas from New Orleans, my understanding from JVB is that her entire relationship with Lee was over a three month span, in New Orleans. My mother had been married to my father for thirteen years, and there's information about my father my mother never knew. I suppose my question would be, just how did JVB get so privy to all the information Lee told her in (3) months?

Okay, so there's no disputing the fact she may have worked with Lee at onetime, but, I sincerely believe that's all she has. If her only slip up was Oswald telling her he went to Mexico when in fact I know he didn't, does that mean the rest of her information is homework done over the years?

Now, I'm not saying one way or the other, all I'm saying is it's important to piece together what really happened, I can careless how many peanuts were packed in Oswald's **** that day.
Scott, the Mexico trip account Oswald allegedly told JVB is obviously a fake claim because we now know Oswald never went to the Cuban Consulate in Mexico. Duran was tortured by our Nazi CIA using the Mexico Police as proxies. They tortured her in order to make her go along with the phony setting-up of Oswald in Mexico. Being caught in a lie JVB doubled-down and made up one of her classic schoolgirl excuses that Duran lied about an impostor in the Consulate because she was married and wanted to cover-up her affair with Oswald. The problem with that is the affair itself was probably yet another fake account invented by CIA to make it look like Oswald was literally in bed with the commies. So JVB is probably shopping more Oswald legend fables in order make up for her being busted telling a false story about Oswald describing his Cuban Consulate visit to her upon his return to Dallas.

Her sychophants have to be reading this. Does it ever dawn on you why they totally ignore it just like their cult leader JVB and what that tells you? The bottom line is JVB tried to get out of this by saying Duran lied in order to cover up an alleged affair, however she ignores the fact that Duran was tortured in order to make her change her story. JVB also ignores the fact that Jim D impressively showed that ALL the Consulate employee witnesses said the man wasn't Oswald. So the affair excuse doesn't work and JVB has avoided accounting for this ever since Jim D pointed it out over a year ago.

What say yee JVB sychophants? Or do you just blindly follow any lies JVB feeds you? A smart linguistic forensic expert will see a meandering pattern of thinking up a long thought out excuse in JVB's explanation of her claim. The form of her long rambling answers shows that she is once again going out to the same book-sourced evidence she got the original claim from and contriving an excuse - only Jim D busted her once again in her attempt and she wasn't able to answer. The Duran affair excuse doesn't work and JVB wasn't able to account for every other Consulate employee also corroborating that the man wasn't Oswald. And if it wasn't Oswald then Lee could not have come home to JVB in Dallas and described his visit to the Consulate. JVB has been caught spinning Oswald tales out of books...
And, within those three months JVB had a relationship with, David Ferrie, Guy Banister and Carlos Marcello? That's like me saying my father had a relationship with Frank Sturgis, William Pawley and Frank Castro, and not be able to offer any proof of these names somehow connected in a FOIA document, address phone book, or something.
Kris is a good guy, I have absolutely nothing against the man personally. In-fact, he's got a great personality, and he's understanding, getting all that out of the way, I just wanted to say, yes... I was very, very pissed that Kris would tell me over the phone the reason I had to remove some of your information is because I felt, meaning (he) felt the information could not be backed by evidence. I later thought to myself, isn't that the kettle calling the pot black? I'm still waiting to see JVB evidence.

I'm now making sure that what I say is backed by evidence.
Scott is on target here. Walt Brown's long, long ebook DYNASTY (the first volume of his JFK assassination chronology - the first individual volume is more than 1500 A4 pages when printed out) goes into exactly the jumps in logic and baseless assertions that Scott has noted. Brown went through JVB's entire book to record its claims within his chronology, and devoted a couple of hundred entries to it, enough to make a slim book all by itself if you printed them out. Damn near every single time, Brown makes it clear that JVB's claims are utterly ridiculous when assessed carefully. Trine Day has some excellent books in its catalogue, but JVB's work is fiction.
Trine Day is not the only institution catering to sensation Anthony and Baker is not the only current attraction...

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