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Nov. 22 radio interviews with me and Alexandra Zapruder
Please consider that I was prompted to look behind the curtain of Garrison and his investigation only after reading the old Tom Purvis posts I have excerpted at the bottom of this post. In this thread and in the Clay Shaw thread

I have presented the intriguing coincidences that the opinions and analysis of Tom Purvis have led me to uncover.

Tom Scully Wrote:

How likely do you think it was that Burke's longtime friend, best man in his wedding, host of buffet dinners in support of Burke's daughter's carnival high society activities, was not aware that Burke, as well as his own best friend at prep school and university, Phil Strong were both in high positions at CIA, or that Burke was not well acquainted with Phil Strong?

[Image: BurkeBrainardSpencerBestMan.jpg]

[Image: WilliamPburkeObit07Dec1980.jpg]

We can not know what we do not know......sez intrepid sleuth Trey Gowdy....
Trey Gowdy Says FBI Investigation Into Hillary Clinton's Emails Isn't Over
"I don't think so ..."
by Blake Stephens November 7, 2016 at 5:35pm
"Investigations are never over, unless a statute of limitations has expired, or unless jeopardy is attached," Gowdy told Kelly.
"So this investigation is over based on what they know, but they don't know what they don't know," he added....

Tom Scully Wrote:........
What I find troubling is that no one disclosed anything related to this, and I find it hard to believe author Carpenter just did not understand what he was presenting. He deserves recognition for putting it
out there, at all. No one wants to know this. It does not make sense, unless we are looking at what amounts to a stage play in which everyone was reciting their parts. This is the day after Shaw's
arrest, so he was the first batter up who did not take a swing at this ball. Why was William R Martin silent for the rest of his life? Oser knew some of it, his memo to Garrison was dated May 5, although in Weisberg's archive,
the portion with the description of the Lemanns is undated, unsourced, and in the Reissman file.:

[/URL]Peter Vea's index also includes the CIA background details on David Baldwin.

Jules Raburn Monroe was the son of Monte Lemann's law partner, Jules Blanc Monroe. Monte Lemann died in Sept., 1959, and when Jules Raburn Monroe died in April, 1961, he is described as senior partner at Monroe Lemann.
Jules Raburn was Princeton '29, and so was Edwin "Squirrel" Maurice Ashcraft III, chief of domestic contacts from the inception of CIA until 1966.

Carpenter writes that David Baldwin's March 2, 1967 letter to Shaw, in the donated Clay Shaw Papers at NARA, says that Baldwin's godchild and first cousin is married to Garrison.:
I posted crops of screen shots from, you can find the pages available there, click on the "look inside" icon above the book jacket image.:

The closest Garrison ever wrote about this that I can find, is his description of Stephen B Lemann, without naming him, in the last page of his June 18, 1967 complaint letter to the FCC.: ......

A few points in an attempt to make this complicated post less complicated....:

David Baldwin's mother, Adele Ziegler Baldwin Raworth was the aunt of Jim Garrison's wife, Liz Ziegler Garrison. Adele was a maid of 1915 Comus Queen
Dorothy Selden Spencer, sister of best man in wedding of CIA regional chief William P. Burke, Jr., Walker Brainerd Spencer, who also happened to be Hill School
classmate and Princeton roommate of CIA's Phil Strong....

Gold and Silver Linings: The meeting of the Rex and Comus courts brings Carnival to a close
on February 20, 2015

....Onstage were Comus (whose identity never revealed)
and the Queen,
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9017&stc=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9018&stc=1][Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9016&stc=1]

The Baltimore Sun
August 12, 1945 .....
Miss Dorothy Selden Spencer, daughter of Mrs. Walker B. Spencer, of New Orleans, and the late Judge Spencer, and Judge Stephen Roberts Collins, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. R. Harrison Collins, of Chestertown, Md., took place Wednesday morning in Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church, in New Orleans. The Rev. Robert S. Coupland performed the ceremony. The reception was at the Spencer home. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Mr. Waiker Brainerd Spencer, Jr., and wore a gown of white crepe and a small white hat of cut ostrich. She carried a prayer book to which white orchids were attached.' Mrs. Richard H. Collins, sister-in-law of the bridegroom, was matron of honor, and "wore a gown of white organdy and a large picture hat of white Milan straw. She carried a bouquet of delphiniums. Young Miss Patricia Burke, daughter of Major Wil-Jiam P. Burke. Jr.. USMC. and Mrs. Burke, who was flower girl, wore a while frock and carried a miniature bouquet.....
Tom Purvis - Posted 20 July, 2005

Ms. Isabel Ochsner


Wm. Boatner Reily, IV
George Soule, Jr.
W. P. Burke, Jr.

These are but a few of the names of which one should know who they are and undestand their positions in New Orleans Society.
There are many other names on the pages of REX which come to play in the money, power, and southern history of New Orlean, LA.

Post# 3:
Not REX, but close enough:

Harriett Phelps
B. About 1924, New Orleans

Note: Queen of COMUS in 1946.

Of course, other Queens of COMUS
include the daughter of General Robert E. Lee as well as the daughter of Jefferson Davis

Post #5:
Robert Howard: Would you care to elaborate?

Tom Purvis: Only the daughters of the uppermost "Southern Elite" secured such positions.

Thomas H. Purvis, Posted 10 November 2005
Quote:Lynne Foster, on Nov 9 2005, said:

As Jay Epstein aptly illustrated, Garrison's investigation shed absolutely nothing new on the assassination itself and according to the New Orleans States-Item, once a key supporter of Jim Garrison, "This travesty of justice is a reproach to the conscience of all good men...Garrison stands revealed for what he is: a man without principle who would pervert the legal process to his own ends."

Needless to say, assassination buffs began to accuse Garrison of staging the Shaw affair as a red herring to divert attention away from more salient leads in New Orleans.

Which leads to the obvious question. Is that why Garrison's supporters are so aggressive? Is it their purpose to continue to obscure the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
Well, one can rest assured that I am not an "assassination buff", and being considerably more familiar with New Orleans than most others who are posting here, I can assure you that Garrison was a shrewd as well as politically knowledgeable individual.

Therefore, for him to sacrifice his own personal integrity with the Clay Shaw "Circus & Sideshow", was not an act of ignorance on his part.
Therefore, if it were not an act of ignorance, then it was obviously a deliberate "act".

In addition to this, one must also consider that Garrison was formerly one of "Hoover's" boys, and for him to give a performance which was as inept as was the Clay Shaw trial, also meant that it would bring some discredit to the "Hoover" family.

Therefore, whatever political entity Garrison was dancing to the tune of, he obviously considered it to be far more critical to his long term livelihood than was the risk of offending JEH, or of even bring completely false charges against Clay Shaw.

Certainly brings to mind such items as the "Spruce Goose" and the "Glomar Explorer".
Tom Purvis again, three days later in the same thread.:

Thomas H. Purvis - Posted 12 November 2005

Garrison played the circus act long enough that everyone was quite tired of the show. Then, with his dramatic presentation of evidence, he succeeded in convincing many that everyone who even discusses this subject is quite possibly as "off" as was he.

Pretty hard act to follow!

When some factual interest again began to grow, then we were treated to "Garrison Resurected" aka/JFK per Oliver Stone.

And again, another good piece of "sleight-of-hand" which continues to prove that a good "con" can be repeatedly utililized so long as the general populace is given adequate time to "forget" the last time the con was utilized.

Since it is extremely doubtful and unlikely that either JEH or LBJ had anything to do with the assassination of JFK, Garrison "Side Show" & Company was not in the business of anything other than "diversion" away from the actual facts of the assassination, which of course JEH and the WC fully lied about.

Garrison's purpose was quite similiar to the female bird who goes into the "broken wing" act when any predator gets near the nest.

With the "broken wing", the mother bird will lead the predator off and astray, so far away from the nest that the predator is unlikely to find it's way back to the nest.

However, in the Garrison case, many of those who followed him are obviously still completely "lost" in the woods.

Certainly good for an occassional laugh, if nothing else.

Attached Files
.jpg   BurkeSpencerSisterrComus2.jpg (Size: 411.53 KB / Downloads: 15)
.jpg   BurkeSpencerSisterrComus.jpg (Size: 482.26 KB / Downloads: 15)
.jpg   BurkeSpencerSisterrComus3.jpg (Size: 352.99 KB / Downloads: 15)
Peter Janney's uncle was Frank Pace, chairman of General Dynamics who enlisted law partners Roswell Gilpatric and Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice "Tex" Moore, in a trade of 16 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock in exchange for Henry Crown and his Material Service Corp. of Chicago, headed by Byfield's Sherman Hotel group's Pat Hoy. The Crown family and partner Conrad Hilton next benefitted from TFX, at the time, the most costly military contract award in the history of the world. Obama was sponsored by the Crowns and Pritzkers. So was Albert Jenner Peter Janney has preferred to write of an imaginary CIA assassination of his surrogate mother, Mary Meyer, but not a word about his Uncle Frank.
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9112&stc=1]"phil+strong"+ufo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwji_tzg6ObTAhUK6yYKHWqJCbkQ6AEIJjAA#v=onepage&q&f=false
Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat
By Patrick Huyghe

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9113&stc=1]
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9114&stc=1]

Tom Scully Wrote:.........................
This article is dated five days after Jackson's wedding.:
September 17, 1931
Young Editor Leaps To Death

Facts - C.D. Jackson was very intelligent and an opportunist.
These attributes did not escape the notice of Henry Luce and likely also not the notice of two older Hill school classmates who roomed together at Princeton for two years, Walker Brainerd Spencer and Philip Grandin Strong.

In 1927 Spencer was best man in the New Orleans wedding of his lifelong friend, CIA's William P. Burke. In 1954, Philip G. Strong set in motion through meetings with his friend Kelly Johnson and a memo to Allen Dulles the development of an airplane
that earned Phil Strong the title, "Father of the U2".
Approved for release 09/23/2009

Monday, 15 August 2011 18:10
JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Preamble I
Written by Seamus Coogan
One question the majority of people never ask in this case about Crisman and his companion Dahl is why they would both admit that the Maury Island incident was a hoax to an Air force investigation team. Now I do not know how things work in the United States, but were someone from say Canada to pull a prank on the local Air Force, let alone one which resulted in the deaths of two brave airmen in the area of Kelso nearby the sighting as a grown adult, they would likely be prosecuted, fined, and imprisoned. Furthermore, there is a high likelihood he would be publicly shamed in the press nationwide for doing so. Screwing with one's military outside of the US is that big of a deal for the rest of us. In particular when this is on record as being the reconstituted USAF's first ever fatal plane crash.

That Crisman, Dahl, and in particular Palmer (whom knew of Crisman's predilection for tall stories yet still promoted the incident) all got off Scot free' for pulling this stunt, and then went on to cash in on this purportedly childish' prank, is shocking, but this seems to be how things are done in America. There is a curious cultural precedent for this type of weirdness. You may recall the US Marines once let an avowed Communist monitor their top-secret U-2 spy flights over Russia and let him return home after promising to divulge state secrets, and that a fellow by the name of Gordon Novel never faced prosecution for his running interference in Jim Garrison's trial. In the modern era, we have individuals falsifying government documents like MJ-12 then profiteering from them, yet not a finger has been raised against these people either. Don Ecker, one of the few UFO people to have written cautiously on the topic of Fred Crisman made this statement which I believe is very pertinent: "Had these men been exposed, Garrison would have unsealed the Pandora's Box on flying saucers, which, if it had occurred, would have forever ripped away the then nearly 20-year-old mythic fabric wrapping the UFO mystery a veil since used to great benefit by the military to conceal the testing of classified aircraft."......
Now, Walter Bedell-Smith is viewed as being the first person to envisage the CIA using UFOs as potential PSYOPs via this message he sent to Raymond Allen, head of the PSB (Psychological Strategy Board) in 1952:

I am today transmitting to the national security council a proposal in which it is concluded that the problems connected with the UFOs appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations… I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive and defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.
The reality is that the decision to utilize UFOs for psychological purposes likely happened sometime earlier than even Davidson suggested, and well before Bedell Smith ever cottoned on to the idea. It likely started in the bowels of the OSS immediately during the war with an increase in sightings of unidentifiable aircraft. C.D. Jackson of Time-Life was a man with an extensive PSYOPs background and had a major role in the formation of that organisation, not to mention that of it's follow up group, the Operations Coordinating Board (OSB), in 1953. He was also involved with the dubious NICAP organisation that interviewed Betty and Barney Hill about their alien abduction story in 1961. (See the book The Interrupted Journey, which was adapted into the 1975 TV film The UFO Incident.)

Mockingbirds from Mars
In Davidson's examination he clearly implies that a Life magazine issue that Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of and which contained numerous articles discussing bogus sightings from 1947 onwards (a reproduction of one of those articles can be found here) was part of what seemed to be a disinformation campaign. As we have discussed in the case of Ray Palmer, Davidson was clearly suspicious of a collusion between the media and the CIA, well before the revelations of Operation Mockingbird in the seventies and revelations of the intensely cosy relationship Dulles had with both C.D. Jackson editor/publisher of Time-Life, and and it's owner Henry Luce. A formidable figure in Mockingbird was Dulles' earliest right hand man, Frank Wisner. It was Wisner, who formed the CIA satellite OPC (Office of Policy Coordination) in 1948. This became the CIA's covert operations branch, and it was in and around the same time that Operation Mockingbird became a formalized series of media relationships.

The links between the Time-Life, publishing empire of Henry Luce, his closeness to the OPC, Dulles and the Kennedy assassination are well known.....
The United States Airforce studies on the UFO phenomena officially began in 1948 with Project SIGN. However, it seems that SIGN really began in 1946 under its original name Saucer'. SIGN was replaced by Project Grudge in 1948. What was significant about it was it showed a division between those in the Air Force who believed UFOs had to be of Russian manufacture or extra-terrestrial. Grudge changed under the encouragement of Lieutenant General Charles Cabell, the then head of the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations), which was the Air Force's in house intelligence arm. Cabell apparently wanted the extra-terrestrial aspect of the case to be taken more seriously. This happened and Project Bluebook enjoyed a successful transition under what ufologists describe as its most successful era under Captain Edward Ruppelt. He is the individual credited as coining the term UFO'. Project Bluebook with Ruppelt at its helm ran from 1951-1953. Though Bluebook, would continue long after Ruppelt left, it became an ongoing joke as a debunking apparatus of the USAF until its dissolution in 1969.

Many ufologists put the death of Ruppelt's Bluebook down to the CIA led Robertson Panel in January of 1952. The Panel essentially set out to discredit incidents on the periphery of Bluebook and Ruppelt's investigations. But it is also true that since Kenneth Arnold's sighting near Mount Rainier in Washington State, the public had gone saucer-crazy, not to mention that the CIA were indeed concerned about the use of saucers being used to create confusion in the face of a Soviet attack (pg. 25) "We cite as examples the clogging of channels of communication by irrelevant reports, the danger of being led by continued false alarms to ignore real indications of hostile action, and the cultivation of a morbid national psychology in which skilful hostile propaganda could induce hysterical behaviour and harmful distrust of duty constituted authority."....

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=9115&stc=1]

[TABLE="class: contentpaneopen, width: 670"]
[TD="class: contentheading"]Gordon Novel, the CIA, and the Potus Briefing Bus[/TD]
[TD="class: buttonheading, width: 100%, align: right"][Image: pdf_button.png][/TD]
[TD="class: buttonheading, width: 100%, align: right"][Image: printButton.png][/TD]
[TD="class: buttonheading, width: 100%, align: right"][Image: emailButton.png][/TD]
[TABLE="class: contentpaneopen, width: 670"]
[TD]Written by Grant Cameron[/TD]
[TD="class: createdate"]Tuesday, 12 March 2013 05:23[/TD]
[TD]"I'm not a CIA agent. I'm affiliated, I work with, and we have a mutual admiration society based upon my relationship with the individuals I work with.... The CIA has multiple sides but it's been my experience over the years that they're basically the only good guys in the entire United States government. They're really patriots. Most of em are patriots and I've never known... I personally have never known them to do anything criminal, ever... So I can tell you that my experience with em has been like dealing with Eagle Scouts." Gordon Novel
On October 3, 2012 UFO researcher Gordon Novel died. He had become famous in the UFO world for a number of stories[/TD]
On October 3, 2012 UFO researcher Gordon Novel died. He had become famous in the UFO world for a number of stories. One of those stories is the story of the Potus Briefing, which was a film project effort to force a disclosure on UFOs from the President of the United States. [Image: Putus_Briefing_JPG.jpg]Connected to this effort there was a second briefing document which was sent to President Obama. This second Putus Briefing was headed up by Dr. Steven Greer
Greer's short history with Novel and Pandolfi is detailed by researcher Ed Komarek at
The publicly known Potus Briefing is simply a script prepared for Steven Spielberg on UFO disclosure. It is not a government document as some have been falsely posting. The whole Potus Briefing script proposal has been posted for a long time by John Hutchison and there is a link to it at
Novel was the key person behind the script. Parts of the Potus Briefing were written by Richard Dolan and Jim Marrs at Novel's request.
Now that Novel is dead it appears he has been thrown under the Potus Briefing bus by Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, the rumored person in charge of the UFO subject at the CIA. In response to the publication of the Potus Briefing story in the book "UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants" Pandolfi has gone public accusing Novel of creating a hoax. "Looks like something Gordon Novel created as part of a scam," Pandolfi wrote in a recent email. "Hard to believe anyone falling for this scam."
In death Novel can no longer defend his version of the story. Were he still alive, the reader would definitely be hearing his take on statements that have just been made.
Being that Novel is dead and can no longer speak, let me tell the small part of his story that I know. I will tell the story with the help of Dan Smith who was Pandolfi's best man for his recent marriage, and who told me that over the years he has had at least 1,000 conversations with Pandolfi. He has been told by Pandolfi that he speaks for him. [1]The only problem with using Smith as a source is that Pandolfi has stated that Smith "makes stuff up." In the same vein Pandolfi is now on record as saying that I like Smith make stuff up.
Therefore buyers beware. Someone in this story, whether it be Smith, Pandolfi, Novel or myself, is making stuff up. For most readers that will create a state of confusion. That, after all is probably how the government tells the UFO story. You take the truth, fictionalize it to protect the classified key elements, create confusion, and then put it out to the public.
As far as I know the first time that Gordon Novel spoke publically about the Potus Briefing Eyes Only movie proposal was June 2, 2010 on the New Realities Show with Alan Seinfeld.
In this video Novel actually holds the script proposal up to the camera and explains clearly what it is. Novel tells Steinfeld "We (Novel and his Replicated Alien Machine (RAM) group of which he claimed Pandolfi was a member) are trying to make a movie "Potus Briefing Eyes Only the supreme cosmic secret which is what we are trying to do in Hollywood. It's a total expose of it. We want to be the disclosure the full blown disclosure of the whole thing. So we've got a) the technology and b) we've got all the information because we know where all the bodies are buried. A lot of bodies are buried out there…I think we are going to make a movie the most sensational movie in the history of the world. It is going to expose the whole thing. Then I think there is going to be a hue and cry and demand from people who are going to say, You mean I can be rich if you release this technology. We are all rich'… we are going to create the demand for it and Congress is going to have to satisfy the demand for it. They going to say All these guys are criminals. They're covering it up.' … Potus briefing will expose all the politics and how everything fits together.
Asked by Steinfeld how he could prove that the CIA was taking him seriously, Novel replied, "How many people do you know can go around Hollywood handing out scripts (at which he picks up the script and points to it.) with this on "Prepared for the Central Intelligence Agency and Steven Spielberg - Potus Briefing Eyes Only Classification Umbra Red Supreme Cosmic Secret US government Liaison Control Officer Dr. Ronald Pandolfi… Proposed Official Government Disclosure Program." Isn't that about as formal and official as it gets?"
"Why aren't they stopping you?" asked Steinfeld.
"Because I have their authority," replied Novel. "I have their authority to put those seals there. They all know that this is going on."
"They're for this disclosure?" asked Steinfeld.
"Sure," Said Novel.
Pandolfi would of course deny that he and/or the CIA gave any authorization of help to Novel. I know this to be untrue based on three pieces of evidence......

Attached Files
.jpg   GarrsionBitesHandThatFeedsHimNovel.jpg (Size: 315.05 KB / Downloads: 7)
.jpg   GarrisonBurkeStrongUFOnovel_1of2.jpg (Size: 219.36 KB / Downloads: 13)
.jpg   GarrisonBurkeStrongUFOnovel_2of2.jpg (Size: 203.39 KB / Downloads: 13)
.jpg   GarrisonWasNovelAttorney.jpg (Size: 369.89 KB / Downloads: 13)
Peter Janney's uncle was Frank Pace, chairman of General Dynamics who enlisted law partners Roswell Gilpatric and Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice "Tex" Moore, in a trade of 16 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock in exchange for Henry Crown and his Material Service Corp. of Chicago, headed by Byfield's Sherman Hotel group's Pat Hoy. The Crown family and partner Conrad Hilton next benefitted from TFX, at the time, the most costly military contract award in the history of the world. Obama was sponsored by the Crowns and Pritzkers. So was Albert Jenner Peter Janney has preferred to write of an imaginary CIA assassination of his surrogate mother, Mary Meyer, but not a word about his Uncle Frank.

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